Chihuri collapses during recruits’ graduation

Augustine Chihuri failed to maintain a vertical position vis-à-vis the ground

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
29 May 2014

Zimbabwe’s Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri reportedly collapsed during a parade of new recruits at Morris Depot in Harare on Thursday.

Chihuri, who according to media reports was standing next to Robert Mugabe at the time, passed out as he and the ZANU PF leader were about to inspect the graduating officers.

He was taken away on a stretcher. reported that deputy commissioner Godwin Matanga then took Chihuri’s place next to Mugabe.

“There was complete silence among the hundreds of recruits and their relatives with most unsure whether to continue using their cameras and smartphones to take pictures as the police boss was taken away,” reported.

Chihuri then reappeared about 30 minutes later and carried on as if nothing happened.

No other details were released about the incident.

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10 Responsesto “Chihuri collapses during recruits’ graduation”

  1. super mondo says:

    its like the tricks they play in spiritualist churches,,,some one collapses and rises from the dead. This incident has given Mugabe the shivers because he knows if he collapses the thousands of undead will get him.

    • Fat Mo's Barnyard Boys says:

      You are mean. This scenerio must haunt Dzasukwa day and night. A young family that might be terrorised after he is gone and a young wife who will be ravished by those waiting in the wings. But then the dictator brought it upon himself. As they say, those in power will do anything in their power to stay in power.

  2. wilbert says:

    Police Commission Augustine Chihuri collapse during the pass out parade of new Police recruits 651 of them!

    Are all these new recruits really necessary given the nation has one of the most bloated civil service in the world. The regime is already spending 96% of the revenue collected in wages and still it continues to recruit; particularly
    in the army, CIO and Police!

    The Chinese have already started building a $200 million Spy University in

    The economy is in serious melt-down and Mugabe continues with his project
    of beefing up the state repression machinery and turn the country into the
    North Korea Police state of Africa. This is one abomination he
    should not be allowed to accomplish!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Which planet do you live, you fcking idiot? You have never been to Zimbabwe for donkey years and yet your comments are so misleading. Things are happening in Zimbabwe, you crazy boy.

      • wilbert says:

        Chimbwido Warvet! I thought you had vowed never to comment again now that it is clear that Mugabe has failed to rig the economic recovery and the regime will have no choice but to accept it has failed.

        I do not need to be in Zimbabwe to KNOW Mugabe has failed to raise a single dollar for his ZimAsset project and to KNOW that the Zimbabwe economy is in a dangerous nose dive. The regime’s time in power is numbered in months not years; Mugabe and his Zanu PF regime are not going to last till the 2018 elections. Take that as read!

        As for you, enjoy every posting and cursing because they could well be your last! You will be going into hiding soon but I will find you. I made you a promise for you to face justice and the hangman – I have not forgotten and, unlike Mugabe who promised the nation freedom but never delivered, do keep my promises and will deliver the hangman’s rope!

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          I have been to Zimbabwe on holiday and just came back a few days ago. You do not measure the economic development by the funds secured by Mugabe to finance ZimAsset. That is economics of the bush.
          You need to be in Zimbabwe right now to see the economic development going on in the country. There is so much change for the better, my pikinini.

          • wilbert says:

            Sure thing there is no running water, even big institutions like Parerenyatwa Hospital are having serious water shortages and Chikurumbi Prison has had no running water for ten years. There was a nationwide power blackout last week, even you cannot deny that.

            So you only go to Zim “on holiday” now! Interesting, you have given up on settling there on your plot given to your by Zanu PF. I understand, the country is in such a mess you have given up on that dream.

            Go ahead and settle down here in UK. Next time you “visit” Zimbabwe you will be staying in Chikurumbi Prison; since there have been “so much change for the better” it will be more comfortable there than Hotel California!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            It is a known fact that water reticulation in all major cities of the country fall under the responsibility of the MDC run councils who have failed dismally in the restoration of water supplies. Until such time, the councils are run by ZANU PF again, water supplies in all major towns will remain unabated and a pipe dream.

            Town councils have always generated their own funds to finance their operations. The MDC led councils have been unable to do this. Until such time, urban dwellers see sense and vote for the right political party to run their water reticulation, they will remain at risk of drinking contaminated water due to the MDC led councils’ incompetences.

            I am not aware of the nationwide blackout that you allege. If the blackout was ‘nationwide’ as you allege, I should have been affected by it. If anything, I had the most wonderful experience ever. Go home and see for yourself and not to rely on hearsay, my pikinini boy.

          • wilbert says:

            Nonsense, Zanu PF has more local councillors than MDC. Zanu PF has complete control of parastals like ZESA, PSMAS and all government institutions and they are all in deep trouble.

            Mugabe cannot rig the economic recovery the same way he rigged the elections and that is the truth!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            As usual, you clearly lack an understanding of how councils and parastatals operate in Zimbabwe. Quite frankly there is a fine difference between parastatals and town councils.
            ZANU PF does not have a single councilor running town councils but the MDC-T. It is well known that town councils are run by the MDC-T councilors. This a well known fact that the MDC-T has always won council elections in all urban areas while ZANU PF has always won elections in rural areas. It is, therefore, a falsehood that ZANU PF has councilors running town councils. Get your facts right my pikinini.

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