African presidents conspiring against Africa by Tanonoka Joseph Whande

Tanonoka Joseph Whande

For many years, there have been countries that the world, including that omnipotent organisation, the United Nations, viewed as oppressive, dictatorial and seriously devoid of the smallest spec of democratic intent.

Among such countries are Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Even today, these countries have little semblance of what a free, democratic society should be like.

One of the panels, councils or commissions the United Nations established was the United Nations Panel on Human Rights.

The purpose of this particular panel was that “members elected to the Council shall uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights”.

The UN says the General Assembly “can suspend the rights and privileges of any Council/panel member that it decides has persistently committed gross and systematic violations of human rights…”

I guess in the eyes of the UN, Zimbabwe does not fall into this category.

It, therefore, did not come as a surprise when, in 2006, the United Nations appointed, to this panel, the world’s worst human rights abusers: Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

This was a sick joke that the United Nations played on the world.

Zimbabwe welcomed these nations to be arbiters and monitors of democracy because Robert Mugabe knew he was in good company.

This expensive and ridiculous joke was later re-created by the Southern African Development Community when it made Swaziland’s Mswati the Chairperson of the so-called Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation.

It does not help that those same people who are inflicting abuse on us are supposed to be the same ones curing us.

How much respect do you give a doctor who breaks your legs with a hoe handle and then purposely plays surgeon as he attends to the amputation of those same legs he deliberately broke?

But the world community was not done with its dangerous contradictions. Just last year in August, the United Nations was back in the news as it vigorously tried to defend itself for endorsing last July’s disputed elections at a time when there were outcries from just about every quarter, including SADC and other governments in the region.

The UN went on to hold an international tourism summit at Victoria Falls, “which took place in the weeks after the disputed electoral ‘victory’ by ZANU PF”.

Such behavior coming from the world body lends credence to the accusations that the United Nations is not a true, honest and impartial arbiter of disputes among member nations at loggerheads.

This weakens the organization and lowers people’s expectations of protection. It also sends wrong signals to those governments and tyrants that are abusing people around the world. The UN, in effect, becomes an accomplice in the abuse of people it is supposed to be protecting.

The UN, of all organisations, must have zero tolerance for abusive dictators; it is its own witness as to the endless problems and deaths caused by these errant countries and their leaders.

The UN must also remember that other organisations look up to it and want to work with them to alleviate people’s suffering.

How does a human rights organization involved in exposing a government or a leader who murders and abuses people work with the UN when the UN itself embraces the very people being reported to it for human rights abuses?

Continental and regional groupings, like the African Union and SADC, are already copying the contradictions the UN seems to be championing.

Earlier this year, the credibility of the African Union came under scrutiny after the continental body appointed Mugabe to be First Vice-Chair of the reportedly influential AU executive council – a not so subtle indication of who will be taking over the AU chairmanship next year.

How do well-meaning African nations work with the AU to bring sanity to Zimbabwe if the AU itself deems Mugabe as a man to lead a continent so much bedeviled by the kind of atrocities, corruption, human rights violations that the AU itself espouses to be working to eradicate?

And it is not Mugabe alone; it is any other errant African leader the AU would be obligated to approach and encourage to follow acceptable leadership codes that protect the people on the continent.

In the SADC region, Botswana and South Africa have directly suffered from Mugabe’s ill-advised economic and political policies. The two countries have seen daily influxes of Zimbabweans who cross the borders for both economic and political sanctuary.

Only last Friday did Gwede Mantashe, the Secretary General of South Africa’s African National Congress, publicly concede that Zanu PF destroyed the economy of their country.

“”In 1980,” he said, “the value of the Zimbabwe dollar was R1,50 and today it has no value. It is a massive destruction of the economy. I do not want South Africa’s economy to collapse.”

Meanwhile, other SADC countries suffer in silence presumably because they hold Mugabe in high regard.

Not to be outdone in the perpetration of contradictions, SADC will in August this year move their tea-party junkets to Victoria Falls where Mugabe will be hosting them all.

The Victoria Falls was the UN’s scene of the crime last year and here comes SADC, in the UN’s footsteps.

The summit, to be attended by regional Heads of State, will see Mugabe taking over the chairmanship of SADC while, at the same time, he is almost assured of taking the AU chairmanship next year, effectively giving Mugabe total control of Africa’s key leadership institutions.

