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Mutsekwa orders arrest of killer Mwale

By Lance Guma
28 November 2009

Co-Home Affairs Minister Giles Mutsekwa has ordered the police to arrest notorious state security operative Joseph Mwale, who is accused of murdering two MDC activists at Murambinda Growth Point in 2000. Tichaona Chiminya and Talent Mabika were brutally killed when Mwale threw a petrol bomb into their car, burning them to death. Kainos Kitsiyatota Zimunya, another ZANU PF activist, was also implicated in the murder.

Despite a High Court order to have Mwale arrested and charged with murder he has remained at large, with Mugabe’s regime even having the temerity to promote him within the Central Intelligence Organization ranks. Mwale’s whereabouts have remained a mystery, although Mutsekwa says they have received reports that he is now living in Nyanga. MDC officials also report that he continues to harass their supporters in the Manicaland Province.

Mutsekwa told journalists, ‘we have directed that all people with criminal cases should be arrested, Joseph Mwale included.’

Mutsekwa however needs to look no further than his co-minister, ZANU PF’s Kembo Mohadi. In 1999 Mohadi was accused of ordering the murder of Strover Mutonhori, a former workmate who allegedly had an affair with his wife. Mutonhori disappeared from the Omadu Hotel in Kezi only for his remains to be found in Mzingwane outside Bulawayo. Although police interviewed Mohadi in connection with the murder he was later made Home Affairs Minister effectively putting a stop to any chance of a proper investigation.

Newsreel spoke to Sanderson Makombe, an MDC official who survived the ZANU PF ambush on the night that Mwale killed Mabika and Chiminya. He told us he welcomed Mutsekwa’s order for Mwale to be arrested but said he doubted the MDC minister had the leverage to have the order obeyed. He said 9 years after the incident most of the evidence had been destroyed and many of the witnesses were either dead from the political violence or had fled the country into exile.


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