Zim farming community ‘shell shocked’ after violent Guruve murder

Charles Taffs of the CFU says that there has been a rise in lawlessness since the land grabs began

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
16 May 2014

The death of a young Zimbabwean woman, who was brutally beaten in an attack on her and her father near their Guruve farm, has left the farming community “shell shocked.”

Catherine Francis was out walking with her father Malcolm on Saturday when they were attacked by an as of yet unidentified group of suspects.

Full details of the incident are not yet clear, but it is understood the pair was found beaten and unconscious by a family member, after the attack took place.

Malcolm remains in a critical condition in hospital and is still being treated for serious injuries.

But Catherine passed away on Wednesday as a result of the brutal beating.

Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) President Charles Taffs told SW Radio Africa that he was outraged that these violent attacks are still continuing against the farming community.

“This is one of many murders that have taken place on farmers and farm workers, and it’s just continuing,” Taffs said.

The ZANU PF land grab campaign, launched over a decade ago by the Robert Mugabe regime, has seen the farming community, including tens of thousands of farm workers, face serious violence and deaths. To date, the perpetrators of the violence have never been brought to book.

“What we are seeing is a breakdown of the rule of law and people are doing what they please. The law has been selectively applied for 14 years and people are taking advantage of it, and the result is lawlessness,” Taffs explained.

He added: “From the community’s point of view, it’s like we aren’t even part of society, the white farming constituency. We are Zimbabweans and have every right to be here. What is happening is against every human rights charter this country has signed up to.”

“It is disgusting what has happened and I condemn it in the strongest terms,” Taffs said.

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25 Responsesto “Zim farming community ‘shell shocked’ after violent Guruve murder”

  1. Jules1979 says:

    You might as well subsitute the word “Germany, 1938″ for “Zimbabwe, 2014″, Why this is not on the news worldwide is a mystery.

  2. The Olive says:

    I read racist an wild rabid remarks from various Zimbabweans living in sa an overseas…hate speeches against white Zimbabweans and generally anyone white, this is the result of these kind of remarks…what do any of you know of Zimbabwe now_? It is a shell of what it was….. Nothing to do with racism…Zimbabwe was a country we were all proud of. A bread basket.
    Its now a husk of top officials feeding off the people. Rest in peace dear Catherine and best wishes her father….. Please please stop all this vile hate speech..zimbos where ever you are…. We used to all work together. I hope these terrible vermin will be found and put away for a very long time!!

  3. Eyespy says:

    This is outrageous. Why can’t we all live in peace in harmony? What has Zimbabwe become. We are all zimbos regardless of colour. Will be praying for that family. Zvakaoma.

  4. Pragmatist says:

    Any racist remarks from either white or black, rich or poor is just wrong. I hope that we will learn to live in harmony and move forward. Yes our history is unpleasant we have wronged and killed each other based on the color of skin, but now its high time to flip that page and start thinking about our future. Holding on to racist or any kind of bigotry won’t solve our economy or bring food on the table.

    • ex haler says:

      Killing was never done based on skin tone. Blacks killing blacks is ongoing practice since the beginning of history. Look what’s going on in DRC and Nigeria and not so long ago in Burundi. So much is blamed on white colonialism and white on black racism. Load of crap get real . Africa is a violent continent always has been. Even the slave trade was fuelled by blacks selling their own kith and kin into slavery. Why whites have this self indulgent guilt thing about africa is beyond me. Get on with life and with your fellow man be it black or white. Get rid of the scum be it black or white. Bring back the death penalty and clear our society of murderers theives and rapists and.paedophiles and only then maybe can our country move forward in peace and harmony. Ditch the racist guilt trip that is so last millenium. Let all fellow africans unite and build our future on the continent to the potential that it could achieve .

  5. Sarah says:

    This photo is about 14 yrs old so I do not trust the accuracy of this story???? Be current please!

    • ZimbabweanBorn says:

      I don’t think you’d want to see a current photo! Just because it’s an old photo doesn’t make the facts any less accurate. If you doubt, then investigate for yourself and find out the truth! We are praying for Mr Francis and for the rest of the family.

      • SRhodBorn says:

        Sarah you have left me gobsmacked. There is nothing that indicates that the pic is in any way related to the incident reported on – it is a generic pic depicting the situation in Zim albeit 14 years old. What, did you expect a pic of Mr Francis and his daughter lying in the road beaten ? Catch a wake up.

    • Helen says:

      Sarah, my cousin’s husband has flown from Australia to be with his mother as his father undergoes surgery and to bury his sister. It is real. Our hearts go out from thousands of miles away to them. Open your heart to them too.

      • Tich says:

        Thanks Sarah, for pointing out the white elephant in the story. The picture accompanying the story is meant to evoke emotions many of which perpetuate falsehoods. Yes,many of us black and white, condemn violence against all of our people. It is these kind of pictures, (14 year old, rehashed and without relevance ) that are peddled with stories meant to sell a non existent besieged frontier white community. I for one am sick of this kind of yellow journalism. As for the real victims in this story, may the light of god shine upon you.

        • Moira says:

          May God give comfort to the Francis family at this very sad time. The evildoers will pay dearly one day for the what they have done.

      • Constance says:

        Only just found out about my cousins passing so shocked Malcolm was a wonderful husband and father and Annette know you are in my prayers no-one will ever know what you and your beloved son are going through. God bless

  6. Henk says:

    Just came back from Zimbabwe and the lawlesness has kicked in everywhere. Not only on and arround the farms. Also in regular non farm related businesses. Also the small guy bribery by the police at road blocks is a disgrace. Beginning this year an importart part of Hangwe was claimed and so the Presidential Elephants are in danger and even the president doesn’t give a hoot… I have great respect for all the Zimbos out there who keep on trying to make this nation in trouble work as it should be. However the balance between this group and the greedy ignorent and lawless people has got to big I am afraid…

  7. Stuart says:

    This incident is sad and leaves me with a heavy heart. It is unfortunately a sign of the times as the recent Nigerian massacres and kidnaps, murders in Syria, Egypt, Pakistan ect. all point to this. CAR is in bad shape, Mali and Sudan are gripped in violence and even in South Africa we see mindless savagery taking place. I don’t think there is a place in the world that is not being touched by evil. It has nothing to do with colour. Evil merely uses any reason to perpetuate itself. It is however, simply just what it is…..EVIL. Blessings to the family and friends of this father and daughter who were mindlessly attacked..

  8. mikegale says:

    This break down of law and order is impacting many Zimbabweans, irrespective of their background. The solution is a move to a safer society. Mining revenues, 2000 self appointed demi-gods and all those who rig elections need to have their power properly balanced.

    The world media is a joke on this issue, though some of them tried several years ago.

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