MDC-T suspends Mangoma for plotting against Tsvangirai

MDC youths demonstrate at party headquarters

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
7 March 2014

The deputy treasurer-general of the MDC-T, Elton Mangoma, was on Friday suspended by the party for ‘provoking divisions and bringing the movement into disrepute’. He will now face a disciplinary tribunal to be set up next week.

This is the first time since the formation of the MDC that a member of the standing committee has been suspended. But Mangoma’s suspension might ignite the slow-burning crisis in the MDC-T as other members are agitating for a split.

At the heart of complaints from Mangoma’s camp is the alleged authoritarianism within the party, that has seen party leader Morgan Tsvangirai refusing to step down.

Following a meeting of the party’s National Council at Harvest House, Mangoma faced a backlash from visibly angry members drawn from across the country. Party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora said a motion to suspend Mangoma was unanimously agreed by all the 12 provinces, including the women and youth leagues.

Mangoma attended the national council meeting, the first by the decision making body of the party this year. He was asked to excuse himself when members were told to deliberate and vote on his fate.

There were attempts by Mangoma’s lawyer to seek an injunction to stop any discussion on Mangoma’s fate at the meeting. It appears the move failed. This time there was no violence as police kept a close eye on events outside the party headquarters.

There was however a demonstration believed to have been organized by members from Mangoma’s camp. The demonstrators called on the party to respect the constitution and to stop the violence. Other placards were critical of the organizing secretary Nelson Chamisa, seen as a major stumbling block in all efforts by the other faction in their attempts to oust Tsvangirai.

Despite earlier assumptions by the Mangoma camp that Tsvangirai would not garner enough votes to take action against the former MP, it must have come as a surprise to realize there were no dissenting voices during the vote.

Mwonzora told SW Radio Africa that Mangoma will face four charges during his disciplinary hearing. The tribunal will be made up of three independent lawyers, one of which should be a qualified judge of the High court.

The four charges slapped on Mangoma are; undermining and bringing the party into disrepute, organizing factional meetings, disrespecting party organs, especially members of the standing committee, national executive and national council, and undermining the relationship between the MDC and its strategic partners.

‘Mangoma is now automatically suspended as deputy treasurer-general, pending an appearance before an independent tribunal. The party will meet next week to decide on the names of the team that will look into Mangoma’s case,’ Mwonzora said.

Journalist and analyst Itai Dzamara said he did not see Mangoma surviving Friday’s meeting as his attacks on Tsvangirai and the party ‘have been going on for some time and had reached intolerable levels of disrespect.’

‘There are three scenarios I see happening from this outcome. It’s either Mangoma will go through the disciplinary hearing or he’ll fight back and use the court to block any attempts to fire him. Lastly and which is his last option, he’ll walk out and form another party with some of his colleagues involved in the plot,’ Dzamara said.

9 Responsesto “MDC-T suspends Mangoma for plotting against Tsvangirai”

  1. Chimoto says:

    Adya izvozvo, wadenha Mangwiro otokwinya. Thats politics, he is not even a founding member akatombokwikwidza ariIndependent akazvamburwa neboth Zanu and MDC. Imboko ngaaende!!!

  2. Larry King says:

    Its simple though not for Tsvangirai but he must go. He has been a total failure unable to lead his own party which is now ever so factionalized and he himself stands humiliated. He sold the MDC to Mugabe during the GNU for a few dollars, he made no impact and instead cleared the way for Mugabe to bulldoze his way in making the last election even more fraudulent. Even the west have now realized that this man is a buffoon

  3. david taylor says:

    It is interesting that he was suspended for “provoking divisions and bringing the movement into disrepute’. In my view, the suspension has brought the MDC-T (and especially Tsvangirai) in more disrepute that anything Mangoma did. In fact, I think Mangoma’s call for leadership change cast the MDC-T in a very positive light.

  4. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Oh no no no my gosh Aah, as previously predicted by the Warvet, the Mango has completely been eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As also been advised, the Mango has no future in MDC-T and should consider his options carefully. One such options is for the Mango to join other violence-free political parties in this country. I am sure, the Mango now realises that mob psychology does not pay but promotes the political interests of those in this party who were eyeing for his position. They should be laughing at his foolishness in calling for the ouster of the owner and founding father of the MDC-T.

  5. Somandla says:

    By suspending Mangoma for his utterances, Tsvangirai and his friends such as Douglas Mwonzora are saying:
    1) It’s okay for party leaders to steal from the party.
    2) That violence is a tool to be used to settle political disputes.
    3) That the party leaders can bring the name of the party into disrepute through sleeping around with mostly ZANU PF women of easy virtue.
    4) That the party constitution and due process no longer matter in MDC-T.
    5) That MDC-T is the personal property of Morgan Tsvangirai!
    R.I.P MDC-T.

  6. Percy Malunga says:

    For a politician leading a strong opposition like MDC(T) and beaten thrice in general elections, nothing more for him other than ceding power to someone else. Tsvangirai is so confused to the extent that one is left wondering how such a man can rule Zimbabwe. Most people are mistaken. It’s not Tsvangirai who makes MDC but ZANU pf misrule. If we install a tomato to lead MDC people will prefer it than ZANU pf. Tsvangirai appears to be just enjoying forever being an opposition. As of now, there are a lot of damages inflicted to the country that warrants his leadership to call for demonstrations,eg , SalaryGate, violence , etc, the chain is endless but he remains quiet. To win an election in Zimbabwe is not about having many supporters, but intelligence. I still remember in 2004 when I received information that recruits at Morris Depot were marking Xs on ballot papers before election day, I clandestinely visited Morris Depot and indeed witnessed the recruits each with a pile of ballot papers busy marking. MDC was holding a star rally at Kuwadzana 4 grounds. I told Chamisa and advised him to send SA observer mission officials to Morris Depot and he brashed me aside ignoring my request. I loughed and said “These guys are wasting people’s time, come elections, MDC lost. The current leadership has a pure inexperienced mind in Zim politics. ZANU PF needs an aggressive approach. I know Tsvangirai and Biti but Biti is more aggressive than Tsvangirai . If he does not change his approach torwards ZANU PF , he is suitable. “Save” sometimes legs behind and that is when ZANU PF strikes.

    • wilbert says:

      Tendai Biti should have used his position in the party to get the reforms implemented and stop MDC blundering from pillar to post. He did not and the only reason why he did not is that he is just as incompetent as Tsvangirai.

      Biti, the man you are describing as “suitable” to rule the country, was himself praising Mugabe – the corrupt and murderous tyrant – to the high heavens. He called the tyrant “unflappable” and the “father of Zimbabwe”.

      The trouble with Zimbabweans is that they too, like the MDC leaders, did not have the foggiest idea what they wanted and where they were going. It is therefore not surprising that the nation has had two types of leaders running and ruining the country; murderous tyrants or incompetent idiots!

      If Zimbabwe is ever going to get out of this mess then it is important that we have an electorate that is willing to think and not follow blindly like sheep. After spend 34 years with their heads buried in Mugabe backside and then in Tsvangirai’s backside the last think we want is the next generation to bury their heads in Biti or anyone else’s backside.

  7. Yepec says:

    Tsvangirai, is showing what he has learned or borrowed from Mugabe, especially, as he was,his Prime Minister and Chief spokesperson in Parliament.during the period of the Government of National Unity (GNU).

    • wilbert says:

      Pleased to note that you have pulled your head out of Tsvangirai’s backside and I hope you will not stick it into Biti or some else’s backside straight away. The few days you were able to breath fresh oxygen have done you some good already!

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