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ZANU PF thugs pour hot oil on MDCT youth activist

By Tererai Karimakwenda
04 August, 2011

Violent attacks on officials of the MDC-T continued on Wednesday, when ZANU PF thugs in Mbare poured hot oil in the face of a youth organiser from the Southerton Constituency.

According to the MDC-T, the Youth Assembly chairperson for Ward 11, Ayaya Kassim, was visiting other activists in order to organise meetings.
ZANU PF thugs followed him when they realised who he was.

Gift Chimanikire, the MP for Southerton and deputy Mines Minister, told SW Radio Africa that a group of ten entered the house Kassim was visiting and kicked in the bedroom door where he had gone to hide.

The activist tried to escape but the ZANU PF thugs grabbed hot cooking oil from the food cooking business at the house and threw it in his face.

“Kassim jumped over a Dura wall and ran for his life. They caught up and assaulted him with knobkerries and kicked him,” Chimanikire said.

The MDC-T youth was saved by a brave resident nearby, who let him come inside for protection. At this point the ZANU PF thugs retreated, singing revolutionary songs and chanting.

“Kassim suffered serious burns to his face which can only be described as attempted murder,” MP Chimanikire explained, adding that these attacks on their members are “organised and financed by aspiring ZANU PF candidates.” One of them is reportedly a politburo member.

Despite the identity of some of the perpetrators being known, no arrests have been made by the police and the culture of impunity for ZANU PF supporters continues.

Mbare residents say the streets and market stalls are controlled by members of the Chipangano gang, whose names and addresses are known to the police. But the violent youth have impunity and the police arrest victims instead.

MDC-T offices in the area were attacked earlier this year by members of the same gang while the police watched. They later arrested MDC members who had been assaulted by the gang, as the police have reportedly done in many similar cases around the country.

The partisan behaviour of the police, military and intelligence institutions has emerged as the most contentious issue blocking progress in fully implementing the Global Political Agreement (GPA). The Mugabe regime insists that security is a sovereign issue and no changes will be made.

The MDC-T national committee resolved after a meeting on Monday that security institutions must be reformed and the party will not compromise on that issue. A stalemate has developed and there appears to be no solution in sight.

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