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Politically motivated violence erupts in Mudzi

By Violet Gonda
12 March 2010

The MDC has accused ZANU PF of unleashing violence against its supporters in the Mudzi area in Mashonaland East, despite the fact that there is now an inclusive government which should have seen an end to hostilities between the former rivals.

A statement from the MDC’s welfare department said: “Phone call received at 5 am today from a very distraught MDC district official from Mudzi North, Chimkoko village, to report that Zanu PF thugs were raiding the homes of MDC supporters and taking their livestock - goats, cattle and chickens and threatening to come back and ‘fight you, because you want to support the new Constitution’.”

“If the MDC people attempt to protect themselves or their property by fighting back, then conveniently the forces will be sent in to arrest the "perpetrators", who will without doubt be the MDC. This has been the states modus operandi since the first land invasions on commercial farms in 2000. Every report made to Police either resulted in the complainant becoming the accused, or the response was ‘we cannot get involved, it is political’.”

On Friday SW Radio Africa spoke to some villagers in Chimkoko Ward 3 who confirmed that ZANU PF sponsored youths were looting property and livestock belonging to MDC supporters.

One of the villagers, Bob Lore, who is also the MDC district chairman for Ward 3, said at least 30 families had been affected. He accused the local ZANU PF councillor of spearheading the violence and named some of the perpetrators in the area. He said; “They are very much afraid of this constitution and they are trying to put fear into people.”

Asked what his party was doing about this, especially since it is now in government, the district chairman said nothing had been done yet, although representatives from the party in Harare had been deployed to the area to gather information. Lore said villagers in Mudzi had not accepted the inclusive government because there was nothing to show that there was now power sharing, as politically motivated violence was continuing in the area.

The MDC’s welfare department said Mudzi had been a particularly bad area for Zanu PF state sponsored and perpetrated violence in 2008-09, where ‘60 men and 11 women were brutally murdered’ for being MDC supporters or officials. The MDC alleges that two Zanu PF MPs from this province are well known to have been involved in at least three of the most brutal murders.

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