Teachers to lose 3 months’ wages in new ZANU PF plans

Zimbabwe teachers protesting

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
22 May 2014

Under new ZANU PF plans teachers will not receive any wages for the school holiday months when they are not teaching.

Traditionally schools in Zimbabwe close in April, August and December to give learners a break. If the government goes ahead with its plan, teachers will lose around $1,500 per year.

The proposals are part of several others which include installing cameras in classrooms as well as forcing schools to conduct sporting activities at weekends.

Any teacher without Maths, Science or English at ‘O’ Level will lose their job unless they write and pass these subjects within a set time frame.

Education Minister Lazarus Dokora is spearheading these proposals as part of a review that he says is aimed at improving standards in the sector.

Since taking over last year Dokora has banned teachers from complementing their low wages by offering holiday lessons. He has also stopped the payment of incentives, which was a way of persuading teachers to remain in the profession.

Teachers say the minister is out to destroy education, once the country’s pride and joy, and have demanded a meeting with President Robert.

Alarmed teachers say they will be meeting soon to discuss the planned changes.

Raymond Majongwe, secretary-general of the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe, told this station that the proposals were “overzealous” and “madness”.

Majongwe said the 14,000 teachers who are part of his union will not “sit back” while the minister goes ahead with his changes.

“It is clear that this government does not respect teachers. Teachers are constantly getting a raw deal just because ZANU PF suspects we do not support it.

“We are just waiting for Mugabe to return from Singapore and if our concerns are not addressed to our satisfaction, we will go on strike,” Majongwe said.

The ZANU PF government has been struggling to pay the country’s 230,000 civil servants since it assumed total control through the widely discredited 2013 polls.

Teachers get an average salary of $500 a month.  An average family in the country requires $560 every month for basic commodities.

According to Jesina Muvekwa, a US-based Zimbabwean student and a campaigner for children’s rights to education, the government should commit more resources to education if the standards are to improve.

She also called on the government to respect teachers and acknowledge the important work they do by treating them with respect.

Speaking on the Big Picture Programme, Muvekwa said: “The government should work with teachers as partners and not as just public servants because these are the people who drive the education sector.

“This also includes improving the quality of training that the teachers get to ensure that it reflects the needs of the country as well as global trends,” she said.

Another education advocate, Isaac Jonas, said improving the security of learners and their teachers should be part of Education Minister Dokora’s proposed changes.

At the moment many children are missing out on even basic education, which by right they should have access to, because the government is failing to provide the resources.

3 Responsesto “Teachers to lose 3 months’ wages in new ZANU PF plans”

  1. wilbert says:

    This is madness indeed; here is a regime that is proposing to cut teachers’ wages because it has no money but it has money to splash on CCTV! The wage cut will constitute a pay drop and what does the regime want to see in the CCTV.

  2. sakoz says:

    There is no truth in this report just a political game

  3. If i were a teacher the first thing on my mind would be remove Raymond Majongwe because this is the very man who celebrated the win of the government and seems to always settle for false promises of the ministry concerned , instead of advising the tswana trade unionist how to get their demands dealt with he should have being continuing apply pressure to the ministry of education .

    Teachers need to think !! the very ministry and government that has denied your rights and pay as well is receiving their PAY CONSTANTLY on time every month and not only that they are being payed for public and national holidays , not forgetting what ever extra perks they are getting WHY?? should you recieve different treatment from this ministry If this government can spend 11 million on cars for ministers and such they can definately afford to pay you what is rightfully yours, WHY does this government expect you to be patriots and suffer for your trade and nation when they are constantly being payed on time and purchasing vehicles!! WHAT is this policy of the HAVES!! AND THE HAVE NOTS!! .I cannot see the ministry management and chefs of the ministry of education or the government not getting paid for their work why should you!!

    ALTERNAVES teachers if you are not being shown appreciation by the ministry and government i suggest look towards BOTSWANA ,

    THE Botswana government has embarked on a recruitment of experienced Zimbabwe science teachers by dangling a monthly salary almost triple what they currently earn here.
    Zimbabwean teachers are among the lowest paid civil servants in the country earning around $375 per month, but Botswana is luring them with an entry level pay ranging from P80 112 (about $9 228) to P95 748 (about $11 030) per annum.

    This translates to between $769 and $919 per month excluding allowances. THEY will certainly show appreciation of your trades . sadly this apply to teachers of certain subjects successful applicants would be offered lucrative 24 to 36-month contracts with the possibility of renewal.
    Salaries are pegged according to experience.
    Teachers with a minimum of two years teaching experience would be offered P99 336 (about $11 443) and P118 752 (about $13 680) while those with four years’ experience would earn between P123 168 ($14 189) and P147 180 ($16 955) per annum.

    Successful candidates would also be offered benefits of 25% basic salary gratuity on termination of first contract, 20% of basic salary contract addition, 40% scarce skills allowance for chemistry and 25% for physics teachers.

    .Please note we love the fact that you are trying to educate our nation and children but if the government cannot show appreciation you and chosen academics then as you know you cannot eat propaganda , all the time , The government eats $$$ U.S. DOLLARS why should you not eat too!!

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