Exporting Mugabe’s policies dismissed as insanity

Nixon Nyikadzino

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
11 June 2014

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition’s programmes manager, Nixon Nyikadzino, has dismissed ZANU PF’s plan to export President Mugabe’s controversial policies of indigenisation and ‘land reform’ as an ‘insane dream’.

Nyikadzino’s comments come after ZANU PF revealed this week that Mugabe will use Zimbabwe’s impending SADC chairmanship to promote his much condemned policies in the rest of the region. Mugabe, who is also the African Union’s First Deputy Chair, assumes the SADC Chair from Malawi at the regional body’s summit scheduled for August in Victoria Falls.

Nyikadzino said it will be difficult for Mugabe to influence other nations because most of see Zimbabwe as a country which needs help with regards economic recovery. He said: ‘Considering the chaotic nature of Zimbabwe’s land reform and considering its consequences I don’t think any right minded regional leader will want to buy into Mugabe’s policies.’

The vocal human rights activist added: ‘For ZANU PF to believe that because of Mugabe’s age they are going to be able to sway other nations to follow the most chaotic land reform in the world, the same policy that has led to this economic crisis, to me is insanity.’

Nyikadzino’s comments come at a time when the land grab and indigenisation are seen as being the cause of economic meltdown in Zimbabwe and at the center of the country’s failure to attract investment.

Nyikadzino said by wanting to export his policies Mugabe was admitting that his policies had no takers at home and so he was trying to secure his legacy through rhetoric abroad. He said: ‘He has failed to secure his legacy here because his policies have benefitted only his chosen few while the rest of the people are victims and so he is now trying to go out there to sell the same failed product, which again is a poor strategy because already countries like Botswana have shown that they are not interested in his methods.’

The former student leader said ZANU PF were confusing a ‘few cheers’ which Mugabe occasionally receives from poor South Africans, to total support in the region. He said: ‘They had better know that there is no support for Mugabe’s methods at policy level in the region because countries have different situations and laws.’

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