EU pledges millions to ZANU PF as part of re-engagement

Robert Mugabe talking to the EU representative Aldo Dell’Ariccia

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
29 May 2014

The ongoing re-engagement efforts of the European Union (EU) have further intensified, with a multimillion dollar rescue packaged being pledged by Brussels for the ZANU PF government.

Almost $320 million is up for grabs from the EU, which indicated that the money will be made available as soon it lifts the restrictive measures it still has in place against Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace. They are the only two that remain targeted after the EU removed the bulk of the restrictions earlier this year.

Addressing a European Development Fund Programming workshop this week, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa said ZANU PF had faith that the measures would be removed. Chinamasa said the Treasury has already formulating an ‘Aid Co-ordination Architecture’ in light of the commitment by the EU.

“We have faith that the lapse of sanctions would, as promised by the European Union, pave way for normalisation of economic relations between Zimbabwe and the European Union,” said Chinamasa.

Head of the EU Delegation to Zimbabwe Ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia said the bloc is committed to normalisation of relations, saying the workshop, which brought together MPs and civil society, was “evidence of the re-engagement in action.”

“The EU remains committed to re-engaging with Zimbabwe and we have the evidence of the re-engagement in action. (The) consultations with civil society organisations and Members of Parliament represent a key step in the process of finalising the National Indicative Programme that will help to improve the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans,” said Dell’Ariccia.

The EU has been steadily re-engaging with ZANU PF despite the flawed and highly disputed elections last July, and despite a failure by the regime to implement any reforms previously stipulated by the Brussels based bloc. Originally, the EU wanted to see key changes in Zimbabwe, including democratic, free and fair elections before removing any targeted sanctions.

But despite these changes not taking place, Europe has moved to secure its economic interests in Zimbabwe through the removal of the targeted measures. The Belgium based Antwerp World Diamond Council even admitted that it lobbied on ZANU PF’s behalf for the removal of the measures, in order to secure Zim diamond sales from its auction floors.

The re-engagement has also been justified by academics as the ‘the only possible way forward’, and according to London’s Chatham House think tank, a pragmatic diplomacy is required to ‘normalise’ relations with Mugabe.

Economist and social commentator Vince Musewe however said this re-engagement only helps “entrench Mugabe’s dictatorship,” at the expense of the rights of Zimbabwe. He said the justification given by Chatham House was “ridiculous.”

“I do not understand the motive of the EU, because what has changed since the sanctions were imposed? Nothing, in fact things have gotten worse,” Musewe told SW Radio Africa.

He added: “I am dumbfounded by this. And it is clearly not about what is best for Zimbabwe.”

Musewe also wrote in an opinion piece this week that while Zimbabwe does need economic rescue and revival, it should not come at the cost of “rescuing a dictator.”

“The first thing we need to do is to revive industry and create jobs and thereby reduce the suffering in the shortest period of time. This could be done through the establishment of a Zimbabwe re-industrialisation fund that is not administered by this government, but as a private equity fund that invests in those companies that can be revived quickly. This will reduce the pain,” Musewe suggested

He added: “Second, I think that we must establish an Agriculture Revival Fund. Farmers should be compensated and all those who occupy land should get title so that they can be productive. This would trigger the revival of other sectors and create massive employment. Third, indigenisation laws must be suspended for the purposes of immediate economic recovery, thus attracting more foreign investment in other sectors.”

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6 Responsesto “EU pledges millions to ZANU PF as part of re-engagement”

  1. wilbert says:

    The EU’s promise to grant Zimbabwe a US$ 318 million loan when the Mugabe regime has failed to address the country’s underlying cause of the economic melt-down does not make any sense.

    The EU has forced its follow members Greece and Spain, for example, to implement some tough reforms and yet the same group is telling Mugabe that he does not have to do anything about the mismanagement, corruption and the looting which are the root causes of the economic melt-down and driving would-be investors away. Countries like the US have stood firm on forcing Mugabe to change and the EU is undermining what these countries have achieved.

    Zimbabwe is subject to the same laws of thermodynamics and governed by the same economic forces as any other country on earth. Why is the EU stringing Mugabe along as if he is special and above all the laws governing all other mortals?

    The proposed loan is small change to the EU but that is no good reason why the EU should be funding our down fall and despair. The people of Zimbabwe and others are really finding the EU’s position on Zimbabwe frustrating and intolerable.

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Which people are finding the EU’s position on Zimbabwe frustrating and intolerable? These are your fcking views which should not be attributed to all Zimbabweans.
      The EU represents the economic and political interests of the European people and does not care about the views of a simpleton working for a pirate radio station in London.

      • wilbert says:

        No the EU does not care about the views, political and economic interest of millions of ordinary Zimbabwe who the Mugabe regime has cheated and rob of their basic human rights and dignity! You and Mugabe do not care about the ordinary Zimbabwean either, so I would not expect you to understand anything!

        • Chimbwido Warvet says:

          As usual, you have always held out for pies in the sky. You are fighting a wild goose chase, my pikinini. You will get nothing by displaying this level of stupidity. The guys running the European Union you hope to convince by this shallow narrative are highly skilled, learned and educated than you. They know what they want in normalising their economic and political relations with Zimbabwe. You have no brains to mislead them.

          The European Union has nothing to do with the conduct of Zimbabwe’s elections as it was not allowed to play any role in our elections. It has its views based on the advice given to it by its numerous diplomatic missions in Zimbabwe. It will, therefore, not base its views on Zimbabwe by what is written by a simpleton working for a pirate radio station in London. You are a miserable rat, Wilbert.

          • wilbert says:

            @ Chimbwido

            “The guys running the European Union you hope to convince by this shallow narrative are highly skilled, learned and educated than you.” Yesterday you were calling the EU colonial imperialist for imposing “illegal” sanctions against Mugabe and his inner circle; today you are saying something else.

            By the way, I do understand why some EU countries have given up hope of any meaningful change in Zimbabwe after decades of self-denial on their part only for MDC to fail to deliver even one meaningful change. My argument with the EU is that the whole nation should not be punished because of Tsvangirai and Biti’s breath-taking incompetence.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Oh my God, this boy does not know whether is talking about. He still thinks, the European Union represents the interests of Zimbabweans. What a mother fcker who talks like insane children and adolescents.

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