European tourism body distances itself from ‘politics’ over Zim award

European Council of Trade and Tourism conference

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
3 June 2014

A Bucharest tourism group, which claims to be linked to the European Union (EU), has said it is not bound by foreign policy in its decision to award Zimbabwe a tourism prize.

A delegation from the European Council of Trade and Tourism (ECTT) is in Zimbabwe to hand over the prize of Best Tourism Destination 2014. The prize, announced in May, has been described as ‘dubious’ and lacking in credibility, but has been used by ZANU PF as an endorsement by Europe of its leadership.

The group’s President Professor Anton Caragea told journalists this week, after meeting Vice President Joice Mujuru and Senior Minister of State Simon Khaya Moyo, that the Council was not bound by the EU’s policies.

“We are a non-governmental organisation and we are nowhere related to Government. We have come here only to praise the culture of Zimbabwe, the tourism legacy, to promote the tourism in Zimbabwe and this is absolutely mandatory. We are not interested in politics except politics of friendship, politics of cooperation and collaboration,” Caragea

The group claims on its website to be a formation of 27 EU tourism members, acting as a non-profit tourism promotion group.

However, there is no evidence of the group being linked to the EU leadership bloc, whose website holds no record of the ECTT.

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10 Responsesto “European tourism body distances itself from ‘politics’ over Zim award”

  1. CCTM10 says:

    So your only problem with this group is that they gave Zimbabwe an award? One that is well deserved if I may add. Last time I checked Zimbabwe still had one of the 7 wonders of the world. It’s a beautiful tourist destination, I have been there myself. Stop hating on this poor country and its beautiful people.

    • Fat Mo's Barnyard Boys says:

      Zimbabwe used to be a good tourist destination. I still remember working for UM flying from either London, Frankfurt or Athens via Cyprus and the flights were full of tourists. The next they will be getting on the BAE146 for the Flame lily tour to Kariba Hwange and Vic Falls. Others will be getting on the B737 to go to Bulawayo’s Matopos. Then Dzasukwa with his machete policies destroyed all that in less than ten years.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        Dzasukwa mwana musikana asina gambi ndiwe blaz. Tourism is now big business in Zimbabwe, blaz. Go home if you are Zimbabwean and see for yourself. You will then talk from experience. Ok dofo?

        • Fat Mo's Barnyard Boys says:

          No insults please. Make your point period. Dofo, please?

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            It is you who has insulted the people of Zimbabwe by posting blatant lies to the world, dzasukwa musikana asina gambi. Zimbabwe has been a huge tourist destination since time memorial and will remain so for years to come, dzasukwa musikana asina gambi. This is not an insult but realistic, mhata yako blaz. Usanyepere vanhu.

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Please take note of the topographic error on my part.

            Second line should read, ‘Zimbabwe has been a huge tourist destination since time immemorial and will remain so for years to come, dzasukwa musikana asina gambi’. Ok madofo?

          • Fat Mo's Barnyard Boys says:

            More expletives like gambi, dofo and mhata from another Guky party supporter. Sticks and stones……Now you believe what these Mafios Romanian “gay Europeans” are saying about Zim tourism. “Topographic error” shows how shallow you are. Instead of just making your point, you always have to be profane as well. I will not stoop to you gutter posting insults.

        • Just askin' says:

          when were you last home?

  2. succuba says:

    What a scenario, Mugabe has either bought this “accolade” from this bunch of Romanian fraudsters, or … he has been completely duped and had them flown in first class stopping at the finest hotels, wining and dining them at the expense of the tax payer in return for a “plywood plaque” that is worthless and not recognised by anyone in the tourist industry.

    Either way its another “shot oneself in the foot” situation.

  3. Fat Mo's Barnyard Boys says:

    Still remember Ari Ben Menashe who was paid millions to frame RMT. This ECTT is out to make money from guallible dictatorships like ours who are looking for acceptance on the global scene. Next they will give the accolade to Syria, northern Nigeria and Wasiristan.

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