Demo against ZANU PF government planned for Birmingham

Makusha Mugabe spokesman for the MDC-T Midlands North branch

By Tichaona Sibanda
SW Radio Africa
7 July 2014

A peaceful demonstration has been organized by the MDC-T in the UK in protest against the worsening economic and political situation in Zimbabwe.

The demonstration, organised by the MDC-T Midlands North district, is planned for Saturday 12th July in the central city of Birmingham and will run from 12.30pm to 2pm.

Makusha Mugabe, spokesman for the MDC-T Midlands North, said they expect hundreds of Zimbabweans to gather in Birmingham to protest what he said is the poor performance of the government since the elections last year.

‘The demonstration will be held in Chamberlain square to call for more positive action by the ZANU PF government to improve the state of the nation. We want Zimbabweans to come out in their numbers to protest against the closure of companies, poor service delivery and the poor economic performance,’ said Makusha.

He told our weekly Speak Out Padare program that the situation in the country today is like a powder keg since the 31st July elections last year. He accused President Robert Mugabe’s government of creating a crisis of governance that is affecting everyone.

Makusha also alleged that the ruling party and the cabinet are clueless about solving the problems, compounded by their erratic policy pronouncements which have brought the running of the government to a ‘halt.’

Acting President Joice Mujuru admitted to the economic crisis on Saturday when she conceded that the economy was on a downward spiral, during a speech at the burial of the late Dr Stanley Sakupwanya at Heroes Acre.

‘There is complete confusion and chaos in every sphere of governance. This has led to a grave crisis in governance,’ Makusha said. He added that the government should focus on administration and not on political gimmickry.

He said it is bad governance and leadership has killed Zimbabwe and the situation is in contrast to what the EU ambassador to Zimbabwe, Aldo Dell’Ariccia, said last month.

The ambassador provoked anger by his statements that there is no leadership crisis in the country and that civil society should be less confrontational when dealing with government.

The EU envoy said: ‘If we had a leadership crisis there would be chaos. We still have a leader who manages to keep at bay under control these forces that are very much contradictory.’

But Makusha said: ‘There is a deteriorating political and economic situation in Zimbabwe which Western countries do not seem to understand, especially the European Union which is being misinformed by its Ambassador in Harare.’

He continued: ‘Ambassador Dell ‘Ariccia has been quoted saying that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe where democratic forces are being suppressed, elections are being rigged, the state President is encouraging lawlessness to assure himself another electoral victory. We are calling for the EU to recall this ambassador, and to start implementing a rational policy on Zimbabwe.’

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