Western countries jostle to fund Zimbabwe

French envoy to Zimbabwe, Laurent Delahousse

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
20 March 2014

The French government has said it will soon be resuming direct funding to the ruling ZANU PF government, as western efforts to re-engage with the Mugabe regime intensify.

The bilateral cooperation is set to resume November, French envoy to Zimbabwe, Laurent Delahousse told a civil society delegates at a post-election review conference in Bulawayo over the weekend.

“The donor community, the European Union in general and my country in particular will continue to lend support to Zimbabwe through the European Development Fund, provided the government of Zimbabwe agrees,” the Daily News quoted the French envoy as saying.

Decades of corruption and economic mismanagement at the hands of ZANU PF have destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy, which the party is failing to revive despite the recent discovery of diamonds and the extensive mineral resources in the country.

ZANU PF Minister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa declared his government broke soon after his party assumed total control through a disputed poll last year.

Although the West condemned the “deeply flawed” poll, there have been deliberate moves to re-engage and normalise relations with ZANU PF, starting with the calibrated removal of targeted sanctions against the Mugabe regime.

This has paved the way for the West to begin giving money directly to Zimbabwe or to adopt various economic turnaround projects that should be the responsibility of the ZANU PF government.

In recent months western donors have announced copious amounts of funds in support of the ZANU PF government, reminiscent of post-war rebuilding efforts.

On Wednesday the government received a financial bail-out worth $53 million, and of this amount $35 million is funded by Australia, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Switzerland.

On Tuesday, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation gave the Zim government a grant of $9 million to boost livestock production in Matabeleland North.

About two weeks ago the Swedish government gave the labour Ministry $15 million to assist children in the country. This financial commitment is not tied to any specific programme and, according to Sweden’s Envoy Zim Lars Ronnas, the ZANU PF government can use the money as it sees fit.

Britain recently gave $10 million to enable the country’s poor children to access basic education.

Political and economic analyst Rejoice Ngwenya said Zimbabwe does not need the financial resources that western countries are pouring into the country.

“African countries like Zimbabwe are well resourced to transform and develop their own economic turnaround programmes. Zimbabwe has sufficient resources for that but lacks policy consistency because those in government have a mentality to plunder.”

“We are already saddled with a $10 billion debt and rather than indebting ourselves further, we need to redeploy our local resources intelligently and this way we will be more committed to our own transformation.”

This includes a demonstrable commitment to respecting private property rights, and an end to expropriations policies in the form of indigenisation, said Ngwenya.

Ngwenya said the grants that Zimbabwe was receiving from donors created a mentality of benevolence and laziness, adding that it was clear that many European countries were now looking at Zimbabwe with a long-term viewpoint.

“Mugabe and his party will not be here forever and so the West is positioning itself for when that time comes and it’s very clever of them to do this.

“While nothing has changed at the moment in terms of government legitimacy and accountability, Western countries can see that the future is bright and they are moving to secure a place in Zimbabwe for their own businesses,” he added.

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  1. Dissapointed says:

    Why is money going into Zimbabwe when nothing has changed in the administration of the country? This money will just go where it always goes and the masses will continue suffering…..inga

    • Edmore says:

      Things have changed. Blacks now own their land and the Rhodesians and their puppets can never ever recover the land or get the people’s vote or sympathy.

      • Common Sense says:

        Edmore, You focus on the wrong change… nothing has changed in ZANU-PF policies or their strangulation of the population and ZANU-PF violence and corruption.

        And don’t start your rubbish about ‘Rhodesians’, 15,000 EX Rhodesians should never be a Problem for Zimbabwe… you and your masters just keep thinking that nonesense because you think the Zimbabwean population are uneducated…

        And blacks don’t actually own the land, ZANU-PF has made sure they own it, and all the others have temporary ownership

        • Edmore says:

          It is not about ZANU PF but about Zimbabweans. 450 000 new farmers translate to 450 000 black households….an average Zimbabwean family is made up of 4 ….which means 1,8 million are beneficiaries of Robert Mugabe’s land reform. Now if your are a Rhodesian each and everyone of the beneficiaries is related to Robert Mugabe just because they are black.
          The 15000 Rhodesians are a problem to Zimbabwe because their kith and kin in America and Europe have,via the racist and illegal sanctions have (to borrow your words) strangulated the black population of Zimbabwe.

