ZANU PF terror activist Biggie Chitoro declared ‘hero’

A Zimbabwean heroes funeral

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
13 May 2014

Senior ZANU PF official and Mberengwa warlord Wilson Biggie Chitoro has died. The war vet died last week after an undisclosed illness.

His party declared Chitoro a liberation war hero, qualifying him for a State-assisted burial at the Midlands Provincial Heroes Acre in Gweru on Tuesday.

ZANU PF Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Jason Machaya told the NewsDay newspaper that Chitoro had been automatically declared a liberation war hero since he was a former freedom fighter.

Outside ZANU PF circles news of Chitoro’s death is set to be a cause for joy as many people will remember his heinous crimes against MDC supporters.

In 2000, Chitoro and a group of war vets mounted a reign of terror, notably invading and occupying Texas Ranch Farm where they set up their torture base.

Among Chitoro’s many victims was MDC activist Fainos Kufazvinei who was abducted and fatally tortured just before the June 2000 elections. Also abducted were Fainos’s brother James Zhou and another MDC supporter.

Although James survived the torture at the time, he was in and out of hospital as a result of the injuries suffered during the attack. He died in 2005.

Also in 2000, Chitoro and his gang assaulted Brighton Chinyoka with iron bars while another MDC supporter Simangaliso Sibanda was beaten up with a sjambok and iron bars.

In another case, MDC-T chairman for Mberengwa North Robson Gambiza was abducted by Chitoro and another war vet known locally as Chiwhereva, and taken to Texas Ranch where he was assaulted with logs before being shot at with catapults. He was then dumped at his house and left for dead.

Mberengwa South businessman Daniel Chinyerere was another victim after he was kidnapped from his home, taken to Mataga Growth Point where Chitoro’s gang assaulted him, broke his left arm, and forced him to eat faeces.

He would also set up roadblocks and harass motorists and passengers. In one incident, he ordered bus passengers who had of copies of the privately-owned Daily News newspaper to eat them.

Trynos Shava, another victim who was hit on the head with an axe by Chitoro and his group in 2000, expressed disgust that ZANU PF had bestowed hero status on the “murderer and rapist”.

“I would have thought heroic acts involve fighting for the freedom of people and defending them from unjustifiable attacks and shielding them from brutality.

“Chitoro used to rape, mutilate, and kill innocent people and honouring him like this confirms that ZANU PF is a very bad party,” said Shava.

He said people were celebrating and viewing Chitoro’s death as divine intervention, adding that they hope that with the ringleader dead, future elections will be less violent.

Shava said it was clear that Chitoro was carrying out his atrocities with the blessings of senior ZANU PF officials who shielded him from being jailed.

SW Radio Africa’s correspondent, Lionel Saungweme, said it was known that the Gumbo brothers Joram and Rugare (both ZANU PF) who have been the main beneficiaries of Chitoro’s terror campaign, shielded him.

“The act of declaring Chitoro a hero is in fact a celebration of violence by the ruling party whose leader has boasted of having degrees in violence.

“It’s also disregard for the sanctity of life and another slap in the face for his many victims both alive and dead. But Zimbabweans are now accustomed to such actions by ZANU PF as Mugabe has in like manner pardoned and promoted members of his party who committed the Gukurahundi massacres,” Saungweme said.

Chitoro was an officer in Mugabe’s 5th Brigade which carried out the massacres in the Midlands and Matebeleland regions in the 1980s. At least 20,000 people including women and children were killed.

Saungweme said many people had suffered but remained resolute in their support for the MDC. He said it was unfortunate that while some people had been killed during the fight for democracy, senior MDC officials continue to bicker and to split the party.

4 Responsesto “ZANU PF terror activist Biggie Chitoro declared ‘hero’”

  1. Tiger Shona says:

    For Zanu PF he will be a hero, because he is a serious criminal just like them.
    He help prevent an MDC take over, and so saved his bosses from criminal prosecution.


      how can you speak like this way on someone who sanctify all his life until his ultimate time.You must be respectful for his glorious memory and for his sacrifrice toward the liberation struggle that has brought about the independance of zimbabwe and restore its dignity and honour.

      • Speak sense man says:

        Zimbabwe does not have dignity and honour, ZANU-PF took that away.

        This evil walord sacrificed nothing but his soul to the devil. We have ZERO respect for him and his type, get that

      • ChamaKanda says:

        Sorry. The true heros were fighting Rhodesia and that is where you draw the line. After 1980 anyone who killed innocent people whether he was a guerilla or not is simply a criminal and Chitoro is was a criminal There are far more derseving heros who have not been declared as such for the the very reason that Chitoro is being declared one. Put simply the real enemy to democracy does not exist outside. It is within people like Chitoro who are half backed war veterans. The real war veterans are seriously outnumbered or have departed through either natural death or have been brutally eliminated. This is the truth that we need to face
        The Chimurenga was full of violence, rape, pillage destruction etc. Anyone who attended pungwes will tell you if someone just reports you as a witch or mutengesi to MaComrades, then that was your fate sealed. Some of these guys who masquerade as war vets can actually qualify as mass murderers and they now use the same tactics, come election time
        This violence can be VERY COVERT so that the outside world does not see it. If you live in the village and there is a drought what can you do if you face threats like we will take your wife and kids and you will never see them again
        This is the exact tactics that this guy was using against his own people.Needless to say this was replicated in all areas where ZANU was loosing support just as before 1980
        I understand there are some who are not privy to ZANU tactics but just remember one ZANU slogan. ZANU NdeyeROPA
        Chilling as it is. This is the one that sums it all. For you Zimbabweans who think otherwise just look back and look into yourselfs and see what is obvious and you dont want to face
        Its not good but its real. We need to exorcise this evi

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