Hot Seat: Genocide by proxy; Zimbabwe’s secret deaths

By Violet Gonda
11 October 2005

Today’s Zimbabwe is a defacto military & police state with Mugabe as the head. The state security services have been allowed to control everything from elections to recent events such as the disastrous so called ‘clean-up’, Operation Murambatsvina and the destabilisation of urban councils. Baffour Ankomah, a staunch defender of the Mugabe regime, is the Ghanaian editor of UK based New African magazine. He recently alleged that Murambatsvina was the brainchild of the Central Intelligence Organisation. The UN reported that at least 700 000 people were displaced as a result of the clean up exercise.
According to Ralph Black, the Director of Communications for the Concerned Zimbabweans in North America, to hold on to power this military machine has resorted to genocide by proxy, meaning the elimination of the opposition and any threat to their supremacy under the guise of such programmes as land reform and Operation Murambatsvina.

Black is concerned that there are no records of the people who were made homeless as many are still missing or living in the bush. Uprooted and deprived of essential services such as HIV treatment, food and shelter, this missing population could die without anyone connecting their demise to the conditions created by the regime in the first place. This is genocide by proxy and it is the subject on Hot Seat discussed with Ralph Black.



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