Mujuru slammed for 40 year ZimAsset plan

Joice Mujuru’s recovery plan will reap rewards by 2054

By Alex Bell
SW Radio Africa
11 June 2014

Vice President Joice Mujuru has found herself facing a barrage of criticism, after stating that ZANU PF’s economic recovery plan will take 40 years to implement.

Originally touted as five year fix for Zimbabwe’s ailing economy, the ZimAsset economic blueprint was a major part of ZANU PF’s pre-election campaign, with promises of job creation and economic growth.

But with no signs yet of improvement and with the economy continuing to spiral downwards, ZANU PF appears to have changed its recovery projections.

Mujuru told the state run ZBC on Monday that in reality, the process could take a “lifetime.”

“Five years is too soon to achieve the objectives of ZimAsset. It is the beginning of a lifetime and can take up to 30 or even 40 years,” Mujuru said.

But this 40 year schedule has now been slammed as an “insult” to Zimbabweans, who are bearing the brunt of the economic decline.

Political commentator Clifford Mashiri told SW Radio Africa that Mujuru’s comment’s expose that the ZimAsset promises were a ‘pipe dream’.

“It shows ignorance of the application of economic policy and ineptitude by ZANU PF. It is an excuse for failure and arrogance that there’s nothing people can do about it,” Mashiri said.

He added: “It also shows that ZimAsset was only about elections and not about implementation.”

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5 Responsesto “Mujuru slammed for 40 year ZimAsset plan”

  1. wilbert says:

    So far no donors, not even the Chinese Mugabe was sure of, have contributed a single dollar into the $27 billion ZimAsset begging bowl. This is the money the regime needed to repair the country’s infrastructure like water supply, roads, railways, etc. The country is too poor to generate any of that money herself; the regime is spending 90% of its revenue on wages and has nothing left for anything else.

    As if the problem of the mockingly empty ZimAsset begging bowl was not bad enough; the regime has failed to attract the foreign investors who are supported to start up new businesses and create the much needed jobs. The would-be investors fear being forced to sell their investments as part of the regime’s indigenisation policy.

    So as things stand Mai Mujuru is being very optimistic to say the nation can expect economic recovery in “30 to 40 years”. The regime has clearly given up on both getting ZimAsset funds and attracting new investors. The only thing certain at present is that the economic meltdown will get worse, a lot worse. There is nothing being done to arrest thing and so there is really no basis for talking about timetable for economic recovery. Indeed never would be more accurate but of course Mai Mujuru could not say that!

    The only thing the regime is as keen as mustard on is holding on to political power. Indeed she has done little else other than plot for the succession with her faction should Mugabe die or retire! She cannot wait to be president but does not have the foggiest idea what needs to be done to get the economy back on track. Not a clue!

    • Fat Mo's Barnyard Boys says:

      Ian Smith claimed he was handing over a fattened cow to the bkack people of Zimbabwe. From 1980, the Zanoids did not feed this cow but continued to milk it day in day out. The economic stability that was prevalent in the early 80s was the massive inflow of cash from multilateral banking institutions and Zimcord. Well the cow died and these Gukies have no clue on how to kick start the economy. All they worry about is staying in power at all cost including lying to the rural simpletons that 2million jobs would be created on the back of indegenisation and diamond revenue. Isn’t it surprising that diamonds have not appeared in the press for a long time as the cabal, the Chinese and Lebanese are syphoning our diamonds in the dead of night. Unfortunately, we Zimbos respect politicians too much and we are now stuck with these later day robbers for the next five years. As somebody said; those in power will do whaever is in their power to stay in power. This is Dzasukwa’s modus operandi. We are tossed.

  2. Fat Mo's Barnyard Boys says:

    What can we expect from people stuck in Dare Rechimurenga era. These people are stuck in reverse while the rest of the world is moving forward. Private FDI is what is needed in Zim not loans from China that come with mortgaging our resources for the next century. Matibili and his cabal must throw in the towel, apologise to the people, admit failure and move aside so that those who are willing and capable of moving the country forward take over the tiller of this rudderless ship under Dzasukwa’s command.

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