Seven miners die in horrific accident

Investigators at the scene of the accident. Photo from

By Mthulisi Mathuthu
SW Radio Africa
11 June 2014

An accident at the Golden Valley Mine in Kadoma has claimed the lives of seven miners, the National Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe has said.

The union said the accident happened Monday night when operators lost control of the mine skip that was hoisting the men out of the mine, resulting in it plunging about 800 meters underground. Eleven miners were injured and were hospitalized.

A NewsDay report said despite the union confirming the accident both the management at the mine and the police gave very little information, citing bureaucratic and time constraints.

But union leaders expressed disappointment saying the accident was preventable especially given that the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) has both the capacity and modern technology to detect failings with equipment before accidents happen.

Elsewhere in the world mining accidents create massive media coverage, calls for investigations, resignations and lawsuits.

Many have been left wondering if there is a deliberate policy to conceal what happened at this mine. These concerns come at a time when the mining industry is generally shrouded in secrecy, especially with regards to diamond and gold mining.

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  1. Dandira says:

    Its a shame that companies put profits before people. Safety should be top priority . Learning safety through accidents is not best practice.
    It is a disgrace to say the least.

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