The devil always has more off-spring than angels 

Tanonoka Joseph Whande

Tanonoka Joseph Whande
Monday 28 July 2014

By far, the most nauseating rumour is that of Grace Mugabe having political ambitions of her own.

In her corner, of course Opah Muchinguri who has, since independence, eroded any respect the women of Zimbabwe should have gained.

Muchinguri is slowly steering ZANU-PF women and the party into dangerous waters and tha nation will suffer because of her misguided and treacherous escapades.

We thank God that ZANU-PF women have no balls. Imagine if they had…

The likes of Opa Muchinguri would have condemned a few thousand women to being stoned to death. Why do people move backwards when their feet are facing forward?

Opa, my dear, check your feet.

Of course, they are sissies; always parroting what they are told and having been schooled in the old Kamuzu Banda style, would deny their husbands conjugal rights while they go and get it elsewhere.

They are sissies; always have been and we appreciate that.

Apart from wearing dresses with disgusting imprints of another woman’s husband, singing and doing kongonya dances, who and what are ZANU-PF Women’s League?

They are supposed to be powerful. They are supposed to have balls.

But they ain’t got none.

I do remember, in my family history, when my sister Julia Zvobgo simply refused to wear “chitenje” with Robert Mugabe prominently pictured. She, instead, wore the same cloth prominently showing the Zimbabwe Ruins. Some people tried to make it an issue but it did not go anywhere.

Julia contested for the Women’s League leadership against then First Lady Sally Mugabe. It is a matter of public record how the CIO saved Sally that day.

Today, Grace Mugabe says she wants to contest for the leadership of the Women’s League.

Not taking anything away from Julia, Sally and all the other women before her, my question is why? I mean, why would Grace even think of such a venture when she is not fit enough to be house maid?

She is not a good mother.

She is not a good wife.

She is not a good First Lady.

I am still trying to figure out what she is good at.

If there is any woman in Zimbabwe who should be ashamed of herself more than any other, it has to be Opah Muchinguri.

As Josiah Tongogara’s personal secretary, she was at the apex of all that went on and it all involved the world because Zimbabwe was a country loved and desired by many.

To this day, Opah knows more about the struggle for independence than most people, including Emerson Mnangagwa who was then the intelligence supremo.

At independence, she was reportedly and conveniently sent away for a university course in Canada (I understand) and, as before she left, came back with her lips sealed.

She survives and I believe she survives because those who know about it all need her alive. Maybe they fear she has the truth written down and stashed away somewhere only to be made public if she died under mysterious circumstances.

Opa has always had opportunities to make a difference and she chooses to encourage the rubbish about Grace Mugabe becoming political.

We call men who come short of something ‘sissies’.

A ‘sissie’ is what other men call a man who cannot make up his mind on his own and, even if he does, cannot enforce his decision without asking his wife’s permission…as if there is something wrong with that.

Helpless individuals we are, all of us, because we always hide the truth from ourselves to impress those who have nothing to do with what we are trying to deal with.

The truth is that when men call men a ‘sissie’, things would have progressed beyond what mother would care to accept.

A ‘sissie’ son is worse than mother expected yet the world is littered with precedents.

When our sissie becomes a sissie such as what Opah has become, the terminology changes. Political prostitution is rampant and Opah is one such person. She has held Zimbabwe’s history at ransom and I know that once she dies, some lawyer somewhere is going to reveal Opah’s story.

Meantime she enjoys herself while the ideals of the man she worked with in those dangerous times run down the drain.

We score firsts that mean something to some but nothing to others, yet we are us.

We all have ambitions and we are justified to be ambitious because we go to school to be better than what we are.

We always think and believe that tomorrow is our day; we must get to it before it gets away from us.

That keeps us going and someone also heard that.

I hear that Grace Mugabe now wants to lead the old party’s women’s league yet she is just a baby who should yet be told how to care for a man.

I salute sisi Edna Madzongwe but she is now such a willing lapdog. I guess she and Opa Muchinguri have reached their ceilings. They cannot become anything more than what they are.

I mean, how can Madzongwe bow down before Grace? It makes no sense at all. You have always been better than that sisi Edna.

I just want to understand. I looked up to her, if she remembers when I came to her house in Worcester, Massachusetts, those decades ago. Remember way back when?

And Opah?

Opah Muchinguri has always been above many people particularly Robert Mugabe.

With nothing going on in her bedroom, we are told that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac…for both men and women – I dare say.

Opah Muchinguri is a lonely woman. To this day, she remains enclosed within herself. I had hoped that being a pastor’s wife would set her free.

The heart of the matter is that Opa Muchinguri should talk to the nation and give Zimbabwe its proper history instead of campaigning for a worthless slut like Grace Mugabe. If women in ZANU-PF give any form of encouragement to that fornicator to abuse the country more than what she and her so-called husband have done then that party’s ‘Women’s League’ is an evil existence. Something not expected from mothers and sisters.

Our mothers and sisters are misguided.

Women always work the hardest for their families, for their children and for their political parties. Even after being corrupted, they have some honesty. Yet I wonder why they would want to surrender all their hopes and beliefs to a charlatan like Grace.

Grace has done nothing for the people of Zimbabwe and represents the deplorable side of greed and vindictiveness while laughing at the hardships we face.

While today is important, yesterday is much more important and those who hide our history from us, like Opa Muchinguri, should understand the disservice they are doing not only to the nation but to their children as well.

Muchinguri has chosen to oppress history for personal gain. She attempts to kill Zimbabwe’s history. Fortunately, we know enough on our own to progress with our nation and Opa becomes more and more insignificant.

Opa can prostitute herself to a non-entity like Grace because, like her, she has no shame.

History has no statute of limitations. History is. History will always be.

On what basis is Muchinguri supporting Grace for party leadership? Will Muchinguri’s political prostitution end?

It is such a pity that we are being subjected to this trash by the very same people who risked their lives to remove such kind of trash.

Fortunately, the life of the nation of Zimbabwe does not depend on any one person.

Zimbabwe cares about its individual children but it does not depend on only one of her children.

Reports that Grace wants to be leader of a major section of the party are disgusting. If such happens then the liberation party owes the people of Zimbabwe much more than finding the bones of our loved ones.

I am not surprised that Opah Muchinguri is a catalyst for danger to the nation. After all, the devil always has more off-spring than angels.

I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my fellow Zimbabweans, is the way it is today, Monday, July 28th, 2014.

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