Africa backs Mugabe in EU summit boycott threat

The African Union (AU) backs Robert Mugabe

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
27 March 2014

The African Union (AU) has moved to back Robert Mugabe’s threat to boycott next week’s European Union (EU) Africa summit in Belgium, with the EU standing firm on its decision not to issue a travel visa to Grace Mugabe.

The 4th EU-Africa summit is scheduled to take place in Brussels on 2nd to 3rd April 2014 and aims to bring together African and EU leaders under the theme “Investing in People, Prosperity and Peace”. The last summit of its kind took place in 2010 in Libya.

But the summit remains in doubt with Mugabe leading calls for a boycott of the meeting. The 90 year old ZANU PF leader is understood to have been left fuming after his wife was not issued a travel visa to join him in Europe, despite Grace playing no role in the upcoming meeting. The pair both remain targeted with European restrictive measures, although the rules have already been bent to accommodate the presence of the ageing Zim President.

Mugabe has reportedly also been angered by the EU’s decision not to invite his Sudanese counterpart, Omar al-Bashir, who faces war crimes and genocide charges before the International Criminal Court. Also left off the invite list is the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, an AU member, with the African bloc accusing the EU of trying to undermine the AU’s authority and sovereignty.

The potential boycott has now also been echoed by an organ of the AU, which has recommended this week that the entire African bloc not attend the summit. Zimbabwe’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, said a meeting of the AU’s Peace and Security Council held in Ethiopia Wednesday recommended that Africa boycotts the summit if the EU ‘insisted’ on determining the composition of country delegations.

“The African Union Peace and Security Council took a decision that the European Union was in violation of an AU resolution that they do not have the right to determine the composition of Africa’s delegation,” he told the Herald newspaper.

EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell’Ariccia told SW Radio Africa on Thursday that the European bloc is waiting for a decision from the AU, which will determine the fate of next week’s summit. He explained that Mugabe’s wife was not invited simply because she had no role to play in the summit, and it was not a deliberate snub.

“It is a working summit where there is no programme for the spouses and the spouses are not invited. This was clearly laid out in the programme. When there was a request of issuing the visa to the First Lady, the host country had to follow the procedure for when an individual on the list of restrictive measure requires a visa. This means asking and receiving a unanimous decision from the EU members. This did not happen and the visa could not be issued,” Dell’Ariccia explained.

He added that the boycott threat by Mugabe has not been officially communicated to the EU, but they were aware of the recommendation made by the AU Peace and Security Council this week.

“There is an internal procedure that the African Union has to follow. There is a recommendation of the AU Council and so we will see how to proceed from there,” Dell’Ariccia said.

The Ambassador also dismissed the claims that EU was not respecting Africa’s ‘sovereignty’ as has been stated by the AU Peace and Security Council.

“It is in full contradiction of the spirit in which these summits have been established. At the Lisbon summit (in 2007), which was attended by Mugabe, we established a strategy which in turn established a partnership of equals,” the Ambassador said.

He added: “There is no reason to conclude that we are looking down on the continent and not respecting the spirit of the summit. The purpose is to create a momentum to ensure this partnership of equals bears all the fruits it can bear. So I don’t see why there would be an assessment of the situation in another way.”

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62 Responsesto “Africa backs Mugabe in EU summit boycott threat”

  1. Yepec says:

    Well, Mugabe’s threat is a logical step following on the heels of the European Union own decision to take off the ZMDC and reduce those on its list of targeted sanctions after recognizing the rigged elections of 31 July 2013. Therefore, Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF, are still demanding more concessions from Brussels. The EU’s explanations and its registered surprises are meant to hoodwink the gullible who were quick to forget the first most important step the Union took..

  2. toussant50 says:

    Please inform the people that these are useless talk shows and ego trips! Do not give these gatherings a value they do not have. What is the AU? From slave owning racist Mauritania to Lesotho? What do we have in common that we can sit under one roof and discuss anything of substance! Pretty much nothing!