          • Common Sense says:

            I think you left school too early

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            The one that left school too early is precisely you. You can not appreciate that more Zimbabweans have benefited from the land resettlement programme. Of course, Edmore is a realist while you have always been an apologist for the MDC-T. Zvino uchadya izvozvo blaz.

      • Wilbert Mukori says:

        Stop talking nonsense, Mugabe did not get the people’s vote; rigging the elections is not the same thing.

  2. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Well, the French ambassador to Zimbabwe is the representative of the French President and the people of France. The same applies to the Zimbabwean ambassador to France who is the representative of the Zimbabwean President and the people of Zimbabwe. They both represent the interests of their respective countries only. Anybody who thinks foreign ambassadors represent the interests of their host governments and their peoples, is a damn fool. There is absolutely nothing like that. Consequently, the French businessmen do not consider the vested interests of the MDC-T loyalists, individuals who are apolitical, ZANU PF or that of foolish individuals working for SW Radio Africa, a pirate radio station operating from London, but their own economic and political interests. That is what it boils down to and quite straightforward.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      You must have disappointed by the well informed decision of the French government. All governments without exception do what is best in their national interests, be it economic or political. They will not care about you or your political party if that militates against their vested interests. There should be no confusion about this mate. Today the First Lady of the United States of America is being hosted by the First Lady of the Republic of China whose government has for generations been considered by the entire Western governments as a pariah state and an abuser of human rights. As China has become a global economic leader, the West has found a helping hand in Chinese businessmen who are investing heavily in the western world. France has no reason not to engage with Zimbabwe in its efforts to develop its divasted economy. It is all about doing what is best its national interest. If you can not accept this reality, then you are going to be disappointed big time mate. Only the Zimbabwean people will care about you while the West cares more about its own people than a dirty and poor Zimbabwean in starving in Tsholotho. If you understand this reality, you will be able to come back to Mother Earth from Jupiter where you are living at present. Our people on Mother Earth act quite differently from the way business is conducted on planet Jupiter as you will soon discover when you come back. Ok?

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Anybody who supports zpf and its failed policies more than left school too early but are mentally retarded…including these stupid western countries giving their tax payers money away to corrupt fat cats in the hope they can compete with china for a share in Zimbabwe’s resources.

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          What a load of mother fckers some of you guys can be. You can only deceive and cheat the idiots and not the enlightened readership by posting ridiculous articles and attribute them to Chimbwido Warvet. His style of writing and mastery of issues that matter can easily be separated and understood by his followers. No individual style of writing is the same with other no matter how one may attempt to confuse and mislead the readership. The truth is his style of writing is unique and no copycats can write exactly like him. How miserable some of you guys can be for not handling the truth and fooling the world by posting foolish articles in Chimbwido Warvet’s name. It is a sham

  3. Mandlenkhosi says:

    What a great idea. The West has finally realized and agreed that they need to support corruption and hand over bags of cash (preferably in unmarked bills, please) to ZANU-PF’s poor government ministers. These poor chaps suffer terribly from not having enough loot to their liking. Finally, the fate and plight of non-ZANU-PF ministers will be saved with these unlimited bags of cash. What a great and intelligent plan for the West. Pay the bribes and buy your way into a genuine promise that the West will benefit “in the future”. Brilliant!

  4. Sammy Moyo says:

    the whole world is a corrupt pile of stinking feces, with the west being the leaders so no surprise here

    a global revolution is needed to end the time of these self loving fools like bankers, lawyers, ministers and so called managers

  5. Wilbert Mukori says:

    France’s foreign policy in so parts of Africa like CAR has been highly praised and rightly so too. In Zimbabwe the French have blundered from pillar to post. Last time they showered Tsvangirai with honour and praise only for the MDC leader to prove in last year’s elections what a buffoon he is. Tsvangirai had failed to get even one democratic reform implemented a fatal oversight that was to result in Mugabe blatantly rigging the elections to stay in power.

    Re-engaging this Mugabe regime is not going to end the corruption and political repression. The money will slow down but not stop the economic melt-down. If the French believe that Mugabe is ever going to agree to
    meaningful democratic reforms necessary for free and fair elections then they
    are more naïve than I thought!

    If the French are earnest about helping the people of Zimbabwe get out of the political and economic mess Mugabe land the nation, then they must help push the tyrannical regime to resign so free and fair elections can be held and a legitimate government take over. France should stop playing political games with the future of other countries!

  6. job bhutsu says:

    this is good i see funds drying up for Swradio

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