European Union specialises in betrayal of Africa’s souls by Tanonoka Joseph Whande

Tanonoka Joseph Whande

Tanonoka Joseph Whande
Monday 02 June 2014

No culture I know of accepts bullying.

Bullies are loathed the world over.

Bullying is “the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively impose domination over others”.

Bullying is often ‘repeated and habitual’, just like the European Union is, once again, doing in Africa.

Further, ‘one essential prerequisite of bullying’ is “the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power”.

As we were judged by European standards, there was immediately created an imbalance of both social and physical power.

Now, there is a new scramble for Africa, only this time the Europeans are not coming as individual nations but as a united entity whose stupid view of the world can only appeal to former colonial masters, like themselves, who are suffering from a bad case of nostalgia.

Wars and upheavals are ignited when the cries of the oppressed are not heard or listened to.

Europe listens to the jingle of money, not to the cries of distress.

Mugabe, who once delivered to them, could no longer do as such. There was growing opposition to their cash cow, Mugabe.

They backed Morgan Tsvangirai, the then new kid on the block.

Then, vengeance came.

The abuse of the people, the raping of the economy and the treatment of Tsvangirai and his party caused the European Union to impose targeted sanctions against Mugabe and his inner circle.

The people’s will was always undermined at the polls; public funds were being looted; people were being killed; properties, particularly farms and companies, were being grabbed; opposition supporters were being terrorised and killed; elections were being rigged and ZANU-PF seniors were always in Europe and America spending funds that belonged, not to them, but to the nation.

The embarrassment caused the imposition of sanctions.

That was in 2002 and, in 2003, the US president issued an executive order imposing the same targeted sanctions.

Those sanctions were imposed “as a result of actions and policies by certain members of the government of Zimbabwe and its supporters to undermine democratic institutions and processes in Zimbabwe”.

As victims, we cheered thinking that the guilt of the Europeans over their abuse of Africa was overwhelming their conscience and they, truly, wanted to help.

Fast forward to 2014.

Now, as then, Zimbabweans still face unexplained killings and disappearances; the land grabbing continues with Mugabe himself and his family grabbing land as recently as last week; the abuse of public funds has reached an all-time high at parastatals, councils and government; the abuse of people continues at Chiadzwa, Chingwizi and nationwide; our government has no use for its own constitution and farmers continue to be killed.

I wonder why Mugabe does not just steal the farm and chase the owners off instead of killing them.

Most distressing is the fact that it is not even his land.

But, today, faced with a scenario worse than 2002, the European Union, with an eye on profits, diamonds and access to Zimbabwe’s natural resources and business deals, has all but removed the targeted sanctions.

The Europeans imposed sanctions on perpetrators of injustice in our country, hoping to get more from the opposition were it to get into power, as signs at the time indicated they might do.

The Europeans have always been meaner than junkyard dogs and to add salt to the injury, they are standing by to empower a brutal and repressive government with a whopping $320 million as part of a “rescue package”.

The heart of the matter is that, with this money, the European Union is not rescuing our people but condemning Zimbabweans to further misery. The money will strengthen our oppressor and will not get to the intended destination.

The money will be shared among the same thieves and what is left of it will be used to harm, contain and abuse our people just the same way people are being abused at Chiadzwa Diamond Fields, which is the EU’s target.

The EU is strengthening our oppressor and wants us to thank them for that.

Middle finger!

The EU is as diabolical now as it was diabolical then.

They did the same to us during the war of liberation – sending antibiotics, antiseptics, bandages and painkillers to freedom fighters while they sent guns and bullets to the minority government we were fighting.

Whether or not Mugabe wants to step down is immaterial.

Just as much as we did not fight a racial war but a system that was being perpetrated by one section of our society, today we are fighting a system entrenched by Mugabe; a system more evil than the one we fought before.

Even if Mugabe steps down, dies or continues as incapacitated as he has become, his machinery still grinds on and the EU is strengthening this same machinery.

