ZANU PF accused of ‘deliberately’ withholding $3million from MDC-T

Douglas Mwonzora says the MDC-T is owed $3 million

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
26 March 2014

The MDC-T has accused the ruling ZANU PF party of deliberately withholding millions of dollars due to the opposition group, as part of plans to ‘destroy’ the movement.

Zimbabwe’s Political Parties Finance Act stipulates that a party that garners at least five percent of the vote in a previous election is eligible to receive public funds.

The MDC-T says it is owed $3 million, but that ZANU PF is deliberately not handing over the money.

Douglas Mwonzora, MDC-T spokesperson, told the Daily News newspaper this week that although the party was aware that the ZANU PF run government was financially constrained, it should consider paying the opposition what it is due in batches.

“During the Seventh Parliament, the MDC was entitled to about 41 percent under the Act and presently the party is entitled to about 33 percent but we have not received anything,” Mwonzora was quoted as saying.

He added: “We suspect that government wants to ground the MDC financially.”

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One Responseto “ZANU PF accused of ‘deliberately’ withholding $3million from MDC-T”

  1. Percy Malunga says:

    The Government does not have money to pay itself, (Civil servants) so how do you expect it to pay the opposition ? This is common sense ! MDC T should pull out completely from participating in the running of State affairs. All Opposition MPs should be withdrawn and face ZANU pf head-on. By participating, the opposition is legalizing this illegal regime. It appears some of these opposition leaders are contented with what they are now and not prepared to fight any further. That’s why they keep on begging money from ZANU pf Government which they later misuse.

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