Guruve farmer dies after ‘brutal’ attack

Charles Taffs, the President of the Commercial Farmers Union said, “We strongly urge the Government authorities to deal with this cowardly and barbaric attack…”

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
21 May 2014

A Guruve farmer, who was brutally beaten in an attack on him and his daughter near their property earlier this month, has died this week.

Malcolm Francis and his daughter Catherine were attacked by unidentified suspects on May 10th. The pair was found beaten and unconscious by a family member who rushed them to hospital.

Catherine passed away last week Wednesday as a result of the serious injuries she suffered.

Malcolm passed away on Monday night.

The Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) has expressed its shock and anger over the incident and called for the perpetrators of the attack to be brought to book.

The group will be holding a press conference in Harare on Friday to discuss the situation facing the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe, in light of the deaths.

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3 Responsesto “Guruve farmer dies after ‘brutal’ attack”

  1. Jukwa says:

    Individuals get murdered all the time.
    This IS NOT newsworthy, and certainly not more newsworthy than any other alleged murder, whether done by family member or by outsiders!

  2. Guest says:

    So why then does the murder of another woman in South Africa by a man who claims to be crippled, yet wants to compete in both the Paralympics, as well as the “normal” Olympics, get so much press coverage?

    Jukwa….. this is actually more newsworthy than what I mentioned above… as it is part of the continuing, “un-pressworthy” genocide of one race of people by another, on a continent in the middle of the planet, which the world seems to have forgotten about.

    If one particular race of person commits a crime against another particular race of person in the USA….. the world screams.

    However, if a father and daughter of particular race are brutally attacked, beaten, bound, and left for dead under a tree by a crowd of people from another race, in a forgotten country…..

    You deem this as un-newsworthy?

    You seem to have a fair command of the English language, and you obviously want to spread your opinion across the web…. so…

    How can you logically explain your comment to the rest of the planet, without using any racist comments, and still try to appear as someone who actually deserves to be using this planets oxygen?

    • Guest says:

      And I sincerely hope that you take up my offer on this debate… because, by your chosen “Internet” name…. you are obviously trying to emulate the now-world-famous Baba Jukwa…..

      You, in no way, manner, nor form seem to function the same way as the person now being watched… world-wide….

      So please… begin your defense of your statement….

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