Zimbabwean man strangles wife to death in UK

Nadina Abdul

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
12 June 2014

A Zimbabwean man is being charged with murder for strangling his wife to death in their Hilltop home in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

The wife, Nadina Abdul who lived in Arcadia, Harare before relocating to the UK, was found dead inside their home on Wednesday by the police. Hatfield police have not yet specified a time of death, speculating only she may have been murdered on Monday.

It is believed the couple were living separately since January after Nadina sought a restraining order against her husband, identified as Dexter. He also lived in Arcadia before moving to the UK.

Nadina’s relatives told SW Radio Africa on Thursday that despite Dexter being a god fearing person, he was a very abusive husband. The couple had three children.

On the day Nadina is believed to have died, Dexter visited her in the absence of their children who were at school. What is known according to Nadina’s relatives is that on Monday afternoon Dexter went to the kids’ school and told them he had permission from their mum to pick them up.

‘He took the kids home and told them mum was sleeping inside. As soon as the kids went indoors, he just left only to give himself up to the police on Wednesday,’ said one of the relatives.

She added: ‘What kind of husband would kill their wife and let the kids stay with the body. Only an insane person can do that.’

The crime has shocked the town of Hatfield, which has a large community of Zimbabweans, many of whom attend the the University of Hertfordshire, which is less than a kilometre from were Nadina was found murdered.

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  1. Obammasuxbigtime says:

    Zimbabwean men have an infereority complex that is coming out more often abroad as women get better jobs and salaries. this WILL CONTINUE

  2. Mwana waTaipanei says:

    Zimbabwean man need to do some growing up when u find time , matuzvi evanhu makutojaira ,kuuraya vakadzi mhondi ,u cnt swalow your stupid pride

    • munondidii says:

      It is so wrong to stereotype Zimbabwean men on the basis of isolated incidents. Mukawana nguva mutikwanire. Rest in peace Madina

      • Matatu says:

        There are two sides to every coin, this is a reported incidents and the voices of the two are no longer appearing. I guess we will have to continue speculation.One thing for sure murder is a serious offense, no matter what the situation is. As a people we might need to revisit our moral pedestals both men and women.One thing I agree with you here is that Zimbabweans seem be loosing it all, our level of indifference and moral decay are increasing by the day, Is it maybe a result of our desperate situation back home?

        • jongwe says:

          Mary Moyo kana wakatadzirwa newako murume dont take it on all Zimbabwean men.You have the right to look for other men but dont paint all with the same brush. Everyday we hear or read about men and women who have murder their partners but the highiest percentage is never Zimbabweans. Nyarara if you dont have something to say.

    • Ned says:

      Maybe Taipanei baba wako ndiye matuzvi! These things happen to any race with any nationalities. Its people vasina mukanwa like you who cause this! Ndokuti chii ikoko?

    • Zimbabwean and Proud says:

      dont take one man’s action and assume every Zimbabwean man has pride.. some Zimbabwean woman had a Sextape with her child in the room.. but do we Zimbabwean men run around and say “All you Zimbabwean woman are prostitutes and you are putting us to shame…?” no we dont.. why must you ask..? because one person’s mistake does not determine the fate of the whole nation. so please instead of us jumping to conclusion and throwing stones, take a step back and think of how we can better ourselves. Pray for each other.

  3. mai veruwadzano says:

    It’s those ancestoral spirits that are now finding their way into some of the men .we need to pray hard.mweya yeaumhondi.ngatinamatirei vana vakasiiwa.may Nadina’s soul rest in peace. Amen

  4. MARY MOYO says:

    Zimbabwean men are the worst men on earth, no wonder why Zimbabwean women are looking elsewhere. Get ne right other men are equally bad but Zim men are the WORST.

    • Lisa says:

      That’s a stereotype thats not true my husband and I are a Zimbabwean couple and he’s never laidca hand on me or raised his voice at me.

    • Range Rover London says:

      You are obviously a public bicycle, stop chatting nonsense and get down for the next rider.

    • Gudo says:

      Uri mh..a!!!

    • Dominique says:

      Not all Zimbabweans should be painted with the same brush. There are men in other other countries who have killed their families. It is gruesome, evil act perpetrated by a Zimbabwean man – he does not represent all Zimbabwean men.

    • Zimbabwean and Proud says:

      your opinion not a fact.. if your heart was hurt by some Zimbabwean men that meant you need to find out what it is about You that keep attracting Men who are hurting you.. if You present yourself well and show you are a woman wit her life in check you will find out that you will also attract well mannered and mature men..

    • The Rising says:

      Mary Moyo..how about Mr Moyo your father? Is he one of the worst? I must make something clear here..its not that the Zimbabwean men are bad. Ask yourselves why it is only in diaspora where these serious crimes are mainly commited. I tell you one thing..there are a lot of other people who claim to be Zimbabweans..making it easier to get asylum. Thats why the rate is so high in diaspora. Otherwise our Zimbabwean men are not so bad..so please do not paint our uncles and fathers..brothers and nephews with such an ugly paint.

  5. Hatfield says:

    First of all her name is Madina, second she did a night shift Monday which makes your speculation wrong third Dexter had no keys to the apartment n she wasn’t letting him in….get your facts right please. Otherwise rest in peace Madina, miss you tonnes already!!!

  6. Chanda says:

    How horrible and awful. He was a pastor as well, used to follow him on FB..The world in general is becoming much more sinister and incidents like these on the sharp increase. Rest in peace Madina. Praying for your family and friends..

  7. Guest says:

    Zimbabwean men r sick in the end its like they r cursed or smthing! Thats y id never go there! Wat a shame poor lady n kids rip dear…dat animal who killed her may he rott in prison!!

    • Carlise says:

      I take it you have met ALL the Zimbabwean men to make this accusation?? How devastating for her family and especially her kids. But he is one person – where he comes from really isn’t relevant.Dexter is sick – not Zimbabwean men!!

  8. Me ony says:

    R I P nadina
    But man mustn’t do such stupid act , I always thought that if you see a person going abroad that person is reasonable and mature and he knows why he is going their only to release that’s some pple are idiots.This guy doesn’t deserve mess at all.

  9. jongwe says:

    Mary Moyo haana murume. Musanetswa nengochani. Anotaura kuipa kwevarume iye achiita zamhu to zamhu. Too much lick lick

  10. Romano says:

    Poor reporting on the part of SW radio – did no one check the facts before posting?? Do better please

  11. Mandy8888 says:

    Terrible terrible. What I can say is that my husband is Zimbabwean and is the nicest and most respectful man I have known. It is unfair to suggest that all Zimbabwean men are the same. Certainly not in my case! RIP

  12. mabena says:

    If he was a God fearing someone he wasn’t going to act like a devil. He’s a devil himself.

  13. Kiki says:

    Rip gorgeous one…

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