UK-based ZANU PF agents creep out of the woodwork

Ephraim Tapa of Zim Vigil

By Nomalanga Moyo
SW Radio Africa
02 June 2014

Scores of UK-based ZANU PF activists who have been lying low are coming out into the open and forming branches of the political party as they demonstrate their support for the regime.

The latest branch to be launched this week in Bracknell, in central southern England, was attended by dozens of the regime’s supporters whose names reflect the current ZANU PF leadership.

Other branches have been launched in Kent, Coventry, Birmingham, and Harlow.

A snapshot of the list of attendees included prominent ZANU PF names such as Mliswa, Chidarikire, Chikowore, Vambe, Mangwana, Mararike, among others.

Ephraim Tapa, rights activist and coordinator at UK-based lobby group ZimVigil, said while he is not shocked that there are so many regime agents in the UK, their brazenness had surprised him.

“We have always known that there are regime agents among us. Until recently they have been working clandestinely, feeding the regime with information and also infiltrating organisations such as the ZimVigil to cause confusion and disunity.

“However, I find their audacity to launch branches across the UK surprising, given their leader Robert Mugabe’s terrible human rights record.

“This is disrespectful to victims of Mugabe’s brutality and it will cause anxiety as people realise that all along they had ZANU PF agents in their midst,” Tapa said.

Tapa added that instead of endorsing Mugabe’s misrule, the ZANU PF activists should reflect on the freedoms they enjoy in Europe which millions of Zimbabweans back home have been denied.

“In the UK they are able to organise, associate, and express themselves freely yet their relatives in government won’t allow the majority of Zimbabweans to do that.”

Tapa blamed the European Union’s re-engagement drive which he said was “sending signals that it is now OK to do business with ZANU PF when in reality nothing has changed”.

“That is where these people are deriving their energy and confidence from. With the EU showing its support, the Mugabe regime and its supporters no longer see any reason to change or hide.”

He said ZimVigil will be lobbying the UK government to conduct a status review for any ZANU PF activist granted the right to stay in the country by falsely claiming that they were facing persecution back home. Some misrepresented themselves as MDC supporters he added.

MDC spokesman Nhlanhla Dube said it is well known that ZANU PF officials sent their families abroad when conditions began to deteriorate in the country.

“After plundering and destroying all sectors, including education, they sent their children and families to western countries to protect them from the consequences of their bad governance.

“Some of these sought asylum when in fact their parents and families were the perpetrators of the violence. We find it ironical that these would choose to declare their allegiance to the regime in the comfort of western democracies,” Dube said.

Dube slammed ZANU PF officials for their double standards in calling for exiled Zimbabweans to return home when their own families are showing no inclination to do so.

7 Responsesto “UK-based ZANU PF agents creep out of the woodwork”

  1. Chimbwido Warvet says:

    Nomalanga Moyo

    If you do not know issues, your best bet is to keep your mouth zipped up. It has never been illegal in this country for ZANU PF to show its presence. I am aware the United Kingdom has been infested with MDC-T propagandists, the majority of which hold the view they are the only ones allowed to spew their garbage in this country. ZANU PF has not operated clandestinely in the United Kingdom as it has never been banned in this country. No doubt, the UK is a stronghold for the MDC-T activists but ZANU PF presence in the country has been felt over the years, my pikinini.

    You should mind your business and stop misleading people. ZANU PF is here to stay and will do what it takes to correct the falsehoods being perpetrated by ill learned and uneducated MDC-T activists in the diaspora.

    • rhodie110961 says:

      Hey Majiba, ZANU PF is not welcome in this country, they must go and live with the black Hitler they adore so much. Ha they won`t because they enjoy freedom, education, schooling, health care and benefits when they cannot work. Mugabe and his cronies are the only ones that enjoy all these privileges in Zimbabwe and you fools are so stupid you allow them to do so. What is this rubbish that you call yourself warvet, if you are old enough to have been in the war, I would not be bragging especially remembering when green leader was about and you all ran to your mothers crying.

      • Chimbwido Warvet says:

        What a mother fcker who talks like insane children and adolescents. ZANU PF has never been banned in this country. If it is unwelcome by your fcking standards, it doesn’t matter as I am aware it sent you packing with your tails between your legs a few years ago.
        Well, the land your ancestors stole from us and claimed was yours, has since been taken by its rightful owners. You now have nothing and so bitter to the extent that you hate the ruling political party of Zimbabwe. That can not be my fault or that of ZANU PF but yours for not taking us seriously when we demanded that we needed to share the land equitably but you and your father decided to hold on to what was not yours for ever. That was foolish Mr Rhodie and now you are crying foul for your foolishness and stupidity as we take our land back. There is no going back on this principle. Land to the people and ZANU PF presence should be felt in Europe and the Americas. Ok dofo?

        • rhodie110961 says:

          It has never been banned but it should be. Why are they here ?. To come and cry to the Makiwa so that they can put their hands into our wallets. You have nothing in Zimbabwe.. Mugabe, his cronies and the Chinese own everything of value. Answer my question, what do you want here?. Your place is there in Zimbabwe serving your new and improved black baas. Ok Mbongo.!

          • Chimbwido Warvet says:

            Mujiba, I am a professional worker whose job you can not do as a Rhodie. I aware most Rhodies, are ill educated as they spent their time during their youthful days being forced by their parent to learn how to grow tobacco, bananas, sugar cane, mbatatisi, and beans on stolen farms. Now their so-called farms have been taken over by their rightful owners and are crying foul over what was never their land. That is ludicrous and foolish, my pikinini.
            So what are you doing in England now that your so-called farm has been taken over, my pikinini? Are you on social benefits? Oh boy, you are miserable.

      • gerro says:


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