The European Union, a band of former brutal and abusive colonial bastards, is as immoral as our own born-out-of-wedlock African Union. They are brethren in bloodletting because their mission is not to heal but to steal from the infirm and the incapacitated.

The EU behaves no worse than the Zimbabwe Republic Police officers who steal items at the scene of accidents before offering token assistance to ferry victims to the hospital.

The Europeans, as usual, are always the vultures that lie in wait.

They have supported presidents we have rejected and, in the process, have caused us to flee our countries then bar and deny us refuge as we seek justifiable protection from monsters they support back home.

Strength does not always win battles as David showed Goliath and as the Vietnamese taught the French and the Americans.

When the world conspires against innocent people so as to grab what those poor souls possess; when people cry ceaselessly with no help coming; when civilization changes meaning of words and describes victims of violence as perpetrators of violence; when governments are rewarded for abusing and denying aid to their own citizens, then we know we are entering a danger zone.

Everything and everyone becomes fair game. The hunter becomes the hunted.

We must be mindful of the fact that the EU’s original goal was to facilitate trade among the nations of Europe, something that Africa, which is arguably the richest continent in terms of natural resources, failed to do.

Because of the economic power generated from that attempt at uniting, the EU became a political group but their roots and intentions are economic prosperity.

They want our resources, not human rights.

Our own dream of African unity is a threat to Europe and to America. So there is no African Union. Just words. Just tea-boys and kitchen girls serving their European masters.

But we are spoiled for choice: which oppressor do we want? African, European, American or Chinese?

The injustice is in the world and those who can do something about it choose against the people.

There is no purity in the EU’s intentions.

We do not need their money. We need good governments. Europe must stop buying stolen property.

When reasoning fails, people have picked up stones and won battles.

Our country has had enough.

So, when the EU, like South Africa, engages Zimbabwe, it is a business decision…our rights or security be damned.

Destiny is in our hands as individuals, as a nation; we do not need to cry.

The bullying is back and the Europeans have returned to claim what now appears to have been theirs all along.

The world is not ashamed just as much as Lucifer never apologized to God.

No one knows more about betraying Africans that the Europeans. Here they come again.

Now Mugabe admits that the Europeans have always been his masters and he confirms that by his invitation of them and accepting to drink from their chalice of evil.

I would love to see the list of reasons why the EU imposed targeted sanctions on ZANU-PF in the first place and, more than anything else, would love to see a list of why the EU removed those same targeted sanctions.

Satanists are in Europe, not in hell.

No culture I know of accepts bullying and Zimbabwe will survive by any means necessary.

Finally, my compatriots, may the Lord give our Dzinashe Machingura his rightful place of rest. He deserves it all the way.

I salute you, sir.

I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my fellow Zimbabweans, is the way it is today, Monday, June 2nd, 2014.

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4 Responsesto “European Union specialises in betrayal of Africa’s souls by Tanonoka Joseph Whande”

  1. wilbert says:

    When MDC leaders failed to implement even one democratic reform Mugabe must have thanked his demonic gods, to whom he has sacrificed the over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans he has murdered in his 34 years
    in power, because he know nothing was going to stop him rigging the elections. And he did just that, blatantly rig the elections.

    But to be absolutely certain he election victory in the bag; Mugabe spent millions sprucing his image in the UK and USA; paid NIKUV, the Israeli company, US$ 13 million to corrupt the voters roll (a shoddy con-job that the has in fact become the smoking gun to the vote rigging that the tyrant has decided to hide it at all cost); millions bribing election officials; millions to pay the hired rally crowds; millions on the bussed multiple voters; etc. He must have spent billions of dollars; money the nation did not have!

    Indeed in his reckless spending to finance his vote rigging operations to get out of the political hole Mugabe was unwittingly digging an even deeper hole economic hole for himself. Since his re-election ten months ago Mugabe has since learnt that rigging the economic recovery is IMPOSSIBLE.

    Zimbabwe is in this economic mess because of the 34 years of gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and the lawless looting that has scarred all would be investors away. The regime has stubbornly refused to address any of these issues which is why any money given the regime is bound to be wasted.

