Mugabe, Mbeki meeting raises eyebrows

Robert Mugabe impresses Thabo Mbeki with his sleight of hand

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
17 April 2014

A meeting between Robert Mugabe and former South African President Thabo Mbeki in Harare this week has raised eyebrows, with questions being asked about the purpose of his visit.

Mbeki reportedly met Mugabe on Wednesday in Harare. According to the state run Herald newspaper, the two leaders exchanged views on “various matters affecting the African continent.”

The former South African leader is known to be a long standing fan and friend of Mugabe’s, to the point that he crafted the flawed unity government arrangement that allowed Mugabe to stay in power after the 2008 elections.

That unity arrangement has been widely deemed a failure, with no meaningful reforms being achieved in Zimbabwe since.

Mbeki, who passed his mediation role on to his successor Jacob Zuma, meanwhile has been repeatedly criticised for taking too soft an approach to various political crises in Africa. Regardless of this, he has been called on by the African Union to mediate other conflicts, such as in South Sudan and the Ivory Coast.

Exiled Zimbabwean journalist Tanonoka Whande said on Thursday that it is insulting to Zimbabweans.

“It is unacceptable that Mbeki, the architect of the downfall in Zimbabwe, has now returned to the scene of the crime,” Whande told SW Radio Africa.

He said Mbeki’s failed role in mediating any meaningful solutions to African problems shows the failure of African policy.

“After he failed to do any successful mediation in Zimbabwe, the African Union appointed him to mediate elsewhere in Africa. What is it they look for in trying to solve problems? Is their mission to create problems for Africa?” Whande questioned.

He added: “It all has to do with rewarding failure. The good people in Africa are reviled, but the architects of the destruction of Africa are given standing ovations.”

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10 Responsesto “Mugabe, Mbeki meeting raises eyebrows”

  1. munjodzi mutandiri says:

    In my humble opinion Mbeki achieved far much more than Zuma. For the failure of tge GPA blame internal parties- they were authors of the GPA. The MDC was just outwitted by Zanu. The role of ordinary Zimbabweans and the media should also be questioned. Who will forget the Victories in Maputo headlines, the SADC gets tough on Mugabe in Livingston blah blah. I feel as Zimbabweans we shld learn to take responsibility and its consequences without rushing to blame others for all our problems. Thabo did what he was asjed to do-Deliver a deal and he did.

    • jongwe says:

      Munjodzi mutandir you have hit the nail on the head. We have a culture of blaming everyone but ourselves for our failures, be it drought, sanctions, colonialism, white farmers, smith, mugabe, tsvangson, blair, bush, gono, biti, nutty prof or mbeki, we always seem to blame someone or something. Time to take matters into our own hands, until that happens we should put up or shut up!

    • Tanonoka Joseph Whande says:

      Yes it is too much of a humble opinion. Matter of fact it is rubbish that you say. Zuma tried to grow maize in Mbeki’s excretion and nothing but stink came out. Were it not for Mbeki, Zuma would not have found himself in this mess, not to say Zuma has any brains. Yes, we tend to blame everyone else but ourselves because the unity government was forced on us and, wanting to feel important, Tsvangirai agreed to an arrangement that he knew was flawed. Did Tsvangirai know or not what Chinamasa did to the so-called agreement before he signed it? Didn’t Mbeki know? In my case, I blame everyone who had to do with this but I blame Mbeki more because he stood before the world speaking for SADC and we were castrated…still not yet uhuru. Because of Mbeki’s stupidity and divisive behavior, South Africans took the unprecedented step of recalling a president for the sake of their country. It would be excellent if you were to tell us one, not two or three, of Mbeki’s achievements.
      Tell us then. Just one.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        In my language we say, ‘mutumwa haana mbonje’. Mbeki’s task as a facilitator was to bring the warring parties to a negotiating table. He was not involved in the deliberations that brought about the so-called GPA. As a journalist, you should be aware of the individuals who were charged with the responsibility for a negotiated settlement. Thabo Mbeki, as the former president of South Africa, could not have been a party to a Zimbabwean negotiated settlement but our politicians that you are fully aware. You can only accuse Thabo Mbeki if you have really good reasons for bringing the warring political parties to a negotiating table with view to bring about a political settlement that was acceptable to both ZANU PF and the MDC formations. And you are fully aware that both parties crafted an agreement which they considered would foster peace and economic development for Zimbabwe. That the agreement turned out to be a fiasco and complete disaster for the MDC formations can not be heaped on Thabo Mbeki but to the negotiating team of Zimbabwe. Is that not so Tanonoka Whande? If you disagree, let me have your sound arguments.

  2. Tiger Shona says:

    I agree with Tanonoka Whande. The man is calling a spade a spade.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      If you did not achieve what you wished to accomplish, you should not accuse people who had nothing to do with your failure. The MDC formations negotiated for a negotiated settlement with their ZANU PF counterparts. Each party represented its vested interests and if one lost while the other had what it aimed to achieve, that can not be blamed to an outsider whose task was only to bring the warring political parties to negotiate for a settlement. Your party for own convenience fully participated and was outfoxed by ZANU PF and should not be the problem of their facilitator or mediator but squarely their own. Your friend, Tanonoka Whande works for this pirate radio station and has a job to do. He has never been factual, shown any sign of wisdom but the usual nonsense that are divorced from reality.

  3. informer says:

    Mbeki is as ldiotic as it comes, no wonder his own party sacked him.. He is just another useless, evil and shameless Matbili bumlicker!

  4. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Thabho mbeki’s role was that of a mediator. As a mediator, his task was to assist the warring parties achieve a negotiated settlement. It is, therefore, a falsehood to mark the suggestion that he crafted what is characterised by Alex Bell, as ‘crafting a unity government arrangement that allowed Mugabe to stay in power’. If anything, the legal document that was agreed upon by ZANU PF and MDC-T was the brainchild of the political parties of Zimbabwe. The former South African President played no role in the creation of any legal document and nowhere in our documents does his signature appears.
    The MDC formations were represented by a constitutional professor at our main university, Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti, also an accomplished lawyer and Patrick Chinamasa for ZANU PF also an accomplished lawyer in his own right. These are the guys who crafted the legal documents with the assistance of others who participated in the deliberations that brought about the so-called GPA. Any accusation anybody holds should be directed to our Zimbabwean lawyers and their assistants in crafting the legal documents and not Mbeki. A mediator is in layman’s terms, a facilitator. You should stop this nonsense for attacking the wrong man. Ok madofo anotaura madodi?

  5. Mkhusto says:

    Mugabe get away u dont own Zimbabwe. @90 really go ply nevazukuru. U played with our fathers’ future. U plyd with yo grandchildn’s future ( us now 34). We wont allow u to play wth yo great grndchildrn’s future (our children). Okungapheliyo kuyahlola. Wena kungathi uyasihlolela

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