  3. G Tichatonga says:

    The President is 90 years old and will require his wife to help him. This EU is enjoying too much of our sunshine to the point of urinating into our wells. Nonsense.

    • david taylor says:

      Are you saying the President needs Grace to help him urinate into our wells?

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        I have always thought you were rational and logical. How wrong I have been all along. You are actually an utter nutter and a complete imbecile. Robert Mugabe is married to this lady and nobody has the power to separate them. Nobody can tell Barack Obama that his wife can not accompany him on his foreign trips, you idiot.

        • Far Queue says:

          Yeah, but he and his wife don’t steal farms and kill people that don’t agree with their dictatorial practices

          • Hank Wilson says:

            The Black and Brown man greatest weakness is that he has not yet realized that about 500 hundred years ago, or more, the world had been organized into a White World and Black & Brown World. Since I have live all over the world, it did not take me very long to awaken to this reality. Yet during my travels I didn’t find one person who was considered to be a White person, that they did not have conscious knowledge of the benefits and the unity of white power that they automatically receive due to being a white person. Also, they all understood the weakness and disadventage of being a non-white person. My question for the Black & Brown man is this, when are you going to come to the realization that you must see your color and various CULTURES as a unity of black power in regards to those people who consider themselves to be white people?

          • Chimbwido warvet says:

            Of course, Mugabe and his wife have been freedom fighters who have promoted the takeover of our land that was in the hands of thieves. That has been a fight for the right reasons. We are fully aware, rhodies had been complacent and never wanted to part with the land they had stolen from us but Bob the Great proved them wrong. Now it is bla bla Mugabe is a thief, bla bla Mugabe is am dictator bla bla Mugabe is a tyrant, bla bla Mugabe is an abuser of human rights, bla bla let the west impose economic sanctions on him and his wife bla bla he should give us back our land although we had stolen it from his people, it does not matter, bla bla after the indigenous people of this country do not deserve the farms because they do not know how to farm bla bla the country is now a basket case with nothing to show all because of Mugabe bla bla there is no global financial crisis bla bla it is a cover up of his inability to manage the economy and not the global financial crisis cause by the fat cats at wall street, oh no it is the problem that was caused by Mugabe bla bla Mugabe is now a global problem bla bla can’t you see Chimbwido Warvet. We are going to hang you together with Mugabe, you are a thief, we are going to govern this country and will be asked to face charges for your criminal acts together with your master Mugabe.
            What a load if bulls

  4. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    If the European Union is serious in engaging the African continent in a meaningful summit, it should do the right thing. It should consider the views of the African continent and not to behave in ways that are reminiscent of the colonial era when it dictated terms to the African people. In this 21st century, Africa has evolved and can not be taken for granted. It knows what is good to its own people and can not be pushed around as before.

    The European Union should address the genuine concerns of the African Union failure of which it will be a shear waste of our time to participate in its summit. It’s their summit that has been characterised as a talking shop or a
    mere gathering of politicians where serious discussions are rarely put into action.

    • Zim 1 says:

      A lot of Africa is in dire straights since they became ‘independent’, without Western aid they would be even worse off! Zimbabwe is a prime example of a country that has gone right down the tubes….you blithering c**t!!

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        I can tell you that foreign aid to the African continent has been a curse and not helpful to us at all. It is foreign direct investment that has helped not foreign aid. The IMF and World Bank aid to the African continent has been a complete disaster. Nobody in this day and age can still talk of foreign aid when there is not a single country on the African continent can proudly say foreign aid has been of assistance. If anything, the so-called foreign aid has only helped dictators and tyrants of the so-called Third World countries in building their personal empires and buying arms of war at the expense of their economies. Foreign governments have never bothered to establish how the funds they have been giving to these countries were being utilised and in some cases were part of the problem, encouraging corruption as was the case in former Zaire and other despicable vices.

