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Two MDC activists hospitalized after ZANU PF attacks

By Lance Guma
12 August 2010

While some senior politicians in the coalition government bury their heads in the sand, professing ignorance about incidents of violence, it is the ordinary villagers in remote areas who are facing the reality of ongoing ZANU PF sponsored political violence.

After a recent attack by ZANU PF supporters in Chipinge two MDC activists, Perpetua Pedzisai and Tsvakai Muzhambi, were said to be battling for their lives at clinics in Murambi and Sasu. According to a statement released by the MDC the attacks were an attempt to bar the activists from participating in outreach meetings, taking place to try shape the content of a new constitution.

Pedzisai is the MDC organising secretary for Ward 6 in Chipinge Central constituency while Muzhambi is a committee member for Ward 16 in Chipinge West. Both are said to have been playing key roles in mobilizing people to participate in constitutional outreach meetings. After the attacks, in separate incidents, Muzhambi was detained at Murambi Clinic while Pedzisai is at Sasu Clinic.

Makoni South MP Pishai Muchauraya told us that despite the violence ZANU PF was failing to win over people to its cause. As an example he said ZANU PF, out of desperation, bussed in people from Masvingo to attend meetings at Gumira in the Musikavanhu constituency. But the plot was quickly uncovered and the ZANU PF supporters expelled from the meeting.

In Mount Darwin South another MDC activist, Chakanetsa Murenga, was arrested Wednesday on trumped-up charges of undermining Robert Mugabe during a closed meeting the MDC held at Matokwe Business Centre. Police took Murenga to Bindura Central police station and he is now expected to appear in court on Friday charged with breaking controversial ‘insult’ laws.

And in the Midlands North province, the double standards of the police were exposed. While police forces in several provinces have allowed war vets leader Jabulani Sibanda to go around the provinces intimidating people, the police there barred MDC officials from holding their meetings in the area. They claimed the meetings will disturb the outreach meetings that are being led by the parliamentary group.


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