Lavish Mugabe wedding slap in the face to Zimbabweans

The Mugabe family line up

By Tererai Karimakwenda
SW Radio Africa
03 March 2014

There has been strong criticism of the Mugabe family for splurging $5 million on a lavish wedding ceremony for daughter Bona, while not doing enough to help ordinary Zimbabweans who are starving in recently flooded areas and others stricken by disease.

First daughter Bona tied the knot to Simba Chikore on Saturday at an extravagant ceremony attended by at least 4,000 guests, who included diplomats, Heads of State, government officials, church leaders, music stars and foreign dignitaries.

Criticism has focused on the amount of money spent on the affair, with Robert Mugabe himself presenting the couple with $100,000 in addition to thousands more presented by other guests who also gave cattle as wedding presents.

This took place while government is failing to help thousands of families from the Tokwe Mukosi Dam area that were recently relocated to Chingwizi Camp in Nuanetsi and are in dire need of food, water and shelter.

Statistics availed by government’s Civil Protection Unit show that over 150, 000 tonnes of grains are needed and some families are going without food for as many as four days, according to the Daily News newspaper. A shortage of tents has also meant that thousands are sleeping out in the open.

But there were no shortages at the wedding. A local mining company is reported to have presented $100,000 to the couple. The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) also threw in $10,000, despite claiming that they are failing to transport prisoners to court because there is no money for fuel. In addition, food and other services are in short supply in Zimbabwe’s prisons.

Luke Zunga, from the Global Zimbabwe Forum in South Africa, said the whole affair showed that the country is in the hands of people who are very much out of touch with ordinary Zimbabweans and could not care less what happens to them.

“It follows on the expensive birthday (Mugabe’s $1 million 90th celebration). Now there is the wedding extravaganza and it’s not good for the country. I think they have no appetite for running the country, they are just doing what they like. They own it,” Zunga told SW Radio Africa.

“There is no government in Zimbabwe right now it’s just one guy doing what he wants. So they can spend money amidst poverty and high unemployment. Varikudga vachichata (They are eating and getting married),” Zunga added.

Questions have also been raised as to where Mugabe managed to raise the money to pay for such a lavish ceremony, given that his salary in 2009 was reported to be only $1,733 per month including allowances. The figures were unveiled in the national budget in 2009 and reported by the local press.

Zunga said: “There is no water. There is no electricity and you find leaders flying back and forth and fighting some battle with the British which doesn’t exist. In a country which is desperate, there is no planning for the future.”

7 Responsesto “Lavish Mugabe wedding slap in the face to Zimbabweans”

  1. wilbert says:

    This madness has to end!

  2. JAMESMUGABE says:

    well the problem is that us zimbabweans go no balls to kick this family out … we just moan and do nothing and bob knows this thats why he got no fear ….

  3. dumbu says:

    Regai dzive shiri mazai haana muto. Where is Bona going to keep this herd of cattle ? Hiiiiiiiiiiii vakomana, nyika yavondongwa takangotarira.Iyewo mwana wochata nechikomba chamai chokuchechi .

  4. hombre12 says:

    well this was a private wedding not a state wedding.I guess the wedded couple have a right to their private,The government did not donate anything .It’s within Mugabe’s constitutional rights to hold his daugher’s wedding. Every sane person could do the same. Do not mix issues, the helping of people who are in need is the responsibility of the government and all other stake holders,which consist of private stake holders companies,NGOS and individuals. I’m sure there are lot of Zimbabwean who boast of having vast amount of wealth,I wonder why you don’t mention them at this juncture.This writer was suppose to have utilized his/her time campainging for donations to help the victims rather than wasting time criticizing Bona’s wedding

    • mr lee says:

      taura zvako Lavish wedding ya sabhuku vhura zip vhara brain yakaita marii? akadii kubatsira vanotambura ngavatibvire

    • zimbo365 says:

      My friend you are right. I used to think more like you till i realized these people they are here to grab. How much wealth does mugbe have at the cost of ordinary Zimbabwean. Enda pamazowe apa yakatorwa yese nagrace, Taiti ichildrens home kuzoona kwese kwaenda. Haisi mhosva kuita such a function for your daughter or to celebrate your birthday. You should ask yourself where did that money come from. Zimbabwe still owes thousands of electricity bills not because poor citizens are not meeting their bills, but only because these peoples private(Not State) institutions are not billed at all. I later realized that those bills that were written off immediately after elections were not mearnt to benefit poor citiens who owed less than US$500 but them who owed thousands. In addition to that why were we punished for meeting the bills anyway ( Those who pay they have no incentive, those who don’t they get loads of joy. What an awkward policy. This man says words that seem to be nice and lovely to us ordinary people, but in practice their policies were only to enrich them and their buddies. Look at indegenisation, who benefited most from that policy, i never had a dollar in my pocket to acquire any company, but my three brothers lost their jobs. Where are we now and practically were are we going. 2000 minda yakatorwa asi pakanaka pacho pese ndepavo. The only problem Zimbabwe is at a stand still is because there are people like you who selfishly feed with the master not remembering the poor. Zimbabwe has enough resources if selflessly shared for everyone’s need but not for Mugabe’s need. We are tired (Taneta). How much has this royal family so spent this 2014 only and how much more do you think they will spend till 31 December 2014. Will it still be their money as you praise t. I doubt 100%

  5. mr lee says:

    Kana dai anga arimurungu mwana wa Bennet you were not going to say anything infact maiti varungu wanezvinhu zvavo siyayi mwana

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