List of Constitutional OutreachProgramme Members who are perpetrators of political violence†††††††† ††††††††††††††01.2010




Political Violence Record

  1. LawrenceKatsiru

Lawrence Katsiru a prominent member of the Vapostori faith Church in Marondera, has over the years ordered all the followers of his church to support and attend all Zanu Pf meetings and rallies, He was imprisoned (9 years) for raping a minor (13 years old) in Marondera it appears he never served his time but was releasedfrom prison after a short while. He has led campaign of violence against MDC supporters and is feared by many activists in Marondera.

  1. Baloyi Ailess

Chiredzi South MP, in 2008 organised political violence against MDC supporters, is mostly feared by Victims of violence from that constituency.

  1. Beremauro Godfrey

Godfrey Beremauro sponsored militia bases in the Hurungwe central constituency; many MDC supporters were abducted and tortured some murdered by youths following his instructions.

  1. Chaderopa Fungai; 

Chaderopa working in conjunction with the ZRP officer in charge of Sanyati police station unlawfully detained MDC supporters in 2008, for periods ranging from three days to 2 weeks without charge, these people were tortured and denied food during their detention.

  1. Chanetsa Peter Tapera 

Peter Chanetsa provided transport and food to Zanu Pf youths in bases set up in Hurungwe North; he gave the group led by Jawet Kazangarare a party truck that was used in the abduction torture and murder of MDC supporters.

  1. Chindori Chininga Edward ;

Chindori Chininga masterminded the assault and destruction of homes belonging to MDC supporters in Guruve he was referred to as the commander in chief of the bases in Guruve in the run upto the Presidential election run off in 2008 .

  1. Chinomona Mabel Memory;

Mutoko North MP, In the run up to the 2008 elections Mabel moved around the constituency in the company of uniformed soldiers setting up bases, she threatened MDC supporters with death, many MDC supporters were assaulted during her meetings in the constituency.

  1. Chihota Phineas Chivazve 

During the campaign period for the presidential run off elections in 2008 he addressed rallies around Seke district threatening MDC supporters with death if they did not vote for president Mugabe. His vehicle was used by a group led by Joseph Mutongoreya that abducted people on 16 June 2008 and took them to Marikopo base where they were tortured.

  1. Hlongwane Makosini; 

Makosini Hlongwane is the MP of Mberengwa East, in 2008 elections he moved in the company of CIO agents based at Mataga Growth point terrorising MDC supporters in the area, he was personally involved in the assault and torture of MDC supporters at Chingechuru Prim School on 22 June 2008.

  1. Kachepa Newton; 

Kachepa the MP of Mudzi North constituency led a ruthless campaign of violence against the MDC, he was involved in the murder of Peter Tom Butao on 28 April 2008, Temba Muronde on 14 April 2008, Kingswell Mateta in July 2008, he directed the abduction and torture of many MDC supporters in his constituency, he currently threatens people with death if they continue supporting the MDC.

  1. Katsande Aqualinah;

She is the MP of Mudzi West constituency; she led a reign of terror against MDC supporters in 2008. Aqualinah accompanied by Zanu PF youths attacked and killed Lever Katsande at Zanza village, Mudzi district , on 27 April 2008. On 8 July 2008 and assisted by Peter Nyakuba, killed Gwindiri Mutadza in Mudzi West.


  1. Madubeko Josephat;

Madubeko is the MP of Vungu, he encouraged Zanu PF supporters to attack and chase away MDC supporters from their areas, several people were assaulted as a result of his campaigns.

  1. Matonga Bright; 

MP Mhondoro -Ngezi, Bright Matonga led a group of youths to Dadidrayi Chipiro's home looking for her husband Chipiro who is an MDC activist and chairperson of the area when they did not find him they started beating her then chopped off her hand and both feet, they threw her into her hut and threw a petrol bomb into the hut setting it on fire. She was burnt to death. The gang was driving in two vehicles belonging to Brighton Matonga (Zanu Pf MP) (June 8 2008).

  1. Mazikani Paul Hebert; 

Mazikani and a group of Zanu Pf youths assaulted Wanzirai Magodo and destroyed his home including a tractor, they took away his clothes and money amounting to Z$900 Million. He led the gang that killed Titus Goho on June 12, 2008 at their base they assaulted him until he died they accused him of supporting the MDC T. A militia gang led by Paul Mazikani killed Biggie Zhuwawo in April 2008.

