Muchechetere arrested over ZBC broadcast van

ZBC broadcast van

A ZBC broadcast van donated by the Chinese government

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
28 March 2014

Suspended ZBC CEO, Happison Muchechetere, was arrested Thursday on allegations that he inflated the price of an Outside Broadcasting (OB) van purchased from a Chinese firm last year.

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba confirmed the arrest saying Muchechetere was also questioned on cases involving tender procedures which occurred during the time he was at the helm of the ZBC. Muchechetere was later released after the police recorded a warned and cautioned statement.

It is alleged that Muchechetere misrepresented that the van was purchased for more than $1 million and yet it cost $100,000. Allegations are that in 2013 Muchechetere connived with officials from a Chinese firm and inflated the figure and fabricated receipts. It is also alleged that he shared the balance with the firm’s officials.

Muchechetere’s arrest comes after Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana said public executives who were recently exposed for earning ‘corrupt salaries’ will not be prosecuted because they had not committed any crimes. Muchechetere was among the first CEOs to be exposed and was forced on leave to pave the way for an audit, after it emerged that he was earning a ‘corrupt salary.’ Reports said between May 2009 and December 2013 Muchechetere pocketed as much as $2.3 million in salaries and allowances.

The MDC-T shadow minister for information Nelson Chamisa said Muchechetere’s arrest was a case of the ‘bigger fish targeting smaller ones.’

He said: ‘Muchechetere is just a small kapenta fish in the very large sea of corrupt enemies. We don’t want a situation where this so-called fight against corruption is reduced into a side show by the sharks targeting smaller fish.’

Last month, Information Minister Jonathan Moyo sounded a thinly veiled warning on what was to befall the suspended ZBC boss. Without mentioning Muchechetere by name Moyo said: ‘We have people who claim to have bought an OB van and they want to pretend that they bought it from Mars and only they know how much it costs. Yet we know that an OB van is just a combi.’

Moyo said this while addressing the Bulawayo Press Club.

6 Responsesto “Muchechetere arrested over ZBC broadcast van”

  1. MX 22843 says:

    Booked and released by the Gestapo. If it been anybody else who is not politically connected, they would have been locked up in the cells over the weekend awaiting a bail hearing on Monday.

  2. Yepec says:

    This is a big, distraction game being played on the public by both Jonathan Moyo and Robert Mugabe. Tomana has said that all the CEOs have not broken any law in Zimbabwe on the salarygate which is a major offence. However, Jonathan Moyo is taking Muchechetere to court for breaking Tender Procedures, a minor offence in this case. As said above, Mugabe through Tomana has already provided impunity on the stealing CEOs, therefore, what is Jonathan Moyo trying to prove by taking Muchechetere to court?

  3. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    I shot down a rhodie helicopter with a bow and arrow just to let you all know. I deserve respect.

    • Yepec says:

      Do you have to ask (campaign) for it? The thing about respect is that you either had it, in the first place or you are lying in an effort to get it from your peers. In your case, it is both. I am sorry to that brutal frank with you Chimbwido Warvet.

  4. Wilbert Mukori says:

    Criminals are like vampire-bats; when they are in trouble they will always rope in the others!

    I once saw a documentary on vampire-bats. Vampire-bats, as the name suggest, feed on blood. In the documentary it was found that the retches
    were the carriers and spreading rabbis in domestic and wild animals. Instead of killing the bats one by one which would have taken a long time the scientist had an ingenious way to do so.

    They smeared each bat they caught with a grease paste lased with poison and release. The bat flew back to its roost and before it settled down it wandered amongst the rest smearing them in turn with the paste. Each bat
    then ingested the poison when it tried to lick of the paste to clean itself.

    Suspended ZBC CEO, Happison Muchechetere, was arrested and questioned over allegations that was involved an outdoor broadcast van valued at £100 000 but ZBC paid $1 million. The suspended CEO clearly has
    no intention of going down alone and is thus busy smearing George Charamba and others.

    “ZBC drew money without notice from its company financial resources as contribution following (Charamba’s) demand (for ZBC to cover the Buhera gala in Charamba’s rural home). This was done at a time the parent ministry knew that ZBC staff was in salary arrears,” said Muchechetere.

    Whether or not the amount of money involved would not have paid a faction of the suspended CEO’s month salary is of no consequence; what matters
    is the demand was illegal and corrupt. From May 2009 to December 2013 Muchechetere pocketed as much as $2.3 million in salaries and allowances!

    The Buhera gala corruption poison lick will have given our vampire-bat Charamba indigestion; it is not the only corruption scandal involving Mugabe’s spokesman. Charamba was named as one of the PSMAS directors; he has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in
    directorship fees! A belly-full of the corrupt poison from that!

    Increase the pressure on Charamba and he too will soon talk of the man who gave him the orders! To get rid of rabbis of corruption we only need to catch a few corrupt individuals and let them rope in their follow vampire bats.


    Dictatorship, mis-governance, election rigging, endemic corruption and theft of the Nation’s assets and natural resources on an industrial scale – the main drivers behind why Mugabe and Zanu PF has taken Zimbabwe from the third richest country in Africa in 1980, to the second poorest country in the world today – a country with the highest unemployment in the world, the lowest life expectancy and the highest number of child deaths from preventible disease, outside of a war zone.

    The DRC has the largest reserves of Natural resources in the Africa, yet is the poorest country in the World. Why? – Dictatorship, mis-governance, election rigging, endemic corruption and theft of the Nation’s assets and natural resources on an industrial scale!

    For the overwhelming majority of the citizens of Zimbabwe and DRC, with their economies imploding, things are going top get far worse before they get better, as once Dictatorship and endemic corruption becomes deeply ingrained, it is very difficult to remove it short of revolution – Mugabe and his fellow criminals know this, that is why for the past 5 years they have been ‘selling’ the Nation’s diamonds to the Chinese in return for the supply of massive amounts of guns and military equipment.

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