        • Common Sense says:

          Thanks for writing this: ” If anything, the so-called foreign aid has only helped dictators and
          tyrants of the so-called Third World countries in building their
          personal empires and buying arms of war at the expense of their
          economies.”, you acknowledge what Mugabe has done for 33 years

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            If the truth be told, Robert Mugabe is the only surviving father, freedom fighter and human rights defender of Zimbabwe. He is a fighter for the right reasons and and one who dislodged thieves and clowns who had stolen our land for hundreds of years. Such a man who fights for the human rights of his people can never be characterised as a dictator or tyrant by his people. It can only be said by the fcking rhodies who dreamt the indigenous people of this country were like the Aborigines of Australia, Red Indians of the Americas and the Maori of New Zealand whose land was taken over by foreigners who are now calling the shots in these countries. In Africa, Zimbabwe in particular, we are real fighters who do not accept nonsense from anybody. We fight for a cause we believe in and win. Mugabe is the winner and you are the losers. Ok my pikinini?

      • pan africa says:

        go start a genuine business and eat from you labour. stop being a begger “NGO” BEFORE western nation came in africa, Africans eat and multiplied, even when different tribes fought they had channels to settle dispute, they also did barter trade. we didn’t have western aid to do all those. western aid has made some african more lazy, even to think how to be innovative or how to come up with our solution for conflict. do you know why europe develope because their was no one to help them. aid is a curse to african. let african refuse the temptation of quick fix, let us stop comparing ourselves with western nation, let us develop at our own pace and with the resources we have.

  5. super mondo says:

    why don’t they go the whole mile and break off diplomatic relations with Europe. It will save millions in aid for the European people.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Get you aid because the African continent, Zimbabwe in particular does not like it. What we need is foreign direct investment. Foreign aid breeds a dependence syndrome which is undesirable Super Mondo. The African continent needs to wean itself from this daylight robbery by the fat cats from the IMF, the so-called ‘World Bank’ and other foreign governments that have milked the continent of its finite resources for generations

  6. Wilbert Mukori says:

    The EU made the mistake of allowing itself to be dictated to by the likes of Mugabe. Give him an inch and he will be back demanding a mile! The EU should must put its foot down once and once for all. Africa needs the EU more than the EU needs Africa just as much as the ordinary Africans need good governance more than they need EU aid; indeed if they had good governance the continent will NOT be so dependent on foreign aid!

    • SpiritOfNehanda says:

      What an ignorant perspective and way to look at it. Europe needs Africa much more than the other way round. The relationship between Africa and Europe in real terms is skewed to begin with. It’s a relationship defined by this question: How can the ones with the resources, need the ones who need the resources? Whilst we can prove by argument that they both mutually need each other, we do know that Africa has the upper hand because the need for her resources is much bigger than Europe. By this logic, it should be Europe meeting Africa in Addis Ababa or in Harare. In fact the fact that it is the other way round is proof to me that Africa is still largely a European colony…

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        What an enlightened person you are. I love/like you for bringing to fore this well throughout argument which has always been a reality fools like employees for this pirate radio station in London do not know. Nowhere in this world is there enormous natural resources as the African continent and yet we are not recognised for the huge assistance our resources have contributed for the economic development many in the western world are so proud of and can not acknowledge in this 21st century. Keep educating these fools and I will be on your side mate.

      • Common Sense says:

        But you miss the point entirely. Yes, EU needs resources, no question. But what they don’t need is resources from countries where the Governments are either illegal or dictatorial, and the beneficiaries of the sale of resources are corrupt governments and their hangers on. I speak about diamonds in Zimbabwe.

        Moreover, these African regimes have no regard whatsoever for Human rights and democracy, and should not be condoned by responding with legitimate trade.

        Africa needs the EU to buy their stuff, but we must get our house in order to be ethical and just first.

