ZANU PF has failed to fix the economy

MDC-T national council member Charlton Hwende

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
12 June 2014

The ruling ZANU PF party will not fix the economy unless they do away with their bad economic polices, a senior MDC-T official said on Thursday.

Charlton Hwende, a businessman and national council member of the party, said ZANU PF’s refusal to listen to sound economic advice will come back to haunt them very soon.

Hwende, a top loyalist to MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, also described the government as ‘insensitive and dull’ in its approach to resolving the current economic hardships the country is experiencing.

His comments follow the decision by the Ministry of Finance to move pay dates for the civil service and pensioners for the period June to December this year.

On Wednesday the Civil Service Commission secretary, Pretty Sunguro, said this month members of the army would receive their salaries on Friday, followed by those in education on Thursday next week. The rest of the civil service will get their salaries on June 26th, while pensioners will be paid on June 30th.

The combative politician said he knew from the day that ZANU PF ‘rigged’ the July 2013 elections that the economy of Zimbabwe will jump from the frying pan into the fire.

‘Our biggest problem now is the irregularity and delays in the payment of civil servants’ salaries which has now become a persistent problem since the current government nikuved (rigged) the elections.

‘But the future of the government depends on how our security forces are looked after and this can only be done by paying them their financial dues very timely, especially during such crisis. Look at happened in 2008 when government was failing to pay the soldiers, there was near chaos,’ said Hwende.

He added: ‘The crisis is no longer a laughing matter. A caring government will invite stakeholders, including the opposition, to a round table and discuss ways of resuscitating the economy.’

8 Responsesto “ZANU PF has failed to fix the economy”

  1. Fat Mo's Barnyard Boys says:

    As they say in South America; You can not chew sugarcane and whistle at the same time. Time for Achimwene and his cabal to go. Wish we Zimbos had steel in our balls like the Thai people and some sections of the Mena region. Take to the streets so the government can fulfil their promises they made to lure the povo to vote for them.

    • john moyo says:

      Personally i am tired of these attacks on Zanu we have had them ever since mdc was formed. Its mdc thats creating a monster out of mugabe

    • Chimbwido Warvet says:

      Why don’t you go to the street on your own first and see how they will fix you first before they fix the economy? You can then chew sugarcane and whistle at the same time. Ok dofo?

      • Fat Mo's Barnyard Boys says:

        Another insult from a Guky party WEEVIL? Dofo,dofo,dofo on all your comments. Usiku wakatambiswa.

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