    Mugabe’s economic recovery plan in geared on getting the $27 billion for his ZimAsset plan but says nothing about addressing the mismanagement, corruption and looting. For ten months the begging bowl has remained mockingly empty; not even his old ally the Chinese were willing to
    contribute even one Yuan with which to rattle the bowl!

    The EU’s US$318 million will be the first significant pledge raising the regime’s hopes that it can after all rig the economic recovery too! I say rig because without the reforms to end the mismanagement, corruption and looting there will be no recovery. The EU is aware of this too but they do not care; they want to re-engage with the Mugabe regime to get at Zimbabwe’s resources, especially the diamonds.

    “Europe listens to the jingle of money, not to the cries of distress (of the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans who are the victims of this corrupt and murderous Mugabe regime),” as Joseph has so aptly put it!

    What is so hypocritical in this is the EU is forcing member states like Greece and Spain to carry out economic reforms to end the mismanagement and waste that had crept up in their economies but is turning a blind eye to Mugabe’s mismanagement and corruption which are infinitely worse than the Greeks have ever done! Of course Zimbabwe can also have a competent and democratic government and the nation prosper; the EU is not giving us a chance to do so, period!

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      You are ill informed Wilbert Muroyi. I have always wondered why this pirate radio station employs people who have little education and uninformed as you and Takanonoka Whande. Anything the European and American leaders do, will always be in the interest of their own people, that is fundamental. They will never give financial assistance to any country, Zimbabwe in particular, if this militates against their economic and political interests. If you understand this important principle, then you will never accuse any country that has shown interest in participating in the economic development of Zimbabwe. Oh my pikinini boy, you need a bit of education to understand this fundamental principle.

      Your readership is more learned and sophisticate than you. You therefore need to improve your journalistic skills to convince people. Things are happening in Zimbabwe, with or no European and American money. In fact, some of us would prefer to go it alone without the European Union and US involvement.

      • wilbert says:

        “Anything the European and American leaders do, will always be in the interest of their own people, that is fundamental,” you said. That makes sense!

        What you have failed to understand is that the same cannot be said of corrupt and murderous tyrant like Mugabe and you his acolytes; whose interest are you serving by selling Zimbabwe’s resources to the Chinese and Israelis for a song? Who interest is the regime serving by denying the people their basic and fundamental rights
        including the right to a meaningful vote and the right to life.

        The regime has murdering over 30 000 innocent Zimbabwe to stay in power so it can loot and sell the nation’s treasure! How stupid is that!

        Zimbabwe is in this hell-on-earth situation because it has had the great misfortune of having sired the likes of Mugabe and you, Chimbwido; the nation would have been better off if you lot had never been born!

  2. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Takanonoka Whande

    Ndicho chii chaunonyora. Unonzi uduzvi uwhu blaz. Kunge wakadakwa nechikokiyana chasanganiswa nekachasu blaz.
    Iyo mhanza kunge guyo rakakuyirwa nzungu dzedovi. Kana munhu okura anodzokera kuita mwana muduku mupfungwa. For the benefit of those who do not understand my mother tongue, here I go.

    Let me tell you that European and American leaders have always looked at their own economic and political interests. They are more concerned about the welfare of their own people and not that of a worker for a pirate radio station in Botswana or in England like you and Wilbert Muroyi. They would rather listen to the recommendations given to them by their diplomatic missions in Zimbabwe who see things objectively and not from miserable Zimbabwean malcontents based in Gaborone and London.

    So much economic development has taken place without the European money. And this is not free money to Zimbabwe but which will be paid for with a high interest rate. Besides, the funds intended to be channeled to Zimbabwe is not that great. A film star in the United States can earn $300 million a year. It is therefore not a big deal for you to have sleepless nights.

    With or no European financial assistance, Zimbabwe economy is growing by leaps and bounds. I have been to Zimbabwe most recently and I nearly got lost having not visited the country for the last two years. You need to go home and see for yourself. You will then write objectively and not insane children and adolescents as what appears to be the case in your foolish article above.

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