Parliamentary speaker goes after Chikwinya for exposing corruption

Zimbabwe parliament

Settlement Chikwinya could be charged with contempt of Parliament

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
12 March 2014

Parliamentary speaker Jacob Mudenda has warned the MDC-T MP for Mbizo in KweKwe, Settlement Chikwinya, that he could be charged with contempt of Parliament over his remarks last week that debate on corruption had been watered down.

Mudenda told legislators on Tuesday that Chikwinya’s allegations that the motion on corruption introduced last week by Willias Madzimure, the MP for Kambuzuma, had been tampered with were disrespectful of the Speaker’s chair.

During debate last week the Mbizo MP alleged that Zimra boss Gershem Pasi was one of the country’s top earners at $310,000 per month, adding that Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma needed to be investigated as he was allegedly enjoying a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of MPs who were representatives of the people.

Mudenda castigated Chikwinya for abusing his parliamentary immunities and privileges by making such remarks. Contacted for commented Chikwinya said he was surprised the speaker is not concentrating on the objective of the motion, which is to deal with corruption once and for all.

The youthful MP told SW Radio Africa that Mudenda was dealing with procedural matters and yet the objective is to get to the bottom of how the country has been swindled and prejudiced by corrupt individuals.

‘I want to stand guilty in terms of proving how I went wrong in bringing about corrupt activities—not to stand guilty of defying an order that seeks to bring to the public attention issues that are bringing down our country,’ a defiant Chinkwanya said.

The MP said he viewed Mudenda’s order ‘as an order which is protecting individuals that are close to the person who has given that order.’

He added: ‘I view that order as an order which is stifling my democratic right of representation. But I’m not worried and not moved by such statements, I gladly await to stand before any committee that wants to investigate me.’

12 Responsesto “Parliamentary speaker goes after Chikwinya for exposing corruption”

  1. PD says:

    arsehole should have a look at the respect for John Bercow as Speaker in the British Parliament. Parliament is supposed to be a place where elected representatives can speak freely. Mudenda thinks he is a sekuru kumusha sitting under a tree where everyone must suck up to him

  2. super mondo says:

    the fat controller is trying to hide his wage slip.

  3. Wilbert Mukori says:

    Mugabe rigged the elections and parliament is now full of men and women who know that they are there only because of Mugabe’s political trickery and now it is pay-back time. Zanu PF MPs are going after Settlement Chikwinya like a pack of ugly, angry and hungry hyenas!

    Zanu PF has the majority in the house and they are now throwing their weight around.

    MDC had the majority in the GNU parliament and they never raised an issue of substance and never achieved anything. Of course there was corruption back then but MDC swept it all under the carpet – they were on the gravy train together with Mugabe. The tyrant had allowed them to have the
    crumbs and scraps.

    Yes individuals like MP Chikwinya who managed to win their parliamentary seat – it would have been suicidal for Mugabe to have a clean sweep – are still on the gravy train but in animal wagon – Mbombera! Their diligence in carrying out their parliamentary is refreshing is primarily to remind Mugabe that unless they are welcomed back in the luxury first class, they will be a pain in the tyrant’s backside!
    MPs Chikwinya was just being a nuisance, all his protestations against corruption and greed were not going to change anything not when Mugabe controls the Police, the Judiciary, Parliament, everybody!

    Mugabe is using his Zanu PF MPs to silence him once and once for all! Chikwinya and the other MDC MPs will remain in Mbombera and muzzled like dogs! They will now have plenty of time to reflect why they had said nothing throughout the life of the GNU parliament when they ruled the roost!

    • Baba Mumu says:

      And so these perpetrators go free…Zimbabwe has turned into something else, the one who tries to expose kwahi ari kuita ruzha, I think that boy and Chinotimba are better clowns than most of the counterparts in trying to see the issues of Zimbabwe resolved. Dambudziko nderekuti makava mazhinji ane twuturikwa hence kutya chati kwatara

  4. Mandlenkhosi says:

    These silly corruption activities are private matters and the public must not be allowed to think about corruption as it does not exist. It is the talk of the West and its allies designed to give a poor impression about Zimbabwe. The resources of Zimbabwe belong to ZANU-PF and as long as they are redistributed to our ZANU-PF family then there is no harm. The public is not interested in learning about corruption. Corruption is not a bad thing. It is because of the filthy sanctions of the West on our gentle peaceful and loving nation. We must not discuss corruption in public as it is better to be left internal to our family.

  5. TruthHurts says:

    Only stupid people think that parliament gives you privileges to lie. You have to be very very stupid to think that. Is he the first person to speak about salaries? Hefty salaries were first exposed by state newspapers … so there is nothing new or very special about ZIMRA boss’s salary that would make this attention seeking idiot who is just jumping on a bandwagon to be gagged. And that headline is also very stupid. He is not being gagged for exposing corruption ….. he is being stopped from making stupid claims without proof and to stop lying in parliament …. the Speaker is actually trying to save the idiot from himself. Freedom of speech and lying are 2 distinct things.

    • Baba Mumu says:

      You are correct that the newspapers brought out the issue but who should make sure that there is follow-up action? The last I checked it’s the legislators and correctly what this boy is doing? If it’s not addressed before the august house then where else? Do you think any of the media houses can do anything about it, mombe yemunhu

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