Nikuv opens new office at army headquarters

Nikuv has an operation in the army headquarters in Harare

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
28 March 2014

Nikuv International Projects, an Israeli company largely suspected to have assisted ZANU PF to rig the disputed 2013 elections, has resurfaced, this time around operating from the army headquarters in Harare, a leading newspaper has claimed.

The security company, which claims to be specializing in population registration, elections and agriculture closed its Avondale office last year. This followed reports that it had manipulated the polls in favour of President Mugabe’s party. But according to the Zimbabwe Independent, which broke the story then, Nikuv is back in the fold and with indications that it is ‘consolidating its position in government.’

The newspaper said the Israeli outfit has now taken over the production of passports at the KGVI barracks production center. About 30 officials from the Registrar General’s office have already relocated from the Makombe Building to the new center, which will soon be commissioned by Mugabe.

It is believed that under this latest contract Nikuv will produce and print the latest and sophisticated passports. The company will also install high-tech digitalized fingerprint equipment, among other things. Nikuv officials are paid by the state, sources say.

Ahead of July 31st polls, reports said Nikuv was heavily involved in the electoral process and was operating from both its Avondale office and Makombe Building. However, since reports about the Israeli outfit emerged last year, Nikuv officials have steadfastly refused to shed light on the company’s role in the country.

Harare-based SW Radio Africa correspondent Simon Muchemwa, said while many people don’t know what Nikuv does exactly its notoriety has added to the local slang. He said it is common to hear someone saying: ‘I have been Nikuved’ meaning ‘I have been cheated.’
He added: ‘The name Nikuv is subject of ridicule here. The company has a very bad image here and yet at the same time nobody really knows what it does. It’s all rumors but without official confirmation.’

Muchemwa said so secretive are the company’s operations that even some senior government officials are still in the dark. He said suspicion is rife that only Mugabe and his close lieutenants have the complete picture.

There have been unconfirmed reports that Nikuv is also involved in Malawi, raising fears that the May elections will be manipulated in favor of President Joyce Banda. The fears are compounded by the fact that the Malawian Electoral Commission has already hired the discredited Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to provide both equipment and the expertise.

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  1. dumbu says:

    Whether re-hiring NIKUV or not this puppet regime ZANU(PF) is not going to go anywhere. This old tyranny Mugabe is dying very soon and all his supporters are going to join MDC(T) .We are tired of this old and collapsing party.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Oh no my goshAah, ‘this old tyranny Mugabe is dying very soon …MDC-T’. Can someone teach this boy how to write in the English language, please? I have often advised this idiot to write in Shona or Chiraparapa but has not taken heed. Vakomana nhamu inemharo. Kunyora kunge munhu adya sadza nemuriwo we Engisg Gaint Rape, kunova kudya kwembongoro kuno kwatinogara hakudyiwe English Gaint Rape asikuti tinogadzira mafuta okubikisa mabanzi nechingwa. Varungu ndokuigirai English Giant Rape nechibage chavanopa mombe nenguruve nemahachi avo ndokuti chikafu chamunofanira kudya ivo vasingadye madodi aya. Nanhasi muchiri kudya madodi aya ndikosaka pfungwa dzenyu dzakadanganyika sekuru. Mboro yenyu ndikuitamaburi seya Tererai Karimakwenda wavakuda kufa nemukondas munomuingirandi sekuru. Zvino anovigirwepi kana afa sekuru? Muri chidakwasi sekuru.

      • Yepec says:

        Even in Shona, your claimed mother language, you can’t write in it. The only avenue left, is for you to go to the Herald or Sunday Mail Website. Given the comment above, this is the only feasible help that could be given to you.

  2. Wilbert Mukori says:

    It is good that Nikuv is still in Zimbabwe, this is one company that is not going to get away with treason; rigging elections is high treason!

  3. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    You guys are so timid and scared like cockroaches. Mapete anoti akanzwa chati kwatara anobururuka kana kutyoka makumbo achitiza pasina chinhu. That explains why most of you guys never wanted to join the armed struggle when the rest of us were prosecuting the war for independence. The irony of it all is that while you have been well known and accomplished cowards, today you want to govern Zimbabwe. Can the people of Zimbabwe have the faith and confidence that you have what it takes to lead this country with your cowardice?
    In any case, the Zimbabwe government has the legitimate right to engage with any foreign government for whatever reason it deems fit. There are no restrictions at all.
    The British Military personnel had an office at the army headquarters in Harare. It trained our military forces when our bilateral relations were at their peak and nobody raised any qualms about it. What a load of idiots.

    • dumbu says:

      Iwe uri mhata yomunhu chaiyo .Kuti unotova nebasa raunoita iyewe ? Nguva yaunonyora tsvina dzose idzi unoiwana kupi ? Uri madhoti chaiwo.

  4. chimbwido warveteran says:

    Please help guys i chimbwido am a very lost soul

  5. Yepec says:

    It was said that the game of converting, misleading and distracting the attention of people is going on even here on the SW Radio Africa forum.

    Firstly, in his comment, Chimbwido Warvet thinks that going to fight in Chimurenga War gives one,the passport to rule against the wishes of the people. – the reason why Mugabe and his Party are imposing themselves on Zimbabwe to the extent of rigging all the elections since the country gained independence. Consequently, there is no self governing or representation of the people’s wishes in the country.

    Secondly, Mugabe and Zanu PF, have to rig the elections in order to stay in power. Fighting in Chimurenga gave the Party the opportunity to lay its hands on guns which it is using against those who are opposed to its ideas and policies.

    Thirdly, the notion that the Party is a revolutionary Party, is completely discarded and disapproved. Zanu PF ditched the cause of the Palestinian people and adopted that of their bitter enemy and oppressor- Israel and its business institutions like Nikuv company which doctored the Zimbabwean, Voters Roll..Israel buys and polishes the looted and smuggled Marange bloody diamonds, in Tel Aviv.

    Threfore,anybody who listens to what fake, Chimbwido Warvet says does so, at his own peril.,

  6. Yepec says:

    Despite what was written and said about Nikuv doctoring of the Voters Roll and then rigging the last polls, it is water under the bridge. But for the Company to be opening its new Offices in the Army Headquarters, is nothing but a public admission by Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF of their indebtedness – to an Israel Company. Its Offices in the Makombe Building raised questions of impropriety but Offices in KG IV Barracks, brings back the rigging memories of the 31 July 2013, harmonised elections. However, Zimbabweans must not forget that they are dealing with Zanu PF gangsters who are professional, political criminals and, in turn, produce praise singers.

  7. Zindoga says:

    What is their role in Diamond mining/polishing in Zimbabwe?

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