Doctors ready to offer free facial reconstruction surgeries

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
04 April 2014

Organizers of free facial surgeries are calling on all people afflicted with cleft palates or similar facial disfigurements to attend the exercise which starts on Sunday at 8am at the Harare Central Hospital.

Avondale and Borrowdale Brooke Rotary Clubs said a team of about 20 international doctors was already in the country to offer free surgeries and are raring to go. The Operation of Hope team will kick-start the life changing exercise with the screening of patients, which will be followed by the actual surgery on Monday.

Children and adults who are afflicted with cleft palates are asked to bring with them all their particulars, including medical records, to facilitate a smooth exercise.

Operation of Hope has been undertaking such missions in the country since 2006. So far more than 720 people have benefitted from 13 pervious missions. Last year more than 40 people, mainly children, received new appearances.

The Rotary Club representatives said this year they were expecting even more people from all over the country.

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