        • SpiritOfNehanda says:

          Sorry, I’m not aware of any point that I missed. The EU don’t care about victims of any crime committed by any regime on Earth other than their own. Good examples are their Saudi friends. As long as you are puppeting yourself, then yes you will be the source of their resources despite even having an illegal or dictatorial regime in place. I’ve given you the evidence for this. I’d like to correct you on the last part of your comment. In theory Africa needs buyers of its resources and these may not necessarily be Europe. Which vendor says they only want to sell to a specific person or persons? The problem however is that Europe has taken advantage of its previous colonial relationship with Africa to push its own agenda which has consequently subverted most of us into believing that we are completely incapable of independent development.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Keep pelting them with huge stones and maybe a big left hook will do the trick. We have idiots who frequent this site who have no clue and yet they want to talk about global issues they know little about.
            What can a Rhodie know on economics let alone political issues that matter when they spent their youthful days working on stolen farms when everybody else was going to school? When you raise the question of the current global economic collapse, many of them do not know a thing. You begin to wonder what next to say to such people who have no clue. It is like talking to a brick wall.

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            “It is like talking to a brick wall,” you must be talking about Mugabe and his cronies! Only idiots like them would have made such a total mess of things as has happened in Zimbabwe!

          • Common Sense says:

            Thought the clown would say something. 4000 farmers out of 250,000 ‘rhodies’, hardly supports your juvenile assertion.

            Your economic thinking is biased, grounded on an belief that the ZPF government being policies were right and had no bearing on the destruction Zimbabwe, it is you that has no real clue

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            “The EU don’t care about victims of any crime committed by any regime on Earth other than their own,” you say. That is not true is it?

            The EU imposed the targeted sanctions against Mugabe and his wife precisely because the tyrant had commit treason against the good people of Zimbabwe by rigging the July 2013 elections. The EU could have done what the Chinese and Israelis have done; they did not turn a blind eye to the vote rigging as India and a few others have done but went one step further and actively assist the tyrant in rigging the vote!

            You have said nothing about the Indians or the Israelis who have all benefited from the looting before the vote rigging and continued to do so after the rigged vote, but have plenty to say against the EU. That shows just what a confused idiot you are!

          • SpiritOfNehanda says:

            Thanks, I appreciate. I also appreciate the fact that I’m at least an idiot who is able to know that one doesn’t need to be zanu or Zimbabwean to speak against Eurocentric ideas. Most of you none-idiots have actually lost your objectiveness in discussions because you always feel like anyone who disagrees with you is Zanu. Can’t one not speak against European domination without being Zanu? Have we really reached that point in these discussions where you are either with me or against me? …..nothing in between? Have we?

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            We are talking about a corrupt and tyrannical regime that has forced millions into a life of abject poverty and despair, rigged elections and thus deny the people a meaningful say in the governance of the country and have murdered over 30 000 innocent people denying them the right to life itself. Of course the regime has tried to draw the debate away from these issues by pretending this a racial issue, “European domination” issue as you put it. Well it is sad but nonetheless true that only an idiot would fall into that trap!

            How can refusing Grace Mugabe a visa to travel to Brussels to do her shopping be more important than the 100 children who are dying everyday of preventable diseases? She wants to spend millions of dollars of money that should be used to buy medicines for these children; for Pete’s sake!

            Instead of discussing the life and death matter affecting millions of Zimbabweans you want to indulge Grace’s insatiable greed for luxuries and indulge your own myopic black inferiority complex by sticking out your middle finger at the whites! Mugabe is counting on idiots like you to do that, that is the kind of stupidity that has kept him in power and dragged the country into the gutter!

            If you want a serious discussion then you must first acknowledge the suffering and deaths of the millions in Zimbabwe and never ever treat these matters as if they are trivial matters. To treat Grace’s need for another twenty pairs of new designer shoes as more important than 100 children’s lives is an insult that will not be tolerated!

            The trouble with people like you is you have lived a totally insulated and privileged life. You are like Bona; you have seen the suffering of millions of Zimbabweans – even from the rose tinted glass of the luxury cars the decay and poverty is there to see. But none of this register in you mind. You prefer to escape into the world of fashion and unparalleled luxuries and to fight you unending race wars! Middle finger to you and your hypocritical and misguided neo-Pan Africanist fighting “European domination!” my a***e!

