CIO raises questions over ‘unsuitable’ husband for Bona Mugabe

Simon Chikore

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
03 March 2014

As Zimbabweans continue to discuss the lavish wedding of Bona Mugabe over the weekend, it has emerged that the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) raised questions about her new husband.

Not much is known about 37 year old Simba Chikore, except that his mother is known as a “reverend” in a church group called the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa. It was also, until recently, claimed that he was a pilot.

But speculation has been rife since media reports were released that discredited the claims of his pilot status. Other reports also quoted a CIO official as branding Robert Mugabe’s new son-in-law as ‘unsuitable’ for the First Daughter.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that Chikore does not work for either Emirates or Qatar Airways as widely reported. The paper stated that people in the aviation industry in Southern Africa have never heard of him.

Another report, this time by, quoted a junior CIO officer as saying that Chikore was a ‘playboy’ ill-suited to be Bona’s husband. The officer reportedly said Grace Mugabe’s “determination for the marriage to go ahead and her disdain for the country’s spy agency had prevented proper vetting of the First Son-in-Law.”

The unnamed CIO official was quoted as saying: “He (Chikore) is a workout addict and also much into bike riding. He is known for womanising from his high school days and recently involved in a spate of affairs which were glossed over by the (CIO) team that prepared the final report. This man was deemed too old for the first daughter and too tainted to be involved with her.”

The multi-million dollar ceremony lasted 18 hours and saw 4, 000 quests flying in from across Africa, including high level dignitaries and other friends of the Mugabe regime. This included Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, Michael Sata of Zambia and Joseph Kabila of the DRC, whose daughter was allegedly Bona’s maid of honour.

Kabila and Nguema’s links to the Mugabe regime are already well known, and both leaders financially supported ZANU PF’s election campaign last year.

Also displaying his allegiance to the Mugabes was Arthur Mutambara, the former Deputy Prime Minister long accused of being a ZANU PF crony. He attended along with ZANU PF officials like Joice Mujuru. MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai was not invited.

The presence meanwhile of South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has riled many observers, after Zuma snubbed a memorial service being held to honour the late Nelson Mandela in London claiming to be too busy. He did however find time to be a guest at the Mugabe wedding.

Political commentator Clifford Mashiri said Zuma’s presence confirmed fears that he was not the neutral mediator Zimbabwe’s political crisis needed, during the tenure of the unity government.

“This confirms our fears that we had while he was mediating that he was not objective and that he was pro ZANU PF,” Mashiri told SW Radio Africa.

Mashiri went on to criticise the lack of indigenous business used for the wedding, with organisers from South Africa and caterers from Singapore called in for the event. Mugabe and his ZANU PF party have used ‘indigenisation’ as its main economic recovery theme, but Mashiri said the wedding has proven Mugabe to be a “hypocrite.”

“It is sad and says everything about the rhetoric of indigenisation. It is not about empowerment, but about ownership of shares by select people. Clearly Mugabe doesn’t trust Zimbabweans,” Mashiri said.

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18 Responsesto “CIO raises questions over ‘unsuitable’ husband for Bona Mugabe”

  1. Jonso says:

    Simba is a pilot and I worked with him

  2. dumbu says:

    Simba is tea-boy waZuma.

  3. Mhofu says:

    Siyanai nazvo ndiye waakada

  4. All is Well says:

    Men you are being jealous. Makakurirwa courage naye. Siyanai naye

  5. Skille says:

    Ko zvinebasa reiko izvozvo, zvakatonaka zvakadaro better a no body than mhondi dzakamukomberedza. Moyo muti unomera pawada, unsuitable for who?

  6. nxa says:

    It takes a true schemer, a charmer, a battle hardened lying do no gooder, to marry these woman. They are daring, go broke or go gold. Simply because these girls are too protected and have no chance to meet different types of men before settling.

  7. dehwa moyo ndizvo says:

    jeras ndozvarinoita kana vashayanyaya ngavarare

    • naome says:

      Marriage is a lifetime journey and is a serious matter. Bona has taught us that lesson. Children have gone to marry man from different races and 90% of those marriages end between 45 and 60. Very few make it to “till death do us part”. So to Bona I say your priorities are well placed. You chose the best. To the parents I say you have set an example of what humility means. They say you have stolen, they say you are starving the nations, you have overstayed in power but to me, your stay in power has taught us tsika. Despite Bona’s burning love to Simba, you had the power to stop the marriage but you gave away your daughter. You know what marriage means and as the head of state you are AN EXAMPLARY OF the true TSIKA. Thank you Gushungo, thank you Grace. What more can we want from you. You have made us proud in the region. Tinodada nemwi mhuri yekwa Gushungo.

      • Hokoyo says:

        Ko vasvika here pa 45 to 60 pacho. Vapei nguva tione. regai kurumbidza too early. Ko amai vacho vakaita sei? vakasvika pa45 to 60 ne 1st husband?

  8. dehwa moyo ndizvo says:

    kkkkkk mawachiswa nezvakanaka

  9. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    The view of an individual who works for or not working for the CIO can never be regarded as having been given to the press by this organisation. Quite frankly, the CIO works secretly or surreptitiously and at no time have they made their views known by the public although they may hold a wealth of information. If the organisation has a view on this marriage, they know how to handle the information. This unfortunate article posted by Alex Bell is foolish and has no basis at all. Rumour mongering emanating from people who have no kind words to this young couple, can not be heaped on the CIO. They do not operate like that, madofo. These guys are real professionals in their tradecraft who can never be involved in such rubbish and carelessness.

  10. Chokwadi says:

    How is Mugabe a hypocrit for not hiring zimbos? It’s not even his wedding. In fact he is a guest at this function despite the role he plays in giving his daughter away.

  11. Mufamadi says:

    cheap reporting nezviperengo zvisina kunyorwa zvakanaka. Pilot or no pilot rudo harusarudze. let them be please for once

  12. nickson marufu says:

    mugabe munhu, grace munhu;Bona munhu; zvakare Chikore munhu;so ngatisiyanei nekusvora zvido zvanhu ava nokuda kwepolitical background.Anezheve dzokuhwa ngaahwe.

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