Sunday Mail fabricates Roy Bennett story

Roy Bennett did not talk to the Sunday Mail

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
27 March 2014

A recent Sunday Mail article quoting an alleged ‘exclusive’ interview with the MDC-T’s Roy Bennett has been exposed as a fabrication.

The article titled “Bennett slams Tsvangirai” was published over the weekend and still remains on the Sunday Mail website. Written by journalist Simba Jemwa, the article repeatedly quotes Bennett as saying he and other members of the MDC-T had lost faith in party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

The article claims Bennett said Tsvangirai is “power-hungry” and “strong-handed” in resisting calls for leadership renewal. The article also claims that Bennett ‘spoke-out’ against the recent suspension of MDC-T official Elton Mangoma, allegedly calling it “unprocedural.”

But Bennett, who remains exiled in South Africa, told SW Radio Africa by email communication this week that the Sunday Mail interview never took place.

“I never made any comments nor have I done any interviews with anyone, I never have and never will talk to the ZANUPF propaganda machine. I am not doing any interviews on internal party issues,” Bennett said.

The state media has been used for years as propaganda tool by the ruling ZANU PF party, and the MDC-T has most often been the target of stability shaking ‘reporting’.

The partisan nature of publications like the Herald and Sunday Mail, and broadcasts by the national ZBC, mean such media channels are often called ZANU PF mouthpieces.

The fabricated article comes at a time when the MDC-T is in a fragile position, with infighting and fresh leadership calls rocking the foundations of the party.

The party has already this week accused ZANU PF of deliberately trying to destabilise it, by refusing to pay millions of dollars owed to the opposition under the Political Parties Finance Act.

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10 Responsesto “Sunday Mail fabricates Roy Bennett story”

  1. whichfool? says:

    Roy Banditi, that inbred rhodie gip lies for a living….Mr CATCH will not forgive him nor will the Congress?

    Famba Save Famba?

  2. Tokoloshe says:

    Mboro Yako ZANUPF is rubbish waiting to be swept from the cess pits of Uranus

  3. dumbu says:

    I want to urge Roy Bennet not to listen to all these rubbish statements from rotten ZANU(PF) party. What I want Bennet to know is that Tsvangirai is supported by all Zimbabweans MDC(T). No one is going to replace him till we throw away rotten party ZANU(PF). If Bennet is influenced by someone to remove Tsvangirai let him forget. We are all behind him forever and ever Amen.

  4. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Another coward in hiding in ZudAfrica. This party is full of cowards beginning with Tsvangirai himself who did not want to hear anything to do with the war of liberation but now wants to govern Zimbabwe. We will never give these idiots a chance, at least not during our life time. We would rather let our wives and children govern this country when we get old enough to relinquish political power. Roy Banditi is a fcking lier and coward. He should come back to Zimbabwe to answer his criminal cases. What a fcking banditi that lies. Amama madodi na Tsvangirai. Haasumuke futi, atodonha Bennett.

    • dumbu says:

      Uri duzvi romunhu chairo. Uchirikufunga zvehondo yeChimurenga nanhasi vamwe tichitofunga zvokusimudzira nyika .ZANU(PF) yakaora kare kare chasara kurigger maElection neNIKUV .

  5. chimbwido warveteran says:

    Look here Sunday mail is 100 % very reliable since i took the brave decision to apply asylum heterosexual in London i still reading herald na Sunday mail whanzwa?

    • Ned says:

      You never have time for the Herald mushoma! Usanyepere vanhu. I really wonder where your loyalty is. Madiro aunoita this site anotyisa.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Why should I not get involved when your pirate radio station fabricates all news. Let us be honest and truthful to ourself for only the truth and honesty to ourselves and to others will free us from evil and bring sanity to Zimbabwe.

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