Mangoma has ‘no problem’ working with Tsvangirai

Elton Mangoma is a democrat and able to work with Tsvangirai according to his lawyer

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
19 March 2014

Suspended MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma is a democrat who has no problems working with party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, his lawyer said on Wednesday.

Jacob Mafume, Mangoma’s legal representative, said there are certain people within the movement who want to see the back of Mangoma, ‘so they could contest his post at Congress.’ He emphasized that his client was the last person to wish for a split in the MDC-T and has become a recluse to avoid being harmed by criminal elements baying for his blood.

‘There are people who are now using his letter to purge him to leave the party…to purge the party of his associates to create a safe passage for the themselves at the next congress,’ claimed Mafume.

He added: ‘All he wanted was to be heard why he authored the letter…but they chose to deny him that opportunity. My client is a democrat who is willing to work with all democrats.’

Mangoma was suspended earlier this month following a meeting of the national council in Harare for allegedly ‘provoking divisions and bringing the movement into disrepute’. The former energy minister wrote a four-page letter to Tsvangirai in January advising him to step down and allow for leadership renewal.

Speaking on SW Radio Africa’s Hidden Story program, Mafume said what his client never anticipated for expressing his views, was the political armageddon that was launched against him.

‘The letter was drafted for discussion; it was put there on the table to come out with a solution. If the people decide otherwise, my client will accept it as a democrat,’ Mafume said.

Asked if the relationship between Mangoma and Tsvangirai has irretrievably broken down, Mafume retorted: ‘He has no problem working with the party leader. That was not even the issue. What he raised were concerns that needed a review…that’s all he raised and nothing else.’

Since the letter was made public Mafume claims that nobody from the MDC-T has sat down and discussed with him the issues that he raised. All he has received has been a ‘bashing from drunken youths’ and being viewed with suspicion.

‘He was charged by the party but as I speak to you it’s almost two weeks and we still haven’t received the charge sheet. What my client has received has been an over-reaction to issues he raised. It clearly shows some infernal minds and infant behaviour among some of our colleagues,’ he said.

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  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    The truth of the matter is the Mango is not telling the truth. He has already shown his true colours and to tell us that he has no problem working with Tsvangirai is being disingenuous and deceitful. The Mango has no choice but to try to keep his job as Tsvangirai has made it very clear that he has no intention of going anywhere soon. The MDC-T is struck with Tsvangirai for many years to come although he loses elections each time they are held in Zimbabwe. It works to the advantage of ZANU PF to contest the elections with Tsvangirai at the helm of the MDC-T, his personal political party.

    • dumbu says:

      Who are you to give such an opinion in MDC(T) ? You are ZANU(PF) supporter , so why are you worried about MDC(T) ? Leave them alone .

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Sekuru ini ndiri muzukuru wenyu. Zvemabato ezvematongerwa enyika hazvigone kukanganisa hukama hwedu. Zvibatei sekuru, murege kurotomoka nekuti munogona kurowa neshamu yemupuranga mukachema zvikuru sekuru kana mboma yemvuu sekuru mukazhamba segudo sekuru. Ndiri kuuya kumba kwenyu kuzo kukwaturai sekuru..

    • Larry King says:

      The truth of the matter is that you a prickly pear should be the last person to give us Zimbabweans your tainted opinion which is borne out of your whims and fancies. Which man or woman does not protect his or her self interest so why should Mangoma be any different. At least he professes to be a democrat unlike you who hides in Mugabe’s underpants and is reputed to be his spy. Your mission is clear cut to instill fear, whereas Mangoma is a simple politician who has stated objectives. All Mangoma is seeking is for Tsvangirai to put himself to the test after his miserable performance in the last two decades or so. What is wrong with that?

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Oh no no no my gosh Aah, prickly pears are really delicious on the inside but only vicious on the outside, Larry King. Here is how to get past their prickly exterior and into their sweet and succulent taste. If you follow the following steps, you will really enjoy the prickly pears you have been avoiding all the time.

        You may need kitchen tongs to keep you at a safe distance from the cactus, a sharp knife for cutting the fruit open, a fork, a cutting board, a big bowl, a plate and a food mill to make a nice juice, if you prefer to make a delicious drink. You will probably also want some tweezers or duct tape to remove thorns that can get stuck in your skin or mouth when eating the fruit despite your best efforts. You could also look at the possibility of buying industrial gloves to get past their prickly exterior. But if you have a thick head and skin like most rhodies, you do not have to bother much as you can use your fcking bare hands without a problem.

        And if you are really hungry or starving, you can brave it like most rhodies do and just pluck as many pears as you like from the cactus or plant if you like and take a bite or eat them just like that. When you have done that, please let me know the experience you went through. Who knows, you could be recommended to enter the World Guinness Book of Records for bravery, mate. I have the confidence in your heroism and bravery as the sky has always been the limit for you.

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