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82 year-old chief Nyamombe attacked by ZANU PF thugs

By Tichaona Sibanda
4 May 2010

Police in Nyazura, Manicaland province are refusing to investige the attack on 82 year old Chief Jameson Nyamombe, which left him hospitalised with head injuries and a temporary loss of hearing.
The attack, described by locals as political, has not been investigated despite reports being made to the authorities.

The chief was on his way home from Rusape when he was savagely attacked inside the bus by two well known ZANU PF youths from Makoni South constituency, that is held by the MDC.
Netsai Nyamombe, the chief’s daughter, told us her elderly father was in a Shungu bus when the two youths accused him of supporting the MDC and of trying to ursurp powers from Chief Chiduku, a non constituency senator representing ZANU PF.

‘The attack was in broad daylight with many witnesses. They held him by the collar and threw punches at his face in front of shocked passengers in the bus. No one dared to intervene for fear of reprisals from the two youths,’ Netsai said.

The troublemakers also verbally abused the chief, calling him all sorts of names. The chief was able to disembark from the bus at Chitenderano in Makoni South. A report of the attack was lodged with the police at Nyazura station.

‘Right now he’s back home recovering after spending a week at Rusape general hospital. Its obvious this was a serious attack on a frail 82 year-old because it left him traumatised. The attack also left him with a hearing problem,’ Netsai added.

MDC MP for the area Pishai Muchauraya called Chief Nyamombe to inquire about his health and to express his sympathy. He said the attack was an act of violence on an elderly member of the community, ‘which was beyond our culture of understanding.’

‘While I’ve urged my constituents to remain calm over this incident, the authorities are reluctant to act against the known culprits. They’re too scared to pick up the thugs because they belong to ZANU PF,’ the MP said.

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