Renewal team disputes Tsvangirai’s claims of unity in MDC-T

Promise Mkwananzi is a member of the MDC-T renewal team

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
7 April 2014

Rebels in the MDC-T, calling for the ouster of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, have dismissed reports of unity saying all is not rosy in the labour backed movement.

Two weeks ago Tsvangirai said there was renewed unity within the party following talks aimed at bringing an end to months of infighting.

‘We have discussed our issues and there is now unprecedented harmony and unity of purpose in the MDC cockpit,’ Tsvangirai said following a meeting of the national executive in Harare. He added; ‘The party is not in turmoil. Of course this was just a bleep in the struggle.’

There has been discord in the MDC-T since the party ‘lost’ to ZANU PF in last year’s elections. The latest bickering was triggered after the suspension of the deputy treasurer and former energy minister Elton Mangoma, who in January publicly called on Tsvangirai to resign over the election defeat.

Mangoma’s lawyer and MDC-T member Jacob Mafume, accused Tsvangirai of departing from the party’s core values, alleging the use of violence, a blatant disregard of the party’s Constitution and undemocratic approaches to decision making.

‘Regrettably, such tendencies have alienated genuine democrats within the party to the point where differences in value propositions have reached irreconcilable proportions.’ Mafume said at a press conference.

In an apparent reference to Mafume’ statement, Tsvangirai told party supporters in Mkoba, Gweru on Sunday that the rebels were free to form their own party and said he found it strange that they were lecturing him on core values when they have no idea where the party came from.

Youth leader Promise Mkwananzi, who is part of the renewal team, told SW Radio Africa on Monday that they still need to convene a meeting and iron out issue that have been bedeviling the party.

‘Things are still not yet rosy in the party. We still need to revisit some issues on the internal suspensions, sporadic violence and more specifically to relook at the suspension of Elton Mangoma,’ said Mkwananzi.

5 Responsesto “Renewal team disputes Tsvangirai’s claims of unity in MDC-T”

  1. Wilbert Mukori says:

    Why did this group call themselves MDC Renewal is what I would like to know? They are renewing what exactly? Tsvangirai or the political party called MDC-T? The person Tsvangirai is, as they themselves have already acknowledged, is a failed leader with no democratic credential and those serious comings are as much a part of him as the spots on a leopard. As for the party itself he has attached himself to it like barnacles to a whale that is why the party is called MDC-T the T standing for TSVANGIRAI!

    Political parties in Zimbabwe are a personal property of the founding leader and a core number of individual around him. When Zanu PF signed the unity accords with PF Zapu Mugabe was named as the first secretary of the party to underline that the party belonged to him and he was the party.

    For once I have to agree with Tsvangirai these rebels should just have a clean break and form their own party. All this dithering is not doing them any favours at all. They must have known their call for leadership renewal, if rejected, would mean they will have to walk out. Sadly, by hook or by crook, the call has been rejected and now their knees have turned to jelly, they cannot even stand-up right!

    The rebels said they were reclaiming the party’s “core values” which Tsvangirai had forgotten. Those core values cannot be worth much if standing tall for something one believes in is not amongst them especially for a party that has stood for nothing of note ever since it was launched in 1999!

    • whichfool? says:

      Why are the British cutting funding for SWRadio Africa…wilbert the vigil muroyi on Wednesday?

      EU funding to ZANU PF is on the up and up?

      • Yepec says:

        What does it say of the EU’s relationship with Zanu PF given that the Party’s record of governance in Zimbabwe? Like a true praise singer, you will always follow Zanu PF, even if it leads you to your own downfall..

        However, it sounds strange that you are singing the praises of the EU countries, when you have always spoken of the dangers of past European “Imperialism” on Africa, but strangely enough, you even have made a decision to permanently live in Britain, a European Union country. What kind of a person are you Chimbwido Warvet – fake, fake, fake and a fake person.

        The credit that can be given to Tsvangirai, besides his earlier empathy to associate with the suffering and oppressed people of Zimbabwe, is his ability to learn very fast about looting and corruption from none other than the dictator himself, Robert Mugabe.

        Tsvangirai has ditched the aspirations and yearnings for freedom of the oppressed people of Zimbabwe. Complicating the issue, is the inability of the Renewal Team of clearly explaining the issue to the public.

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          You should learn that individuals who do not believe in Wilbert Muroyi’s idiocy and stupidity are not always in Chimbwido Warvet’s political camp. They are plenty such people even in Morgan Tsvangirai’s personal political party, the so-called MDC-T who are up in arms with Tsvangson for espousing what an autocrat he has been known to be all the years he has been at the helm of the MDC-T. Where has his morals and democratic principles he claimed to stand for all the years he has been at the helm of the MDC-T gone? Expelling senior party supporters for expressing their views on his leadership credentials and qualities is certainly not being democratic, a term that is often abused by the western press, Rhodies and you MDC-T diehards.

          Stop fooling around, duzvi rambuya blaz, Whichfool and Chimbwido Warvet are two individuals who only share similar views. Can’t you see that our style of writing is not the same. Oh boy, you are a miserable rat, Yepec.

  2. denny says:

    These Mangomas and so forth are becoming an eyesore.They should just form their own parties,Mangoma his and Biti his etc.Zvakutosvota nyaya dzavo,

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