  1. Mhandu Cairo; 

Cairo Mhandu the MP for Mazowe led groups of youths and war veterans who killed, Gibbs Tawengwa and Hama Ngowani on June 30, 2008. On May 5, 2008 Mhandu in the company of uniformed soldiers led a big group of youths into the Chaona area of Chiweshe communal lands where many MDC supporters were assaulted; He was personally involved in the killing of Alex Chiriseri, Joseph Madzuramhende, Godfrey Jemedze, Author Matombo, Patson Madzuramhende and David Tachiwa Mapuranga.

  1. Moyo Jonathan; 

MP Tsholotsho North; Jonathan Moyo is the architect of AIPPA and POSA, two pieces of legislation that were used to close media houses. Opposition party activists and leaders have suffered at the hands of security agents and the police using POSA to justify their ruthless campaign of terror against the opposition supporters. Jonathan Moyo has since 1999 churned out hate speeches that has encouraged the spirit and culture of violence within his Zanu PF militia, many people have lost their lives, property and thousands have been maimed and tortured as a result.

  1. Mutinhiri Ambrose; 

Mutinhiri Ambrose MP Marondera West: personally led a campaign of violence against MDC supporters in the Mahusekwa area of Marondera†† West constituency, he would order the detention of MDC supporters for no apparent reasons. He set up and supported Zanu PF Militia bases in the Chihota communal lands where many MDC supporters were assaulted and tortured.

  1. Muza Isheunesu; 

Muza is a Zanu PF official feared by many MDC supporters, he moves around the Redcliff town in the company of CIO agents have always threatened MDC activists with death if they do not change.

  1. Parirenyatwa David Pagwesese;

MP Murehwa North ;In June 2008 towards the presidential run off Dr Parirenyatwa held a rally atMukarakate Business Centre in Murehwa where he threatened all MDC supporters with death if they voted for Morgan Tsvangirayi, several MDC supporters where severely assaulted at this meeting and at the other rally he held at St Peters. He was witnessed branding an AK 47 at meetings. He organized and visited torture bases at night in Murehwa north. His vehicle was used by gangs who murdered Edward Pfukwa on June 17, 2008 and Alloys Chandisareva Sanyangore in November 2008.

  1. Pasiwomusha Matiza Biggie;

Biggie Matiza organised all the bases that were set up in Murehwa West and South, He was present when a lot of MDC supporters were assaulted at St Peters in the Mukarakate area. He used to supply the youths in these bases with food and money and he supervised their work during the night. These gangs killed Edward Pfukwa on June 17, 2008 and Moses Nyada on June 19, 2008.


  1. Raradza Edward; 

Raradza Edward is a notorious perpetrator of violence in the Muzarabani and Chiweshe areas, he was present on May 5, 2008 when many people were attacked and some killed at Chaona in Mazowe North.

  1. Sai Shaddy; 

The senator of Gokwe Sengwa who brought in hundreds of Zanu Pf militia from other areas to assault MDC supporters in the Chief Sai area of Gokwe in 2008, many people were assaulted and reports from the areas note that some are still nursing their injuries.

  1. Zhuwawo Patrick;

Zvimba East MP, He terrorised MDC supporters in the farming community around Norton, he was always accompanied by CIO agents based in Norton, he threatened to chase away all new farmers from their plots if they supported the MDC.

  1. Dinha Martin;

The Governor of Masholand Central Province, famous in his Zanu PF circles for his hatred of white commercial farmers, in September 2009 ,he ganged up with Masanzu also a senior civil servant and some CIO agents and forced former commercial farm workers in the Mateptepa farms to stop market gardening projects and start working full time for the new farmers.

  1. Hungwe Josiah;

The senator of Mwenezi -Chivi well known for his hate speeches, he encouraged the assault and eviction of MDC supporters in Masvingo.

  1. Kabayanjiri Oriah;

Kabayanjiri is the UMP senator who orchestrated a campaign of violence in 2008, he organised the gang that assaulted people in the UMP district, and his militia killed livingstone Dzenga on July 1, 2008 and Benson Tukaruza Karombe on May 11, 2008.

  1. Katyamaenza Virginia;

Makonde Senator: Victims of political violence report that in 2008 they were assaulted at Katyamaenza's homestead which was sometimes used as a base by Zanu PF militia.

  1. Makunde Tendai;

Tendai Makunde the Murehwa senator, set up bases at Waterloo farm, communitiesí report that Makunde was involved in the abduction and subsequent murder of shepherd Jani the late MDC official who was Makunde's business rival.