          • bobsled says:

            I am surprised that you are surprised about the polarization. It has been institutionalized in Zimbabwe. Its the official game of power…exploiting the flaws of nationalism to the full.

          • pan africa says:

            it seems that you know well about EU have you read the corruption within the EU. the corruption within EU will make Mugabe corruption look like a drop of salt in the ocean.. so before you side with them go help them clean their mess. The extent of corruption in Europe is “breathtaking” and it costs the EU economy at least 120bn euros (£99bn) annually, the European Commission says.

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            What is 120 bn Euros compared to the EU’s GDP. Corruption in Zimbabwe is costing the nation $4 bn and the nation’s GPD is less than $4bn! That is the difference you nincompoop!

        • pan africa says:

          Common Sense i wonder what EU your talking about do you read your news or your to brainwash you can’t read whats happening in europe. The extent of corruption in Europe is “breathtaking” and it costs the EU economy at least 120bn euros (£99bn) annually, the European Commission says. That is just a statement from EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem. and that Africa needs EU seems your mind is stuck with one market, have you tried other market, start with African middle classes, then go to chinese am sure one chinese province is the whole EU combine market and korea is another market. Russian to is a bigger market a willing to buy diamond to.

      • Wilbert Mukori says:

        The DRC has the potential to meet all Africa’s electricity requirements from hydro generation and it is all renewable. The demand for electricity is there as most African countries have power cuts! As for the people of the DRC, they certainly could use the money; the country remains one of the poorest country in the world.

        In contrast, Switzerland is one of the poorest nation in terms of having natural resources like minerals and big rivers, and yet it is one of the richest.

        The important difference is there is peace, order, rule of law and the Swiss people are resourceful whereas in the DRC there is chaos.

        Europe has been milking Africa for centuries because Africans have this great and fundamental weakness – they are the only humans who would sell their own kith and kin for a piece of calico cloth and a handful of beads. Slavery was abolished a century ago – thank God – and yet Africans still continue to sell their own for a song. Tyrants like Mugabe are selling the nations’ diamonds, for example, for a song to the Chinese and Israeli so his dollar can have a $5 million wedding whilst 100 children are dying everyday from preventable disease across the land!

        When I said Africa needed Europe, I meant it. The ruling elite need Europe to do their shopping – which is why Grace Mugabe is fuming that she has been refused a visa. The impoverished masses need Europe because without aid millions will die!

        Europe does not need Africa because it can ditch its human rights demands and just concentrate on shipping out as much wealth out of Africa as they can, which is exactly what the Chinese and Israelis are doing. Belgium is pushing the EU to do just that.

        You are just one of those idiots like Mugabe who only cares about themselves and would sell their own mothers for a price and be proud they had a mother to sell! Thank God Zimbabwe has a few people who are not idiots!

        • SpiritOfNehanda says:

          I will not delve much into your response. I feel like my initial comment still answers you here also. However I’d like to re-emphasize that Europeans have never allowed any independent development anywhere on this planet because they fear it would undermine them. They have gone so deep into your brain right now you cannot imagine Africa without Europe. You are one of the guys who are constantly seeking their approval and just like most Africans, including most our leaders, you find nothing wrong with an EU-Africa summit hosted in Brussels. Africa must wake up. Africa must break free from this feeling of being unable to work without Europe or even Asia. Europe must get their hands out of our psychology and our basic way of thinking. Our leaders must wake up, all of them…

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            It is Mugabe’s corruption and tyrannical rule that has dragged Zimbabwe into this economic and political hell-hole. After 34 years one would think the penny has finally dropped but it has clearly not done so in your case. Just how much deep into this mess will the country have to sink before idiots like you finally open their eyes to that reality.

            No Europeans have “their hands (on blacks’) psychology and our basic way of thinking”. You are imagining it all. Black idiots like you have your heads stuck in leaders like Mugabe or Tsvangirai’s backsides and cannot think at all! And tyrants like Mugabe have been exploiting this weakness. He is destroying the whole country and instead of fighting to end this madness you are busy blaming the whites!
            Even if Asia and Europe had their “hands” on Africa; do you think Mugabe is helping get these hands off Africa by selling the country’s diamonds and other wealth for a song whilst the masses suffer in abject poverty? You are really an idiot!

