Zim groups discuss grand coalition

Welshman Ncube and Morgan Tsvangirai have failed to see eye to eye since the split in 2005

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
17 April 2014

Players in the opposition political movement may be considering joining forces and forming a grand coalition, in a bid to unseat the ZANU PF regime.

Over the past few weeks officials from some opposition political parties have spoken about the need for such a coalition, following the disappointment with the last election result, which ZANU PF fraudulently won.

Some political observers acknowledge that ZANU PF stole the election but say the opposition also failed to coordinate and work together, choosing instead to split the vote, even in areas where fielding one opposition candidate would have worked in their favour.

On Friday the South African based Mail and Guardian newspaper said Zim opposition political figures were talking with a view to working together under a grand coalition.

So far the rumour is that this coalition will include political formations such as Welshman Ncube’s MDC, the MDC Renewal Team, Lovemore Madhuku’s NCA, civil society groups and churches.

According to the Mail & Guardian, MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been excluded from the coalition, possibly because of the current internal strife that has seen the expulsion of key party members who wanted him to step down.

Last month MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti, who is said to be part of the renewal team, suggested at a public meeting that opposition forces should form a coalition to fight ZANU PF.

Over the weekend the MDC’s Welshman Ncube reiterated the calls, with MDC-T official Samuel Sipepa Nkomo adding his support for this coalition at a meeting held in Bulawayo Wednesday.

Harare-based economist and keen political observer Vince Musewe confirmed to SW Radio Africa that talks were ongoing between civil society groups, churches and political parties.

He said it was important that civil society groups are involved if this coalition is to work.

Nixon Nyikadzino of rights group the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition welcomes the idea, but said the success of the coalition will largely depend on how inclusive it is and what its objectives are.

“If you remember the MDCs formed a coalition towards last year’s election which failed because they were coalitions of convenience which the parties did not take seriously.

“We need a democratic coalition that is non-sexist, non-violent, promotes tolerance, debate and treats people fairly and equally,” Nyikadzino said.

Useni Sibanda, religious leader and head of the Zim Institute for Social Transformation, said there must be a place in the coalition for the involvement of Zimbabweans currently based abroad.

Sibanda said church leaders in Zimbabwe had grown quiet. He said they should be  holding political leaders to account but have withdrawn from this role because of the repression and heavy-handedness of the ZANU PF regime.

11 Responsesto “Zim groups discuss grand coalition”

  1. Tiger Shona says:

    A welcome development.

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      “A welcome development.” I bet you said the same thing when MDC was first formed and again when Mugabe and Nkomo signed their unity accords! Some people never learn!

  2. Tanonoka Joseph Whande says:

    Mapenzi avanhu hamunyari! Ncube and Tsvangirai wasted our time, got our compatriots killed on their behalf and then betrayed our intentions. They enjoy taking us for fools. They talk unity before elections then go separate ways when elections approach. By the way, what is Ncube and Madhuku bringing to this so-called coalition? Follow them at your own risk.

  3. sezvazviri says:

    Morgan don’t let these idiots (sellouts) waste your precious time by
    distracting you from serious party building between now and 2018.
    This coalition nonsense between you and the all the idiots that sold out
    during gpa talks will never work. They will haggle untill its too late to prepare
    meaningfully for the elections. Get rid of all sellouts identified. That way
    the party will be truely strengthened. Unity with sellouts is like a marriage with a
    whore. A party president should sniff out the chaff from the grain.

  4. Wilbert Mukori says:

    If anyone thinks it was because the opposition was not united that they “lost” the 2013 elections, 2008 elections, etc. etc. then they clearly have not understood what has been going on here.

    The two MDC factions constituted the majority in parliament and the cabinet and yet they failed to get even one of the raft of democratic reform agreed in the GPA implemented. Not even one! And yet here we are being total that a “grand coalition” composed of the same incompetent and blundering politicians and their equally incompetent civic leaders who have cheered them along all these years is the answer.

    Instead of accepting that the current crop of leaders have failed we propose bringing them together to form a “grand coalition” as if that would address all their fundamental weakness. Even before independence, there were calls for Zanu and Zapu to be united. The two did that in 1987 but only made things worse and not better because Mugabe had the last piece he needed to built his one party dictatorship.

    Zimbabwe is in this political and economic mess because we are obsessed with quantity when it should be quality we should be insist on.

    Tinongokuvirira zvose mavhu namarara! Ngatirenge kunyangadza kuchema magwana todya sadza rizere mavhu namarara!

    People get the government they deserve and we should complain when we have a tyrant Mugabe or an incompetent idiot like Tsvangirai running our affairs – we elected them!

  5. mkhusto says:

    For 5yrs tsvangirai u had th oppotunity as the prm minster to mk a chng. U dd nothng bt chase women wth yo earned dollars. At yo old age all of u, u hv nthng to offr bt insults on one another wasting tm. We hv grwn to be 34 nevr underestmt us. U plyd with our futur, we wont allow u to play wth our chldrn.

  6. dumbu says:

    Leave dzimwe nhubu saana Welshman Ncube, Lovemore Madhuku pacoalition iyi. MDC(T) is the answer to unseat ZANU(PF).

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