  1. Mambo Lot

Lot Mambo is the Bubi Umguza Senator, suspected CIO agent led Zanu PF supporters in campaign of violence in the Umguza district.

  1. Muchenje Viginia;

Muchenje Viginia is the senator of Zvimba, Political violence victims from Zvimba report that they were assaulted and tortured after the perpetrators had been directed by Muchenje.

  1. Sakupwanya Stanley Urayayi

Makoni Senator he wreaked havoc in presidential elections in Makoni district, his vehicle was used by Militia gangs in attacks against MDC supporters

  1. G. Masimirembwa;

Former NIPC chairperson notorious for his hate speeches, blaming the MDC for price increases and economic distortions, who believes anyone who does not support President Mugabe is a saboteur.

  1. Col. Claudious Makova; 

Victims of violence have reported him as the commander of the militia in Masvingo Province, known as the merciless killer.

  1. Clarissa Vonganai Muchengeti;

Muchengeti supported Zanu PF militia by providing food at the bases in 2008; she lost the senatorial election in Kwekwe and was bitter and very ruthless in presidential run off campaign.



  1. Mandiitawepi Chimene Mandi

Lost the Mutasa-Nyanga senatorial elections and was very active in the violence before the presidential elections, reports note that Chimene funded some bases and identified some MDC supporters who were later attacked by soldiers and the militia.


  1. Shuvai Mahofa; 

Shuvai Mahofa lost the house of assembly elections for Gutu South and led a ruthless trail of violence against MDC supporters her vehicles were reportedly used by the Militia in the abduction and torture of people.

  1. Joseph Chinotimba

In 2008 election campaigns Chinotimba Led the youths who destroyed Admore Chibutu's home and assaulted him on 11 May 2008.In the company of his cousin Chinotimba threatened Idah Munyukwi with a gun on 5 May 2008. and raped her twice. He kicked, stepped on and threatened Petros Murinda with a gun on 5 May 2008, accusing him of voting for MDC.His car was used in the attack of Choukuse Nyoka Mubango on 18 May 2008. Choukuse later died.Chinotimba in the company of army members and Zanu PF youths attacked Tongeyi Jeremiah's home on 15 May 2008. They went away with 7 cattle, 10 goats, and 6 sheep together with fowls. On 11 May 2008, he failed to get Mangwanani Zvichapera but he destroyed his home and confisticated his 5 chickens and 2 goats. He drove Jeremiah Tongeyi's cattle to the business centre and forced him to vacate from his home on the 15th of May 2008. Chinotimba is notorius for having spearheaded the violent activities perpetrated by Zanu PF supporters since 1999 especially violence linked to farm invasions.

  1. David Chapfika

David Chapfika sponsored militia in 2008 by providing food and money to bases in the Hoyuyu area of Mutoko

  1. Themba Mliswa

Themba Mliswa a well known Zanu PF violent activist, he attacked and maimed white commercial farmers during the land invasions and has continued to terrorise the remaining commercial farmers in and around karoyi. In 2008 he personally assaulted many MDC supporters from those areas his attacks were described by his victims as vicious and severe.

  1. T.V. Muzenda; 

Tsitsi Veronica Muzenda lost senatorial elections for the Gweru Chirumhanzu is reported to have supported the militia in Gweru with transport to carry out violent activities against supporters of the Late senator Kombayi.

  1. Bhasikiti Kudakwashe

MP Mwenezi East, he organized the Zanu PF militia gangs in Mwenezi to attack known MDC supporters; he provided the party vehicle that was used in the abduction and murder of a teacher Munguni at Neshuro Business Centre.

  1. Mangami Dorothy

Senator for Gokwe, violence activities were planned from her home in Gokwe, she worked with Major Dalu Moyo assisting him in identifying MDC supporters who were later attacked by the militia under the command of major Moyo.

  1. Mangena Jabulani;

Jabulani Mangena MP Mberengwa North has been named in thirteen reports of political violence incidents as the main perpetrator during the 2008 June elections. Victims note that he was always in the company of armed CIO agents.

  1. Mafios Itai Dickson; 

MP Mt Darwin North, in 2008 Mafios organised and commanded the militia in Mt Darwin many MDC supporters were assaulted, tortured and murdered, in some of his organised operations against MDC supporters they killed, Phanuel Mubaira, Fischer Chitese, Bright Mafuriro, and Abiya Chiparira.some victims note that he is a CIO agent.