          • pan african says:

            mukori what a you doing to stop corruption. seems European leaders a much corrupt us ours. come up with good idea to fight corruption, and yes keep calling corruption evill that is first step to fight it don’t stop let corruption be preach in church, let be taught as a subject in school, shun those who a corrupt. i urge you to keep speaking against corruption, but stop comparing us with european or trying to tell us to that europeans a the good people. stop brainwashing the African kid that European a the good people and that African you and me being one of them that we a evill. please change that preaching you have gotten from western media. stop hating yourself try finding good thing in you

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            When Cuthbert Dube pays himself $500 000 a month whilst PSMAS members cannot even get the most basic service; that is corruption. When Mugabe squanders $5 million of public money on his daughter’s wedding whilst 100 children are dying of preventable diseases that too is rampant corruption.

            To hide all this corruption for fear talking about it will brainwash “African kids into believing Europeans a good people” is the “thinking” of a moron! 100 kids are dying everyday of preventable diseases; there is no question of brainwashing them!

            You are brain-dead; years spent with your head stuck in Mugabe’s backside have taken their toll. Why don’t you go back and study your pan Africanism with your head stuck – you know where! There we are!

        • pan africa says:

          i like you view about the richness of Africa but don’t be so mad with africa it’s just still young coming out from slavery, and EU partitioning and scramble for African wealth, our bright and hardworking people taken to war in world war, our own bad leadership. you shouldn’t judge the people of africa continent that have gone through those hardship that way. did the european your comparing with us went through all that hardship. did the european have swiss bank outside europe that help hide their leaders corrupt money. did chinese or india or japan enter and divided europeans using the different languages of differences. with all that i believe the next African generation will believe in themselve and by time Africa will be shinning nation. a house is not build with one generation or one day. please stop be negative of Africa but think what you can do for Africa.

          • Wilbert Mukori says:

            Ask yourself what was it that made it so easy to enslave blacks? It is the same reason that is holding back Africa today and you are a prime example of that! The refusal to think! All you ever give are excuses for Africans doing the wrong things. I want to get out of this mess and to an excuse to stay put!

            If you cannot think of a way out then shut the f*** up!

      • bobsled says:

        So resources to you are just raw materials, is it? Just be careful that your justified critique of Europe does not end up as a self sustaining narrative of victimhood and devoid of any responsibility…..

    • pan african says:

      Mukori i have nothing against you as an african but i believe in you as an african not outsider to bring good governance. a nation that doesn’t believe in it self can never solve a problem. ask yourself what you can do to your nation to bring good governance not what should outsider do for your nation. A nation is never build in one day and a nation will never be build by outsider. if you want good governance in African put strong institute in Africa to stop and arrest EU leaders and bankers that protect corrupt African leaders accounts.

      • Wilbert Mukori says:

        Why “arrest EU leaders and bankers that protect corrupt African leaders accounts” and not just arrest the corrupt leaders? Is it because as a “Pan African” you do not accept a fellow African can do no wrong?

        After 34 years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption you still Zanu PF needs more time; after all “a nation is never built in one day”? You blind refusal to see the reality before you is breath taking. How can anyone be this stupid, is what I can not explain!

  7. Common Sense says:

    So boycott, who gives a flying F, not Europe that’s for sure

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      There we go. That is going to happen. We have all the natural and human capital to develop the African continent at our own pace while Europe has only human labour and nothing else. For the European continent or any other continent, all important important ingredients such as raw materials, must be available for their economic development and prosperity. Unfortunately, the European Union does not have any natural resource to use. Do you want to sacrifice your own kith and kin in the European Union by adopting this unhelpful attitude? I can tell you that if ever the African continent was to apply economic sanctions to EU, you will all die of hunger and starvation because your continent has a zero in terms of natural resources. The African continent is its cash cow although we have a lot of nonsense that Africa is poorest continent on Mother Earth. What a load of disinformation by the western press and foolish people like you.

