Twelve opposition activists released on bail

By lance Guma
05 April 2007

The High Court and magistrates courts released a total of 12 opposition activists on bail on Thursday. Defence lawyer Alec Muchadehama who is representing most of those arrested last week on spurious allegations of bombing government targets told Newsreel the courts basically released the political lightweights in the case. The High Court granted bail to 6 activists and the magistrate’s courts granted bail to the other 6.

The Member of Parliament for Glen View Paul Madzore, MDC information officer Luke Tamborinyoka, national executive member Ian Makone and Raymond Bake a coordinator with the Combined Harare Residents Association remain in custody. Muchadehama says they were remanded to the 11th April in hearings that took place this week. All 4 have been tortured in custody.

Tamborinyoka apparently has been singled out for special treatment over allegations he helped compile a ‘name and shame’ list in The Zimbabwean newspaper, which listed individuals who are behind the current wave of violence and brutality.


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