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MDC activist left for dead by ZANU PF war veterans in Makoni

By Tichaona Sibanda
20 October 2009

A losing MDC candidate during last year’s rural district council elections is lucky to be alive after he was severely assaulted and left for dead, by a group of ZANU PF militias in Makoni South, Manicaland province.
Elliot Mutizhe, who stood as an MDC candidate in the 2008 harmonized elections, is recuperating in a private hospital in Mutare following the attack on Monday night.

A group numbering 20 youths, led by two well known war veterans named as Mudzamira and Nhongo, visited Mutizhe’s home and said they had ‘come back to finish him off’ after failing to do so in June last year.
MDC MP for Makoni South, Pishai Muchauraya, told SW Radio Africa that the gang first ransacked his house and took almost all his clothes and $450 he had in cash after selling two of his cows.
‘They stole all his MDC cards and party regalia he had in the house. They also forced him to prepare a meal for the gang after which they started beating him up with logs, stones and sticks. It was so vicious they knocked him unconscious and thought he was dead,’ the MP said.

Immediately after the gang left neighbours were able to rush to his aid. Muchauraya said while the attack might have been an isolated incident, there are fears militias were regrouping to try to enforce the ZANU PF favoured, Kariba draft constitutional document.
The legislator said there was a campaign already underway in most of the wards in his constituency, to reject a people driven constitution.

‘We’re getting reports of meetings being held where village heads are being ordered to tell people to support constitutional reforms spearheaded only by ZANU PF. It is a concern really when you hear that the militias are regrouping and wanting to cause havoc again in the rural areas,’ Muchauraya said.
‘We can never doubt ZANU PF. We know how cruel they are and how dangerous they can be when they’re cornered,’ the legislator added.


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