ZEC refuses to take questions on 2013 poll

ZEC chairperson Rita Makarau

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
19 March 2014

A three day conference called by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to review the disputed 2013 polls opened in Harare Wednesday, but officials from the electoral body said they will not be taking any questions.

Chairperson Justice Rita Makarau reportedly told her subordinates not to answer any questions on last year’s election in which ZEC announced President Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF party winners. SW Radio Africa correspondent Simon Muchemwa said a senior ZEC official, Joyce Kazembe, confirmed to him that they will not be taking questions for the rest of the conference. ‘Kazembe said ZEC officials are going to be by standers just listening to complaints and criticism,’ said Muchemwa.

The audience, who included representatives from various civil society groups and journalists, were taken aback by the ban on questions. Muchemwa said many people expected ‘constructive and frank exchanges between the ZEC officials and the audience.’ Announcing the conference last week ZEC said the event’s purpose was to discuss the lessons learnt and how to improve the conduct of the elections. Chief elections officer Lovemore Sekeramayi was quoted saying the commission intended to ‘sit down with the stakeholders and review’ the elections.

Muchemwa said out of all the speakers, who included Makarau and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, it was only the National Constitutional Assembly leader Lovemore Madhuku who took questions. Madhuku said, among other things, it was illegal for ZEC to deny people in the Diaspora the right to vote.

The refusal to answer questions is not surprising as ZEC has been criticized globally for the way it has handled polls, including the July 31st election.
Despite the African Union endorsing the election as ‘free, honest and credible’ few believe that Mugabe won the poll. ZEC and Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede have still not made public the electronic copy of the voters roll that was used, as required by law. Last year Makarau told ZAPU leader Dumiso Dabengwa that the electronic copy will not be available anytime soon.

Meanwhile civil society in Malawi is calling for more vigilance ahead of the May election which the opposition fear could be rigged because of the involvement of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission .

Three weeks ago the Malawian Electoral Commission (MEC) confirmed that it is consulting the discredited ZEC, sparking an outcry from activists and opposition parties. It was reported that the influential Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace said it was ‘on the alert’ because of MEC’s association with ZEC.

This week Malawi Watch Executive Director Billy Banda said there is tension in the country because of a rumored high presence of Zimbabweans, believed to be officials from ZEC. Speaking on SW Radio Africa’s Cutting Edge programme Banda said speculation is rife that dozens of ZEC officials are in the country and are living luxuriously at the expense of the tax payer. He called for local and international observer missions to be vigilant because there are fears that the May 20th polls will be rigged in favour of President Joyce Banda.

The concerns of the Malawian opposition are compounded by the fact Banda is one of the African leaders who publicly congratulated Mugabe for ‘winning’ the July 31st poll.

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  1. super mondo says:

    zec are guilty of treason. Now banda has nikuv blueprint

  2. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    This is water under the bridge. It was not even necessary to open debate in this matter nearly nine months after the general elections.

    • Larry King says:

      You talking garbage yet again, “water under the bridge” yes because it suits your party of thieves Zanu PF and it very much suits you. You still hold your spying job in Zimbabwe in the notorious CIO and travel to your adopted England where you spy on Zimbabweans who you view as a threat to Mugabe and his corrupt Zanu PF.

      How wrong you are, ZEC, a tool of Zanu PF invited all the participants that stupidly thought it wise to contest a fraudulent election to a post election meeting 9 months later. So cut this crap, about closing debate on a matter that Zanu PF fraudulently stole the outcome of each and every election since 1980.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Well, there is nothing to stop me to tell you that you spy for rhodies in the diaspora. I do not have evidence to support my claim but all the same I firmly believe you are a fcking spy for rhodies in the diaspora. You should not deny this because I say so. Ok?
        How wrong you are that you still cling to the past hoping against hope that rhodies could ever get back the land they had stolen from the indigenous people of Zimbabwe. Of course, this is just but a pipe dream you have, Larry King. Even though you have always shed crocodile tears, any land that was stolen by white colonial settlers in Zimbabwe is going to be taken back by its rightful owners and you will have nothing. Thieves of our land can not be allowed to benefit from their criminal acts. The rule of law should be restored in Zimbabwe.

        There is absolutely nothing logical here to open debate on an issue that will not change the political climate in the country or the status quo, if you want. This explains why I firmly believe it is now water under the bridge. Elections were held nearly nine months ago and the winners and losers are known. Nobody has the power to reverse what the majority of the Zimbabwean people decided for themselves. That is the message in my earlier article. Of course, you have the right not to agree with my views but what you do not have is the right to attack the Warvet for expressing his views. You do not have a monopoly of views and opinions

        • Larry King says:

          If you said black is green do you expect me to say yes its true just because you a moron says so. There are no Rhodies left, they are an extinct species. Instead we have Zombies like you whose main preoccupation is to suck up to the chefs and do their dirty work.

          But that is not what this discussion is about, but being the moron that you are you deliberately side step issues which you know your party of thieves is guilty of manipulating. You can defend the ZEC as much as you wish but its conduct of the elections remains suspect and it has not brought any hope for the future for most Zimbabweans except for guys like you who basque in glory.

          How can you ever be logical when you have such a warped mind, you are deeply obsessed with protecting yourself and your foolish thugs in Zanu PF. Zimbabwe is in serious trouble and idiots like you gloss over this because black minority rules suits you and the thieves in Zanu PF. Also no one is taking your right away to express your opinion but when this is all distorted and misrepresented then I have a right to say you are talking crap. You are not a straight person and you are not capable of doing anything that is right

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            If you know the way to go round this seemingly deep problem, by all means tell us how we can arrest the situation. I am aware most rhodies had great expectations but all their hopes were dashed when Morgan Tsvangirai lost the election. Since 31 July 2013 rhodies and the black stooges at this pirate radio station have been crying foul over their dismal failure they have attributed to rigging by Mugabe and not the womaniser and incompetent Tsvangirai

            Chimbwido Warvet is not defending ZEC or ZANU PF at all. If anything, the Warvet is a realist who tells it as is and does not fool around like most rhodies who are still dreaming nearly nine months after elections were held in Zimbabwe. Chimbwido Warvet does not like to give you false hopes and promises that the election result known world over, can be changed to suit the fantasies and whims of rhodies and their black idiots working for them at this pirate radio station. Its nada kana kuti kwete blaz. Makamama kudara blaz. Hamuwine chinhu, duzvi rambuya njuzu kana kuti dzimudzangara.

  3. JAMESMUGABE says:

    Zimbabwe circus show


    LOL – 9 months after the election and still the electronic version of the voters roll is yet to be made available for public examination! Only in the Mafia State known as Zimbabwe !

    I will make a prediction – it will never be made available – the reason? Very simple – it will not then be able to be used again by the election rigging crooks in 2018 !

    These criminals are so shamefully predictable, no wonder they are mocked as Zanu ‘Diesel from rocks’ PF !

  5. This is the face that has helped in the destruction of zimbabwe look at it well for history will remember her too

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