What does this say about the collective quality of Africa’s leaders? In spite of public posturing, all Africa’s leaders know the havoc Mugabe has caused in both Zimbabwe and Africa yet, like newly born blind puppies they behave in a manner that is not of benefit to Zimbabwe or Africa.

The heart of the matter is that the African Union and SADC must, of necessity, separate themselves from presidents and adopt priorities that prevent friction between nations.

The people, not presidents, must be their constituents.

They must stop wars; must prevent conflict and must act with firmness and fairness.

They must take Africa’s problems seriously.

Africa is burdened with a plethora of problems and yet these organisations spend all their time preening and massaging dictators’ egos.

African leaders feel threatened by human rights; they are afraid of the rule of law.

Both the AU and SADC are not serving the interests of the continent if they allow this attitude to prevail. They should shed the image of accommodating dictators at the expense of the abused people.

Somewhere in Africa this week, there is an outbreak of Ebola and Ebola is a continent wide serious issue. Given the easy movement of people among nations, this is of concern to every government in the world.

I would not be surprised if some of these morons refuse to travel to Washington for a summit to discuss how best their countries can be assisted to further develop, demanding that they will not go to get financial aid for their suffering people unless Mugabe, who is busy making his own people suffer, is invited.

Such are the leaders of Africa.

The whole of Africa is at the mercy of its leaders.

Both SADC and the AU can afford to play such fatal games with a continent and its people because they believe the British, the French, the Americans and other European nations will almost always certainly come to the rescue.

It seems to me as if African leaders are deliberately keeping Africa in an endless twirl of problems for their own selfish reasons.

I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my fellow Zimbabweans, is the way it is today, Monday, March 24th, 2014.
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28 Responsesto “African presidents conspiring against Africa by Tanonoka Joseph Whande”

  1. G Tichatonga says:

    You are such a sick joke.

  2. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Tanonoka Whande, this is a highly complex subject you are ill-equipped to deal with. I am utterly astounded by this narrative, coming as it does from a journalist who is supposed to have a clear understanding of the role the United Nations should play in this 21st century.

    Tanonoka Whande needs to know that the African continent has been calling for a complete overhaul of the United Nations, particularly it’s Security Council that has never been democratic since the inception of the United Nations after the Second World War. When the UN came into being in 1949, only one African country was independent, namely Ethiopia or Abyssinia then. The rest of the African continent was still under colonial rule and domination. Today 53 Africa States are independent and sovereign states and yet the role played by the United Nations since 1949 has not changed to reflect the changed circumstances.

    How democratic is the United Nations when its Security Council is comprised of only five major powers of the world that determine the destiny of the majority of member states that make the United Nations? Can we ever talk of human rights at the United Nations when only one country on the African continent is a member of the Security Council? You surprise me with you understanding of issues that really matter, Tanonoka Whande.

    • Yepec says:

      Of all people, it is surprising to hear of a thief lecturing about stealing to the extent of saying, “do not talk or think of stealing because you will not understand it, for it is a complex subject. However, I will be good to you, just use the notions that I define”. Can one smell the propaganda being splashed by the purveyor of shame and poison who specialises in misleading and converting people to the meaning of these notions?

      Praise singers’ definition of the truth or democracy is like sweet coating of danger, like a flock of sheep which must follow the one in the lead and on falling into a pit, the rest must follow suit. This is Zanu PF’s way of defining the complexity of the political environment in Zimbabwe or rather, is it its way of defending itself from criticisms?

      How does it manage to enlist the praise singers to stand on the highest peak of a mountain and then criticise others when its members are involved in shameful deeds like the rampant corruption being used to loot the country’s resources?. Are the praise singers themselves, not ashamed of these criminal and immoral activities in which Zanu PF members are immersed? What a way of seeking publicity or attention?

      Here, also, are a few examples at the very top of the organisation :
      (i) The masses live in mud huts and are dying of hunger while Robert Mugabe lives in opulent riches. He has five palaces and on top of that his wife has over 10 mansions. Is this based on Presidential salary?
      (ii) He has 39 farms, countless businesses and properties, some of which are in foreign countries under assumed names plus off shore, Bank Accounts.
      (iii) Furthermore, Mugabe has scholarship programmes, confiscates Air Zimbabwe planes for his vacations, healthy treatments in Hong Kong, Malaysia or mainland China. On the other hand, the hospitals in Zimbabwe which treat the masses, do not have constant electricity or running water and the economy is collapsing.

