Civil servants pay deferred again

Zim civil servants

Zimbabwe civil servants during a salary protest

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
14 May 2014

The economic crisis in Zimbabwe has seen salaries for the country’s civil service being deferred again this month.

Civil service commission secretary Pretty Sunguro confirmed the latest delay in a statement Tuesday, but did not give any reasons.

“The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has changed the May 2014 pay dates,” she said.

Staff in the education sector would have to wait an extra day for the wages, and will get paid on Friday instead of Thursday.

The rest of the civil service, who were set to be paid next Thursday, will now only receive their wages on May 29th.

Pensioners are also affected by the deferment, and they will only get their money on May 30th, instead of the 28th.

This is the second month in a row that the cash-strapped government has had to defer civil servants wages. It’s estimated that the wage bill sits at over $150 million every month.

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One Responseto “Civil servants pay deferred again”

  1. Wilbert Mukori says:

    This is crisis management and that is certainly not how to run national affairs. The regime is borrowing money for immediate expenditure with no hope of the borrowed money creating an wealth now or in the future. So they have no chance of paying the principal amount much less the interest payable.

    The regime has dug itself in a hole.

    “When you are in a hole already, stopping digging,” people have warned Mugabe but he is not one to listen.

    Matters are coming to a head; people have stopped giving the regime money for anything be it aid or a mythical project that never takes off. Even if the regime does manage to raise enough money to pay civil servants this month everyone knows the struggle next month will be worse . Sooner or later the regime will fail to raise the money then the very thing – regime change – it has fought to avoid all these 34 years will happen.

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