      • david taylor says:

        ‘If Africa has all the natural and human capital to develop at its own pace’ then why (oh why) are you living in the UK? Can’t find a job in Zimbabwe?

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          Of course, the African continent has all the natural resource and human capital to develop at its own pace. No country in this world is developing its economy at the same pace. China’s economy is growing by leaps and bounds while that of the United States, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the United Kingdom are stagnating. This is all public knowledge.
          Where people decide to live during their life time is their person business. You do not know Chimbwido Warvet and as such he can not disclose his private details. All Zimbabweans who are living abroad do not share the same reasons as to why they are not living in their own country. Some are students while some are in this country for professional reasons. That is all I can tell you. And why are you in the UK?

          • david taylor says:

            Africa has considerable natural resources, but so does South America, Australia, Canada, the USA, and so-on. I think you might be overstating Europe’s dependence on Africa (let alone Zimbabwe).

            Zimbabwe is a very impoverished country, very little money coming into the country, and now most of the skilled population (like you and I) have left the country.

            I would say that Zimbabwe needs Europe’s money and especially Europe’s technical expertise, far more than Europe needs Zimbabwe human or natural resources.

            One way for Zimbabwe to economically grow (and not be left behind the rest of Africa) is to let bygones be bygones, and work with Europe. Zimbabwe has far more to gain than does Europe.

          • Guest says:

            The sure way to avoid compromising with the West is for skilled Africans to return home, build universities, and teach all the knowledge they’ve acquired overseas.
            In this way the natural resources can be developed by a skilled labor force for domestic as well as exporting purposes
            Countries like Zimbabwe are impoverished because her greatest minds are being used for the benefit of the West.
            When Europe and America become education destinations instead of places of permanent residency, Africans can begin to build their own economies back home.
            So, if Europe’s money doesn’t grow on trees, how can an African pick wealth from it?

          • david taylor says:

            I am not sure I would blame the west alone for Zimbabwe’s brain drain. People move to countries that are wealthy, and relatively free. On the other hand, I do acknowledge that the brain drain has been a major contributor to Zimbabwe’s decline.

            You ask, how might Africans pick wealth from Europe -by encouraging trade and economic agreements between the two continents. Agreements that benefit both Europe (as you say, money does not grow on trees), and Africa.

            I firmly believe that Africa will gain more out of this cooperation than will Europe.

          • pan african says:

            what wealth has europe have that we cant get from chinese or Asia. europe has miss treated african and divided them with their racist policy. The new African leaders should tread carefully not sell african again to europeans who a known to divide africans for their gains. as a young african i encourage we the young generation to believe in ourselves, for our african nation to develop we should start to trade with each other, stand with each other African to Africans, when we put our house in order we will be able to solve our many problems. let us stop looking at each other as competitors, lets see each other african country us partner, so that we may leave a brighter future for our african children and those to come. i know we have a long journey to go even with the many hurdles to jump by togetherness will achieve alot that will benefit the african child. i have nothing against some of Europeans, because i have met some of the kindest people in europe,But their government and some of their business men have skimmed to suck African wealth. using their media and some of our brothers they did to our fore fathers during slavery. A Prosperous africa is to put laws that protect them from exploite, law such no mineral to be exported as raw material, if its gold industries such as jewelly maker to be build and many other industries, build a national fund savings for our African children, children. lets consume our made in African product, because we have a wide market within african Continet , lets be proud in buying things made by our african young farmers, lets us add value to our farm produce. the power is with us buy zimbabwe build zimbabwe. I am a kenyan and i believe in African market and strength, i believe in zimbabwe to curve their future, zimbabwe a not fools because God made no fool. those who put sanction on zimbabwe a the real enemy for zimbabwe because when they put those sanction they didn’t care about zimbabwe. zimbabwe should never forget that and this history should be taught in school.

