CIO killed Christmas reveller over alleged MDC link

By Lance Guma
04 January 2008

A well-known state security agent in Chimanimani allegedly beat to death a Christmas reveller, after accusing him of showing off with ‘MDC money.’ Brighton Mashopeka Muchuwa, a sidekick of wanted murderer and fellow CIO Joseph Mwale, assaulted Charles Sigauke and his father at their home on Christmas Eve. Sigauke worked in South Africa and had come back to spend the holidays with his dad. He died the day after the beating, on Christmas day. Muchuwa accused Sigauke of being an MDC member and was spending money given to him by the MDC.

MDC Manicaland spokesman Pishai Muchauraya confirmed to Newsreel that one of their members was beaten to death in Chimanimani. He says Sigauke was brutally assaulted. Witnesses say at one point Muchuwa lifted Sigauke and slammed him onto the bonnet of a nearby vehicle. Some reports say Muchuwa was arrested, detained by police, but then released. Muchaurayi says the police are reluctant to pursue the matter further given the accused is from the CIO.

Both Sigauke and his father were hospitalized in Chimanimani before the son succumbed to his injuries. Post-mortem results confirm he died from internal bleeding. He was buried in the Birchenough Bridge area on New Years day. MDC officials have accused Muchuwa of trying to buy his way out of the crime by paying for the funeral expenses. The same strategy was used by the family of Finance Minister Samuel Mumbengegwi after his wife Selina hired soldiers that beat to death a villager in Mupandawana who supported the MDC. Vice President Joseph Msika negotiated an out of court settlement between the two families.

Rogue state agent Joseph Mwale remains accused of murdering MDC activists Talent Mabika and Tichaona Chiminya in the run up to the 2000 parliamentary election. Police have continued to ignore demands by prosecutors for him to be brought to justice. For his troubles Mwale was promoted within the CIO and given a posh car to use. He has virtual freedom to do as he pleases in areas like Chimanimani, with the police clearly aware of his status as an ‘untouchable.’


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