Zim to host SADC meeting as Mugabe takes over Chairmanship

Zim to host the next regional Heads of State Summit in Victoria Falls

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
21 March 2014

Zimbabwe is set to host the next regional Heads of State Summit in Victoria Falls, which will see Robert Mugabe taking over the chairmanship of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

According to a Chronicle newspaper report a preparatory meeting will be taking place next week with officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the summit taking place in August. A local organising committee was formed this week ahead of the planning meeting, composed of representatives from a cross section of different government departments as well as the police, the army and the tourism sector.

The hosting of the SADC meeting comes off the back of the ‘successful’ hosting of last year’s international United Nations (UN) tourism summit in 2013. That UN meeting, which took place in the weeks after the disputed electoral ‘victory’ by ZANU PF, resulted in international condemnation. The UN tourism authority was harshly criticised for endorsing the flawed Zim elections and the contested result, by going ahead with the Victoria Falls meeting.

The SADC Heads of State summit meanwhile will coincide with Robert Mugabe’s ascension to the Chairmanship of the leadership body. He was appointed to the Deputy Chairmanship position last year, in a move that was also roundly condemned as a sign of SADC’s loyalty to the ageing ZANU PF leader.

Dewa Mavhinga, senior researcher with Human Rights Watch, said the decision to appoint Mugabe to the SADC leadership was “an admission of failure of leadership” by the regional body.

He also criticised the hosting of the summit in Victoria Falls while the rest of the country was suffering with a shortage of food, unemployment and a rapidly declining economy.

“Victoria Falls is far removed from the reality in Zimbabwe. It is an elitist venue that is reflective of how disconnected the Zimbabwean leadership is,” Mavhinga told SW Radio Africa.

Former Chegutu farmer Ben Freeth, whose attempts to have the SADC human rights Tribunal restored were dashed by the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights , meanwhile said he was “outraged” by the SADC developments.

“We have a situation where the Commission allows the dictators of Southern Africa to get away with destroying the highest human rights court of the region, and these same heads of state are now making Mugabe, who is responsible for the destruction of the court, the chairman of SADC,” Freeth told SW Radio Africa on Friday.

He added: “What we have clearly is a group of people who are not there with the aims of protecting the rights of its people, but who are only there to protect their own power. This summit in Victoria Falls just shows that they really don’t care.”

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29 Responsesto “Zim to host SADC meeting as Mugabe takes over Chairmanship”

  1. whichfool? says:

    Ben Freath from Kent, England….lol?

  2. Yepec says:

    What does it say about SADC? At its Maputo Meeting, the Organisation, warned that for Zimbabwe to hold elections by 31 July 2013, they would be unconstitutional. The elections were held anyway.

    However, at its Malawi meeting, the same SADC, elected Mugabe to be the next Chairman of the Organization. This is with the 31 July 2013, elections, having been rigged, therefore, were being contested by the Parties, meaning that a dispute on them existed.

    But with the elections in South Africa coming soon and Zuma,having been told to pay back the R23 million charged to the State for the construction on his compound in Natal, no wonder, the Dictator for was the first to congratulate Mugabe’s rigged win and one of the Heads of States to attend Bona’s wedding

    As said before, SADC is nothing but a “Dictators Club” to which Joyce Banda was recently recruited with these Heads of States (Dictators), working on bringing Ian Khama, now that Tsvangirai has fallen in line with its dictates.

  3. Just saying says:

    Just another opportunity to wine & dine themselves at the expense of the citizens. This bunch of cowards can’t even enforce their own resolutions so what will they be discussing? Our continent has virtually everything to be up there with the developed countries but then we don’t have very many competent & honourable leaders!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      How do you describe yourself? Can I say you are competent and honourable? If so to what extent? Can I trust you to marry my ever suspicious niece whose view is that she can not even trust her own mother or father.

  4. Wilbert Mukori says:

    All the economic signs are there to prove the Zimbabwe economy is in serious trouble; more companies have closed sending unemployment to the nauseating rate of 90%, the government so broke it has been forced to release early hundreds of prisoners, for example, or see them starve to death because there no money to feed them.

    Ever since Mugabe blatantly rigged the 2013 elections the much needed foreign investors and the West immediately released the country would not be returning to the rule of law as long as Zanu PF remained in power. They have voted with their foot by staying away from Zimbabwe and refusing to invest or grant loans to the regime.

    Zanu PF’s own flagship $27b economic recovery plan, ZimAsset, in now dead. The plan hope Zimbabweans in the diaspora would buy $2b of government bonds. The regime was hoping to cash in on the $1.6b a year Zimbabweans have been sending back to help their families.

    The economic collapse means Zimbabweans back home are even more dependent on the diaspora dollar to need their basic requirements. What good is a government bond to some one who is starving. Even if some Zimbabweans had wished to help; the regime had just refused the people in the diaspora a vote but is now asking for their money! Even those who did not have the spare cash to buy the bonds joined in in giving Mugabe and Chinamasa the middle finger!

