ZANU PF urged to restore land ownership in Manicaland

A land invasion in Manicaland

A land invasion in progress during the early 2000′s

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
14 April 2014

The ZANU PF government has been urged to restore full ownership of once productive agricultural farms in Manicaland, which were targeted for takeover under the party’s land grab campaign.

The Deputy President of the Confederations of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI), Henry Nemaire said in an interview with last week that the land should be returned to its more productive former owners.

Nemaire said the government should consider ‘delisting’ major commercial properties, resulting in the return of title deeds to the original land owners. He said this would allow the firms to access funds and return to production.

Successful commercial farms across the country were all but destroyed in the process of the land seizure campaign, which was done under the guise of ‘reform’. The removal of title deed, and the subsequent destruction of future property rights, means there is little reinvestment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

“Land for companies such as Border Timbers, Wattle Company, Makandi, Tongaat Hullet should be delisted so that they get the title deeds, which they can use to borrow huge sums for recapitalisation and re-tooling,” said Nemaire.

He was also quoted as saying that ‘re-tooling’ of local companies with state of the art machinery was key, as it would give them leverage to compete with other manufacturers in countries in regions such as Southern Africa, Europe and Asia.

“There is need for urgent re-tooling and acquiring of world class standard machinery. If you get modern technology that produce high quality products then you can compete with foreign markets,” said the CZI vice president.

Companies such as Karina, Border Timbers, Cairns Holdings, Quest Motors, Tanganda, Wattle, which used to employ thousands of people, have either closed down or are now operating below capacity.

A return to successful agricultural production, with a constitutionally protected right to property and title deed, has for years been touted as the key to turning around Zimbabwe’s economic failures. But ZANU PF, which insists the land grab was a success, has not budged since the campaign launched over a decade ago.

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5 Responsesto “ZANU PF urged to restore land ownership in Manicaland”

  1. Chimbwido Warvetk says:

    Oh no no no my gosh, Aah, is this man dreaming or hallucinating? We do not have former owners other than the indigenous people of this country. Those who occupied and utilised the land were criminals who owned and controlled it illegally. I have not know a country that allows criminals to benefit from their criminal acts. That is unheard of and nobody is going to take Henry Nemaire seriously. This guy is a very big joke.

    The land belongs to its rightful owners who are on the learning curve, having been denied their right to work on their land by foreigners for hundreds of years. No doubt they will be accomplished commercial farmers with time. Rome was not built in a day.

    • Tiger Shona says:

      It is common knowledge that the real criminals in Zimbabwe are people like you and all senior Zanu PF politicians.
      In these columns we have witnessed you telling lies all the time. You can answer CW, but you have no credibillity here.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Well, I have known you as incapable to handle the truth. All senior ZANU PF politicians and Chimbwido Warvet have been victims of foreign occupation and domination for centuries. They have never gone abroad to steal land from anyone but were enslaved and colonised by a well known colonial power against their will, deprived of their land, nationhood and sovereignty by you and ancestors. You can not stand on moral high ground today and propagate to the world that the ‘real criminals in Zimbabwe are ZANU PF politicians and Chimbwido Warvet. Quite frankly, this is stupidity and idiocy of the highest order.
        The truth of the matter is you and ancestors who robbed the indigenous people of Zimbabwe can not be allowed to benefit from your criminal acts. Nowhere in the world are criminals allowed to benefit from their criminal acts. Zimbabwe can never be an exception in allowing you and friends who are shouting at the top of their voices for land that has never been theirs but which they grabbed from the indigenous people of this country and parcelled out among themselves through deceit, chicanery and outright thievery. The title deeds they claim to have are just pieces of letters that mean nothing to us as they were given to the former commercial farmers illegally. They can never be legitimate pieces of papers that were given by the white settlers to serve their selfish, myopic and criminal acts. These are all facts that are well know by both the indigenous people of Zimbabwe, Rhodies like you and the international community. You therefore can not fool ZANU PF politicians and Chimbwido Warvet. You and your white ancestors had a wonderful opportunity to improve the lives of people you enslaved and colonised against their will but you squandered the opportunity where we could have co-existed as people of a different ethnicity. You grabbed all prime land to yourselves by driving away the indigenous people of this country to create farms and settlements for the white race.
        We have now taken our land back from criminals and there is no going back from this principled stance that is legitimate as laws have been created by this government to do so. For this reason, Chimbwido Warvet makes no apology to anyone for expressing his views and opinions in the subject under review. Henry Nemire and you should simply shut the fck up and learn to be decent and realistic. Ok my pikinini?

        • Zin1 says:

          Shut the f*ck up, you mealie mouthed moron

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Oh my pikinini, you are a big joke. My pikinini, I am not going to tell you what you want to hear Rhodie. Even the unpalatable truths will have to be said no matter how deaf and dumb you can be, Rhodie. Ok my pikinini?

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