      This is the practical definition of democracy for which Zanu PF says it brought to the country and of which the praise singers are continually reminding the citizens This notion of its democracy or the game about fools, is being played on this forum too.

      As said before, the task of the praise singers, is to convert others or mislead them, hence, the unending onslaught of their propaganda doctrine, always criticising what is wrong with the others but never mentioning the evil that Zanu PF is perpetrating on the people of the country in the name of “Democracy”.

      Whande is just a messenger carrying the message to the people of Zimbabwe. However, the message emphasises what the people of the country want to hear and know rather than the poison with which they are being fed by Zanu PF.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        You know you are a waste of space. I understand nothing here and as such I have nothing to say mate, no love lost though. I still love you like my youngest daughter who is in her lower sixth form and is a lot sharper than you.

        • Yepec says:

          If you did not understand my comment, It follows that you could not comment or do anything on it.

          The biggest and real admission you made was telling the readers that you do not have the faculties to comprehend the comment. By extension, this means that you do not understand the articles and other comments on the Website.

          However, you were told a longtime ago that it is for your own good that you must transfer to the Herald or Sunday Mail websites where understanding would be easier for you.

      • informer says:

        Well said! However dont be stressed by the selfish looters and/or brainless Zanu fools who ululate whilst our country is being raped by Matbili!

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      You have missed the thrust of Hwande’s argument which was that those nations like Cuba, Russia and China with no democratic credentials must not be appointed to head the UN’s democratic flagships much less be permanent members of the decision making body like the Security Council. Appointing any African country to the Council will only make matters worse because none of the 53 African members have any democratic credentials!

      The subject matter is way beyond your depth Chimbwido; you should keep your hands below the level of your head!

      • Chimbwido Watvet says:

        Cuba had never been a member of the security council, you fool. I have to ask you to give me any member of the so-called security council that practices democratic principles as you understand it.
        I repeat that the African Union has for years been calling for a complete overhaul of the UN structures to reflect the changed circumstances for the 21st century. It can not continue to function in ways it operated in the 1950s when only one African country was a sovereign and independent state. Today 53 African States are sovereign and independent states while the United Nations Charter has not been reviewed to take into account the growing number of its member states that are now sovereign and independent states.
        You are talking to a very well informed war veteran who can not be pushed around by the lightweights like you. I have always wondered how you could have been given a post for a political analyst when you can not understand such basic political issues. The UN Charter needs to be completely overhauled to reflect the political developments that have occurred since 1949 when it came into being. Uri dofo Wilbert. Hauna chaunoziva iwe. Kana mwana wangu arikuita yavanoti fomu 6 anoziva kudarika iwe neshamwari yako Tanonoka Whande. What a shame!!!

        • informer says:

          Chimbwido, its clear your job is to bumlick shameless Matbili, so that also puts you in the shameless bracket. Please relax a bit, you continue to sink low and low and thats no laughing matter!! This stuff you are delving into is clearly beyond your level..

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            What do you mean? You are also ill-informed mate. I have dealt with UN political issues for many years having been a senior diplomat at the United Nations in New York, Cuba, Romania, Tanzania and Germany. You can not tell me this nonsense when these are the issue I have been dealing with for years. If you do not know, ask and you will be advised. What a joke you are.

        • Wilbert Mukori says:

          How many permanent members are elected in free, fair and credible? Those are the only countries that come the closed to having democratic values and practising them!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            ‘How many permanent members are elected in free, fair and credible’ said Wilbert Muroyi. I am afraid, your question is badly constructed and misunderstood by Chimbwido Warvet. In any case, I do not need a question but an answer to the question that I posed in my earlier post to you. That is all I want to hear from you, Wilbert. Ok?

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            You answer my question and in it is the answer to your question?

            Three of the permanent members USA, France and British hold free, fair and democratic elections; Russia and China do not. It is therefore nonsense to suggest that the Russians and Chinese would be more democratic in the UN when they have clearly failed to do so in their own country!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            You used to be addressed as the political commentator for SW Radio Africa but that designation has been discontinued from use by this pirate radio station. Now you no longer hold a publicly known position. The reason is quite simple. Your pirate radio station found out that you are an idiot who was embarrassing the pirate radio station each you posted your foolish comments for the consumption of the well read and informed critics of your idiocy.
            The countries you have referred to above have caused untold suffering to the Middle East, North Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Côte d’Ivoire and other troubled spots of the world against the United Nations charter. They continue to fly drones in Iraq and Afghanistan against the world public opinion and United Nations where innocent civilians are being killed on a daily basis in their false believe they were fighting against international terrorism when they are part of the problem in promoting this cancer. And you think these countries are democratic. If they were democratic, they should have listened to the call by the international community to stop the callous bombardment of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Côte d’Ivoire.