    Mugabe was sure the Chinese would bankroll ZimAsset to the tune of $30 b but has since revised the figure downwards to $10b, $3b, $400m and a few weeks ago the Chinese announced that they will not contribute a penny.

    Mugabe took the tough decision to acknowledge corruption was rampant and to cap the salaries of CEO of government controlled / owned institutions like PSMAS, ZBC, City Councils, etc. shows the tyrant is aware of the seriousness of the economic crisis. Corruption is still rampant in the form of scandalous high salaries and allowances for high ranking government officials in the Police, Army, judiciary and all other government departments. He did not dare touch them – not whilst he continued to squander $10 m on his daughter’s wedding!

    So the signs of economic collapse are there but so too are the signs that the
    regime is not doing anything to stop the collapse. Even big hospitals like
    Parerenyatwa are going for a week without something as basic as running water.

    The shortage of clean drinking water is already being felt; diarrhea is responsible for 10% of deaths of children under age 10. In 2008-2009, cholera swept the country, killing more than 4,000 people and bringing disease to over 100,000.

    The situation cannot go on; two things are now certain to happen as a result of the economic collapse, either the people will riot in protest or there health time-bomb caused by the water shortage is going to finally explode killing hundreds of thousands.

    The only way to end Zimbabwe’s economic problems and defuse all health and social time-bombs it is seating on is for Mugabe to go and end his illegitimate rule so there can be free, fair and credible elections. As long as there is this illegitimate regime in Harare, the country’s isolation with continue.

    It is important to realize that regards of all the evidence that Mugabe has been a total failure. The proof that it was the rampant corruption that has cause the economic collapse and not the sanctions as he claimed, the self-evidence that he is helpless to stop the rot and the dire consequence of letting this situation continue; Mugabe is not going to relinquish power. It is not in the nature of tyrant to give up power willingly.

    So yes, Mugabe is preparing for the SADC meeting and to taking over as chairman of the regional block because regardless how poorly the economy performs, how much Zimbabweans do not want him as president, etc. he is going to remain president, period.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      The criterion for appointing the chairman for the SADC region is not based on the economic performance of a country in the subregion. If anything, it is the leadership qualities of a political leader and being Afrocentric through and through that other leaders look for before they appoint the chairman for the subregion. There is no doubt that Robert Mugabe is admired and emulated by the majority of leaders not only in the subregion but also on the entire African continent.

      You can hate the man, but you can not kill the idea African leaders have in Robert Mugabe and neither can you influence political leaders in the subregion who have given their unflinching and unequivocal support to the leadership of the subregion by Robert Mugabe. They admire and emulate his achievements in Zimbabwe especially on how he has tackled the land resettlement programme to such a gigantic scale no African leader on the continent has undertaken so far.

      • Wilbert Mukori says:

        It is true that the leadership is taken in turns, it is Zimbabwe’s turn. As for the leadership qualities, which of the SADC leaders have shown that they have any. Since you consider a corrupt and murderous tyrant a good leader “admired and emulated” by anyone; it is clear you are not competent to know the difference.

        SADC leaders accepted Mugabe’s rigged elections because they wanted to move on. Tobaiwa Mudede admitted to a parliamentary committee that many Zimbabweans have been applying for passports and leaving the country (to go to SA and Botswana mainly) “to escape the economic crisis facing the country.” Whilst Zimbabwe’s economic and political mess continues to get worse, SADC cannot move on!

        Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections in Zimbabwe making him illegitimate and that is the reason why the West has refused to do business with the regime. Whilst he remains head of SADC many nations will be loathed to do business with SADC. You can witter all you like, that is the reality on the ground.

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          Apart from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brazil that have a surplus in their balance of payments, give me any other country in the world you can think of that is ‘not in economic crisis’, if I may borrow your terms.
          SADC leaders did not vote in Zimbabwe and could not have refused to accept the verdict of the people of this country who voted resoundingly and overwhelmingly for the continued leadership of Robert Mugabe. Their acceptance of the election outcome was a clear reaffirmation of what the majority of Zimbabweans had decided for themselves. Doing anything that was at variance with the well expressed wish of the majority of Zimbabweans could have been interpreted as hostile and unfriendly to their neighbouring country.

          Many countries are coming to Zimbabwe right now after they realised their mistakes of the past. There was no justification for punishing Zimbabwe after suffering the injustices of slavery and colonialism. The British government of all countries should have known better that we suffered injustices at their hands for centuries. It has not paid reparations to the people of Zimbabwe for the injustices we endured at their own hands and nether has it apologised to the people of this land. As a country, we deserve to be paid reparation and an apology by the British people for us to move on. Calling Robert Mugabe a dictator and abuser of human rights while they have not looked at their past injustices to the people of Zimbabwe is not very helpful. We need to be paid reparations and an apology by the British people and the time is right now. Ok dununu?

