Verbal war escalates between Mwonzora and Mafume

Douglas Mwonzora and Jacob Mafume

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
14 May 2014

If the hostility evident between Douglas Mwonzora and Jacob Mafume was transferred to a boxing ring, one of them would not be the same at the end of the fight.

The two lawyers and spokespersons for the MDC-T factions have been trading verbal blows since the split in the opposition. But on Tuesday the ‘war’ between the two got up-close and personal when Mafume labelled Mwonzora a ‘praise singer’.

‘You have people in the MDC-T who love rallies. You have a lawyer like Mwonzora who produces an album just to sing praises to another man,’ said Mafume. He was referring to a CD that Mwonzora recently produced and claimed he was praise singing Morgan Tsvangirai.

Not to be outdone, Mwonzora hit back vowing to teach the ‘loud-mouthed’ Mafume respect.

‘It’s something that you get from non-achievers. They think that to get limelight you have to denigrate and attack other people,’ fumed Mwonzora.

‘Yes I did produce an album but I’m singing about the revolution the MDC-T is engaged in. I will continue to produce, being a lawyer doesn’t mean you don’t have other talents.

‘For example I was an athlete during my youth, I went around the national sports stadium in 63 seconds and I’m quite proud of that, so Jacob should know that being a lawyer doesn’t mean you can’t do other things.

At one point Mwonzora described the ‘renewal team’ members as recipients of poor legal advice from ‘amateur lawyers’ like Mafume.

The youthful Mafume responded to Mwonzora’s attacks by saying: ‘That is Mwonzora’s figment of hyper imagination.’

2 Responsesto “Verbal war escalates between Mwonzora and Mafume”

  1. Wilbert Mukori says:

    Tichaona, I have to agree with you if Mwonzora and Mafume were trading physical punches and not verbal ones the two would have disfigured each other so much so that they would be distinguish from the colours of the soiled pants they are wearing!

    The tragedy is that Zimbabwe is now looking over the edge of the arroyo Mugabe has dragged the nation to and these MDC buffoons are busy fighting over nothing when they should be stopping Mugabe taking the nation over the edge.

    Indeed the nation would not ever be in this dangerous situation if MDC had implemented the democratic reforms and thus stopped Mugabe getting back into State House. It was because MDC’s breath-taking incompetence that not even one reforms was implemented after five years in the NGU. And as if that was not bad enough, now these MDC buffoons are fiddling whilst Rome burns!

    Anyone who still thinks any of these MDC idiots are competent to lead the nation after all these blunderings must be mentally challenged!!

  2. Zimbabwe says:

    It makes for good comedy. I have long doubted Mwonzora’s abilities, having watched him vying for SRC positions at UZ, then with ZUM and now recklessly attempting to wrestle power at the MDC-T. No serious person would listen to a supposed “spokesperson” of a national party talking about “running around the National Sports Stadium in 63 seconds” as one of his “proud” accomplishments. Seriously. And if Tsvangirai expects this gentleman to contest with other party spokespersons such as Mufume, Jonathan Moyo, Charamba and Nhlanhla Dube….all of these men very articulate and focused, then good luck to the Tsvangirai team. I would have hoped that Mwonzora would have stuck to a higher ground and focused on the importance of an electoral process to remove leaders. Since he chose the low road, he might as well answer the following “under the belt” punches from Mufume:

    “Who is the principal who got more wives than others,”

    “Who was the principal who got $1,5 million (to build a mansion) when everybody else had boycotted government?

    “You have people who built houses bigger than schools and hospitals,”

    “You have one person wanting to live in a house with 30 rooms”

    You now have a person with a house with more toilets than the constituency that I campaigned in.

    You have a toilet in the first floor, a toilet in the bath room, a toilet in the bedroom and a toilet at the gate.”

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