Mugabe accused of ‘diplomatic hiccup’ over EU summit snub

Delegates at the EU-Africa summit in Belgium. Mugabe will not be among them.

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
03 April 2014

Robert Mugabe has been accused of making a diplomatic misstep by boycotting this week’s European Union (EU) – Africa summit in Belgium, over the refusal by the EU to grant Grace Mugabe a visa.

The summit, which has seen 30 African and European leaders come together to discuss trade and policy, comes to an end on Thursday.

Mugabe, who refused to join the meeting after Grace was denied a visa to join him, had tried to stimulate an African Union (AU) snub of the summit, but to no avail.

South Africa’s Jacob Zuma also did not attend, although spokespeople for the ANC leader would not link his non-attendance to Mugabe’s boycott threat.

EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell’Ariccia said Mugabe ‘miscalculated’ his influence, saying the move to boycott the summit was a “diplomatic hiccup”.

“This comes as a major diplomatic setback for Zimbabwe. But for us, the process of re-engagement continues and we hope that we are going to have our relations normalized soon,” Dell’Ariccia was quoted by the NewsDay newspaper as saying.

Mugabe and his wife remain targeted with EU restrictive measures, which bar, among other things, European travel. The rules were bent to accommodate Mugabe’s invitation to the Brussels based summit. But the EU did not make the same exceptions for Grace, on the basis that she had no role to play during the meeting.

But the 90 year old ZANU PF leader was left angered by this decision, along with the EU’s failure to invite his Sudanese counterpart Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for genocide. Mugabe, through his spokespeople, accused the EU of trying to dictate the makeup of African delegations.

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6 Responsesto “Mugabe accused of ‘diplomatic hiccup’ over EU summit snub”

  1. Chimbwido Warvetj says:

    What we want to see is foreign direct investment to the African countries whose leaders participated in this talk shop summit. I will be surprised if they will be a windfall of economic development and prosperity to these African countries given the financial crisis and bankrupsy of the European Union that is borrowing heavily from the Chinese government to finance its government expenditure as well as servicing its crippling budget deficits. It is a tall order for the European Union to even think the African continent will enjoy capital inflows from the Europe or benefit financially by attending this summit. This is too far fetched to even think about it.

    For Robert Mugabe, it certainly was not a diplomatic misstep at all. Our country’s diplomatic relationship with the European Union, has been frosty for years now. It could not have turned for the better by the participation of Robert Mugabe in this hostile environment. Our old man stayed peacefully at home and avoided the embarrassment for attending a summit in such an atmosphere. That was a well calculated move, in my opinion.

    • Larry King says:

      Keep dreaming of foreign investment in Mugabe’s “Alice in Wonderland” where there are no rules and where threats of indigenization only makes investors shun this country. Why should you be surprised that for Africa there will be no “windfalls” when you fairly well know that the continent with dictators such as Mugabe openly shows hostility to outside investors. Even Mugabe’s so called new friends in the east, China in particular would much rather put their investments in Europe or the USA which has in place strong investment ethics. Unlike Mugabe’s Zimbabwe where Zanu PF insists that they must have controlling interests (51%) in foreign companies that have a 100% funding.

      Instead of concentrating your energies on Zimbabwe seeing that you are Zanu PF spokesperson, you much rather give priority to China and the EU. These countries do not need your stupid advice, their economies are on the march and functions properly and in an orderly manner. These countries have the best social amenities that increasingly improves almost daily. Plus its population in the EU in particular have a high standard of living. You fail to talk about Zimbabwe because you know its a failed state ruled by a tyrant who has fcked this country in a big big way.

      What is left in Zimbabwe for Zanu PF to destroy. After 33 rotten years of Mugabe everything has been “killed” from the economy to soccer to hospitals and the list goes on. The Brussels economic summit was not for Mugabe or for that matter any economic summit where Mugabe does not get his way to rubbish talk. Instead he loves those arenas amongst his fellow dictators where they spend their time lavishing praise on each other. Mugabe is not serious he never has been. No wonder our country finds itself in a ditch.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        First of all I need to make the correction that you are not a Zimbabwean but a Rhodie by conviction. That you want to be close to the indigenous people of this country is for your convenience. You can not fool anyone by shedding those crocodile tears. The truth is you never were close to the indigenous people of this land and never will you be in the near future. I grew up in former Rhodesia now Zimbabwe and I am fully aware of the mentality of Rhodies without exception. They all behaved the same and still behave pretty much the same in this 21st century.
        Foreign direct investment is taking place in Zimbabwe. You need to see what Chinese and Russians are doing in this country for you to understand what is meant by foreign direct investment. That is what Zimbabwe needs and not to be a recipient of foreign aid by the IMF and World Bank or finance from the crooks at Wall Street.
        All foreign direct investment should be on our terms.That is the norm all over the world. And our requirement is 51% goes to our people while 49% of the proceeds go to the foreign investor. That is our law which is this straightforward. Nobody is forced to invest in Zimbabwe but if one wants to do business with us, our requirements have to be observed because that is what the law says. Ok my pikinini?