      • dumbu says:

        Mhata yeZANU (PF) iyi haina nyaya zvachose. Chayo kungosokoswa ichidurura tsvina idzi kuvanhu. I wonder if he once went to school.

        • Chimbwido Warvbet says:

          Sekuru mauyabkuipa. Ndinozvitaura kunasisi wenyu vanova amai vangu. Mboro yenyu ndinonzwa kuti yobvinza nechirwere chemukondas sa Tererai Karimakwenda. Munogwara nechigwere chegwembe zvakare sekuru. Dai machifa zvenyu sekuru nyika yose ingapururidza. Duzvi renyu sekuru rinonhuwira sechidemno. Mopisika mhata yenyu isanhuwire nyika yose.

  8. jonso says:

    Mugabe is scared that if he leaves his bitch behind and flies off to Beligium Simba Chikore (weshondo huru) will screw that prostitute big time.

  9. dumbu says:

    Don’t allow Grace to come to the summit whatsoever . Let this old tyranny go alone and collapse there .For Mugabe to go or not it is the same .What is he going to contribute while sleeping ?

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Vana sekuru kana vopindira parizvino vaingoitawo vanagundamusayira vanoti kwaenda mhepo ndikokwatinoendawo. Vasina njere dzavo. Zvino hanzi ndabaya dede nemukanwap iwohurin usiku. Chamunoziva chii panyaya iyi sekuru zvatiri vanatiriboyi vanoda kuramba vari nabanditi evarumgu kana njuzu. Hurombe hwakubayayi sekuru.

      • dumbu says:

        Hapana chaunoziva iwe duzvi zvaro

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          Muchamama chete sukuru nekuti hamusati moziva kuti arikutonga nyika ndiani. Nyika iyi yamunoti ndeyemyu yakarwirwa nevamwe imi makarara nambuya vangu. Zvinomoti munodawo kutonga muchisusukidza Morgan Tsvangirai nezvimbwasungata zvake. Isu tinoti kana mudara wedu kana akarega kutonga nekuti haasi kuita mwana mudiki zvakare, isu tichatora ndima paanosiyira tichienda mberi nokutonga sekuru. Kana makwikwidzo egore ra 2018, tinongovawo zita asi hapana chinochinja sekuru. Mucharamba muchingoti tabirwa tabirwa kusvikira moziva kuti kwete hapana abirwa nekuti isu ndisu varidzi vokutonga munyika iyi kusvikira tapera tose tafa. Kana toenda kunosangana najehova tinosiyira vana vedu nemadzimayi avo kuti varambe vachitonga chete sekuru. Manzwa Shona yacho here sekuru. Mukati chirungu kana chinjuzu nditaure ndinobwereketa zvakare kana pasina chamabura apa sekuru. Muri mhata yemombe kana mbudzi inongoeneka nemunhu wose sekuru. Ndapedza zvangu sekuru. Bibibi sekuru.

          • dumbu says:

            Iwe ndiwe uchamama chete. Hapana asina kurwira nyika ino kunze kwako iwewe waiva dzakutsaku..Zvinio nhasi oda kunyepera kutsigira rudhara rwofa rwega urwu uchitsvaka kudya. Tichakuwana chete pauri.Iwe hauna bato rawakamirira asi kungoshandiswa sembato. Uri imbwa chaiyo chaiyo. Iwe uri mhata yembwa chaiyo.Tichakuwana chete pauri ipapo. Chisara mwana wehure anongoti wese wse sekuru.

  10. chimbwido warveteran says:

    I am looking for my father

  11. Chiruzevha Chapera says:

    Bla bla bla bla Africa is rich, Africa is chino nechino…get away..meanwhile Serena Williams defeated Li Na in straight sets to win the Sony Open and secure a seventh Miami title.

  12. jime nuh says:

    dear it is strange that your map shows all flags of the African countries accept SADR why ?are you trying to tell your readers that you don’t approve or implicit support to the occupation ?

  13. Kikuvimbinda says:

    The time has come for the European Union to understand that the Africa of yesterday is ending.

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