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            And yet Zimbabweans have been leaving their country in droves for decades now to go to all these other countries facing the same economic crisis of their own. Indeed, these other nations have been fighting a losing battle deporting Zimbabweans and yet they keep returning.

            You Chimbwido you are always singing Mugabe praises and yet would not go back to Zimbabwe. When you suggested going back your wife told you in no uncertain terms to stop talking out of your a****!

            The economic crisis in Zimbabwe is costing hundreds of thousands of human lives and not dollars as is the case in other countries. You are too stupid to even begin to comprehend the seriousness of Zimbabwe’s situation.

            You have shed the lives of over 30 000 innocent lives and throughout the years you have never shown any remorse. All these men, women and children might as well have been ants as far as you are concerned. If hundreds of thousands were to die of cholera or some such disease because of the lack of something as basic as clean running water you and Mugabe would not be at all concerned.

            The only thing that will seat up and listen is the judge sentencing you lot to hang for the blood on your hands! It is for that reason that you people must be brought to court; just to stop you making a mockery of the suffering and deaths you have so callously brought onto others! I am committed to see to it that justice is done; that you and tyrants like Mugabe hang!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Well, let us wait and see how you are going to murder/hang Chimbwido Warvet and Mugabe for crimes you allege were committed while you preserve your thick head and neck.

            While you make your very well informed decisions on how you are going to hang us, perhaps you could now advise your readership whether Zimbabweans deserve to be paid reparations by the British people for the abuse and suffering they endured for centuries at the hands of successive British governments. In addition, do you think Zimbabweans are owed an apology by the British people for crimes committed and that the time is right now?

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            Mugabe has done a great job of digging his own grave by allowing greed get completely out of hand. The economy has reached the point of no-return; the economic crisis is not going to get better but worse until either the people force the tyrant out of office or events do that!
            Let me tell you once again; Mugabe’s reign of terror is over!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            This is the kind of talk that has never been helpful to the Zimbabwean economy and it’s people. As usual, this has been the position taken by the pirate radio station you work for and it does not come as a surprise to Chimbwido Warvet. This obviously works in favour of your masters in London. One thing that is clear to us is you don’t want to rock the boat.

            I do not expect you to come out with a position on the question of reparation the Zimbabwean people deserve for obvious reasons. You do not even consider that Zimbabweans deserve an apology from the British people for the colonial abuses they’ve endured at their hands. You and your pirate radio station would like the Zimbabwean economy to be in ruins but that is not go in to happen. The Chinese and Russians, have invested in Zimbabwe in ways you could not have imagined ten years ago. With a population of a billion plus and only 7 percent of arable land, the Chinese are investing heavily in the agricultural and mining sectors. They are improving the Zimbabwean infrastructure and the banking sector while the western world is a spectator. Zvino vachadya izvozvo. Machina vauya mu Africa zvachose. Kuti njuzu dzivabvise muafrica inotoita hondo blaz. Njuzu dzamama zvachose blaz.

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            The nightmare the people of Zimbabwe are facing right now has nothing to do with colonial rule but everything to do with the corrupt and tyrannical rule of Mugabe and Zanu PF. I have my eyes focused on that ball!

  5. whichfool? says:

    NO REVERSE GEAR on Land Reform…live with it rhodies?

    • Yepec says:

      If being fake was not obvious, here it is. Actually, by this action alone, the cat is out of the bag forever. In copying Jabulani Sibanda’s example, this person wants to be known by the notoriety of what one is not – is this another of the person’s “educated guess(es)”?.

      As if the propensity to write rubbish is not enough, the person has, also, adopted a blind policy of defending any of Robert Mugabe’s actions, Zanu PF’s policies or its corrupt and looting echelons. Has this person of late realised the folly involved by trying to hide oneself in adopting a new name?

      Before the person can get away with it, he or she must first answer the following questions :
      (i) Is this a continuation of trying to fool the Zimbabwean people?
      (ii) Given the person’s writings in defence of what is wrong, is this a way of trying to get back the lost respect?

      (iii) If there is nothing that is being hidden or has been lost, why get a fake name on top of another?
      (iv) Lastly, is this an example of person’s nine lives as a coward?

      • whichfool? says:

        Again, NO REVERSE GEAR on our Land Reform….inbred rhodies learn to live with it?

        • SlaptheZanuMonkey says:

          Great another (or the same?) Racist Baboon!!! Go f%ck yourself you ignorant bufoon.

          • whichfool? says:

            Again, NO REVERSE GEAR on our Land Reform…inbred rhodie sgip are welcome to go and hang with Mike Campbell the dead boer?

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