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            And how much suffering have the Chinese and Russians brought to their own people to say nothing of anyone else outside their borders?

          • Chimbwido Warvet. says:

            You are an authority of Chinese and Russian politics and economics. These countries you talk ill of are the true humanitarians who have changed the world for the better. For Zimbabwe in particular, China and Russia trained us and gave us arms of war to fight you and your Rhodesia. You then ran away from my country with your tails between your legs to come to England where you continue to be used by our former enemies to divide my people in promoting a lost cause. And you are not ashamed as an African and Zimbabwean in particular to behave in such unorthodox ways. You obviously lack ethics, civilisation and education in fighting for a cause that has justification.
            Today the Chinese and Russians have come to Zimbabwe to help the country they assisted in liberating itself from colonial control and domination while the former colonial power just abandoned us at our time of need. If you can not understand how foolish you are, then I can only conclude that your parents did a disservice to you in bringing you up as a child. You should ask them if they are still alive why on earth they did not teach you well. You have a serious problem

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            Do you really believe anyone out there with eyes to see and have read about China or Russia would agree with your nonsense that the ordinary Chinese and Russians are better off than their counterparts in the West? Even hypocrites like Mugabe and his wife have been flocking to the West to buy their posh cars, dresses, etc. Indeed it is exactly for that reason that Grace went into a rage when she learnt she was refused a visa to do her shopping in Brussels. The tyrant, Mugabe, had to throw another tantrum is support of her or he was going to be in the dog-house!

            Yes China and Russia gave us the weapons to fight against white colonialists but God knows we have paid dearly for those arms. The bloody Chinese have milked Zimbabwe these last 34 years and they are still doing so to this day. Who else but the Chinese are leading in the looting of our diamonds, wildlife and other resources?

            We have suffered under this oppressive Zanu PF dictatorship for 34 years now; where else do you think we got the system other than the Chinese and Russians!

            By the way it is nonsense that we had no choice but fight to end white colonial rule. Other countries like India achieved their independence without having to fight. The Indians choice to use none violence for one good reason – “What kind of leaders will an armed struggle throw up?” Gandhi asked. “Will those leaders want to listen to the ordinary man, woman and child?”

            Well we in Zimbabwe know only too well the answers to both those questions. Mugabe and his friends who fought in the war trained the guns on the ordinary Zimbabweans even before the British had left the country!

            The tyrant and his cronies have ridden rough shod over the ordinary people’s dreams and hopes; destroying the national economy in their insatiable greed for power and wealth and murdering over 30 000 in three decades!

            You have escaped the chaos in Zimbabwe and sort refuge in the West and not China or Russia. What a hypocrite, you condemn the West with your words but do the opposite when it came to action. The people of Zimbabwe are not fooled by your forked tongue.

            Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections, as he has done so many times in the past, but he is not going to get away with it. Not this time.

            The economy is in a serious mess and no one is going to help sort it out. Not even the Chinese offered any help; they did not pay even 1.00 Yuan = US $0.16 into Mugabe’s US$ 27 billion ZimAsset begging bowl.

            Mugabe rigged the elections but now finds he cannot rig economic recovery. The economic melt-down is going to be the death of Mugabe and Zanu PF.

            Chidya matovo akazodzipwa nedovo remhuru!

  3. Wilbert Mukori says:

    “How much respect do you give a doctor who breaks your legs with a hoe handle and then purposely plays surgeon as he attends to the amputation of those same legs he deliberately broke?” you ask.

    Indeed, and how much respect do you give the Police Office who should be arresting the bad doctor for breaking your legs but instead is singing the praises of the doctor for the successful amputations!

  4. informer says:

    Great article mr Hwande! Please ignore the ignorant fools and the Zanu shameless bumlickers, unpaid/paid who try to hoodwink people on these platforms.

  5. munhumutapa says:

    Education inotivhura pfungwa vamwe inotiita madofo chaiwo sa sahwira wangu uyu whande hey handizive kuti chii chaanodya kana kuputa mwari ivai nenyasha naye, zita rake anonzi J Hwande here kana kuti J Whande.

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