        • Larry King says:

          Yes I was a Rhodie so were you, so were your parents etc and no lessor your emperor Mugabe. If you say I am not Zimbabwean and if that pleases your shallow intellect so be it. Its not for you a British citizen to decide my status. You cannot escape the fact based on your writings, hence
          your attitude, it is you and your Zanu PF who are detached from 13 million Zimbabweans. Why pretend that you are close to indigenous Zimbabweans when in fact you insult them by accepting all the sh#t that is imposed on our vulnerable Zimbabweans

          You can be convinced and be impressed by your false perceptions of the Chinese and suddenly the Russians. I am not, for these two powers particularly the Chinese they are famously known for raping Africa of its wealth. The IMF and the World Bank have been used by Zanu PF to source funds for much needed assistance in the recent past. Your bunch of clowns in Zanu PF have lost every once of creditability with these institutions who are owed a lot of money. Its for this reason that you and your party of morons resent these institutions

          It is most unfortunate that your party Zanu PF is made up of idiots and opportunists. The thing they know best is how to work their way round to crook the people. Its not Wall Street that is crooking our 13 million suffering Zimbabweans. Zanu PF can demand a 51% free equity from a foreign investor but at the end of this it is the latter that decides, not Zanu PF. You can not think beyond the little box that Zanu PF has put you in. Calling me a pikinini does not make you a great thinker it merely affirms your moronic status.

    • Yepec says:

      Fake, Chimbwido Warvet, when he writes, it sounds as if its all contradictions. Some of the comments, on closer analysis, sometimes, show the other aspect of opening the subject for criticism, especially, if it is against Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF.

      Take the case of boycotting the EU – AU trade talks and like Mutsvangwa, he is indirectly criticising that move. His question, though indirect is, what kind of sense does the call make (his criticism), given what Robert Mugabe would have been urging the country and agitating his Party, Zanu PF?.

      Further developing the above, one is made to ask, what with the warming up of relations with the EU?
      (i) The EU is reducing the number of individuals and companies on its list of targeted sanctions.
      (ii) Zanu PF is, on the other hand, always crying and pleading for the EU targeted sanctions on the individual and companies to be lifted because, ultimately, they have a cascading effect on the ordinary Zimbabwean.
      (iii) Robert Mugabe uses the War Veterans and his militia to force the masses to sign up the construed petitions on the EU lifting its trade sanctions.
      (iv) He is ordering Patrick Chinamasa, in his position as the Finance Minister, to go to the UIN, USA or EU looking for investors with Direct Foreign Investment to come to the rescue of the Zimbabwean collapsing economy.
      (v) Robert Mugabe, actually lobbied hard for Belgium to campaign on its behalf for the EU to have the Marange diamonds allowed to be auctioned at Antwerp. This Action alone, in essence, lifts the EU sanctions on Zimbabwe.
      (vi) Lastly, he ordered Tomana to launch a Court Order in Brussels declaring the EU sanctions illegal.

      Chimbwido Warvet, in effect, is pointing out that this effort and Action of Robert Mugabe on trade talks and Direct Foreign Investments, is not compatible with the instructions he is giving, as mentioned above”?

      Consequently, what a loss of a diplomatic opportunity, Robert Mugabe made by that call? Though, it is left to the individual reader to criticise this folly as it would have been spread out and made bare for the reader’s attention, in the ensuing critical comments of the forum which would be in Chimbwido Warvet’s endeavor.

      Lastly, China itself is lobbying for EU trade and investments. The difference is that the Chinese let their trade money stay in European Banks wheras the Europeans invest their trade money in China itself or repatriates it to their specific countries where it is invested. If the EU was broke (no means of paying for Chinese made goods), the Chinese would not direct their trade goods to EU

  2. informer says:

    The Nikuv ldiot wasnt missed at all and our country actually saved a few dollars. Matbili normally falls asleep at these events and then wake up to talk nonsense and out of topic. His prostitute Graceless doesnt bring any value to our country, she just wants to go to “imperialist capitals” just for shopping. This time no one reacted to shameless Matbili throwing his toys from the pram.. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!

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