Majongwe fights his way to freedom after abduction at gunpoint

By Lance Guma
05 April 2007

Raymond Majongwe, the Secretary General of the Progressive Teachers Union (PTUZ), wrestled his way to freedom after being abducted by suspected state security agents on Tuesday. According to Jacob Rukweza the Harare Province chairperson of the PTUZ, Majongwe is said to have decided he would rather die with one of his kidnappers than be bullied around.

The kidnappers drove Majongwe outside the capital along the Masvingo road. when the vehicle got to Adelaide Acres, Majongwe fought the two men sitting with him at the back of an unmarked Nissan Sunny vehicle. Even after the driver stopped the car Majongwe kept on fighting. Realising they were being over-powered the abductors shoved him out of the car and drove away at high speed.

Majongwe was abducted at gunpoint from Divaris Shopping Centre in Milton Park, Harare during his lunch break. PTUZ leaders were alerted to his fate after he failed to attend a crucial executive meeting set for 2pm in Belvedere. It was only after a good Samaritan called the PTUZ offices to tell them what happened, and that Majongwe’s car had been left unattended at the scene, that they knew of his fate.

Meanwhile in Masvingo two MDC officials were arrested in the city centre by plain-clothes policemen riding bicycles. According to Wilstaff Chitemere, the Provincial Chairman of the Tsvangirai MDC, no explanation was given for the arrests. He told Newsreel the arrests were clearly political and follow on violent incidents 2 weeks ago when a vehicle used by the MDC province was set on fire. Chitemere believes the police are also looking for him.


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