Tanonoka Joseph Whande
The Heart of the Matter
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Mugabe and Kunonga now fighting against God 6 OCtober
Some people are lucky! 29 September
Zimbabwe’s young leaders must challenge the old guard 22 September
Zimbabwe’s surviving political spouses: silence of the lambs 15 September
What has the MDC achieved within the GNU? 8 September
What normalcy can come out of an abnormal situation? 1 September
They can’t possibly replace me with Gaddafi 25 August 2011
It is now time to ban ZANU-PF 18 August 2011
Will African leaders ever become human rights campaigners? 4 August, 2011
No atrocity will ever be overlooked. 28 July, 2011
The MDC is protecting ZANU-PF’s abuse of people - 14 July, 2011
Who shall we believe, Zuma or SADC? - 07 July, 2011
Will Africa ever be able to solve its own problems? - 30 June, 2011
Chiwenga and his generals must stop dreaming - 23 June, 2011
How have Zimbabweans survived Mugabe and ZANU-PF this long? - 16 June, 2011
It’s time for new leadership at the MDC. - 9 June, 2011
Zimbabwe is being run by organised crime! - 2 June, 2011
All dictators must be treated the same! - 25 May, 2011
SADC is worsening and prolonging the crisis in Zimbabwe - 19 May, 2011
Charamba, leave the media alone! - 12 May, 2011
Only the people will choose Mugabe’s successor - 5 May, 2011
Mugabe must be forced into retirement now - 28th April 2011
Payback time for ZANU-PF thieves will come - 21 April
Christians must fight Mugabe’s defilement of their churches - 14 April 2011
SADC must save its reputation now - 7th April 2011
How much more patience does the MDC have and why? - 31 March 2011
Tsvangirai and the MDC must restrategise - 17 March, 2011
Zuma must release Zimbabwe elections report - 10 March, 2011
Uprisings are not spontaneous; they are just well planned - 03 March, 2011
SADC must stop Mugabe from holding elections this year - 24 February, 2011
Will the ongoing revolutions trickle down our way? - 17 February, 2011
Why should the South Africans always dictate for Africa? - 10 February, 2011
What are the African Union's priorities? -03 February, 2011
The African Union is incapable of solving African problems - 27 January, 2011
SADC MUST LEARN FROM ECOWAS - . 20 January, 2011
Enjoyment must be measured by accomplishments - 13 January, 2011
Our God cannot possibly be in the ZANU-PF camp also?- 06 January, 2011
Mugabe must apologise to the Zimbabwean people - 30 December 2010
Zimbabwe needs harmonised elections - 23 December 2010
Robert Mugabe is the problem in Zimbabwe - 16 December, 2010
Teachers are there for our children not for ZANU-PF - 02 December, 2010
SADC again fails to deal with Zimbabwe issue - 25 Nohvember, 2010
Heart of the Matter:Pardons and forgiveness only come after apologies - 11 November, 2010
MDC luring people into elections death trap - 04 November, 2010
No meaningful elections can be held under current conditions - 28 October, 2010
Tsvangirai and Mugabe’s squabbles destabilising Zimbabwe - 21 October, 2010
MDC must re-examine its leadership - 14 October, 2010
Trade Union of Despots overpower Khama 7 October, 2010
Who is taking us for a ride, SADC or MDCV? 30 September, 2010
Unity government must stop abusing people right now 23 September 2010
Peace does not mean the absence of war 16 September 2010
Why is the MDC no longer vocal against ZANU-PF’s abuse of authority? 09 September 2010
MDC must replenish top leadership ranks and strengthen itself internally 2 September, 2010
Does Tsvangirai really want sanctions lifted? Aug 26, 2010
Time for honest presidents to quit SADC Aug 19, 2010
Loosening sanctions on Mugabe is rewarding murder of Zimbabweans 12th August
Mugabe’s notorious ‘operations’ are excuses to murder our people 5th August
MDC must not suggest censorship because of ZANU PF 29th July
Mr Mugabe, elections yes, but new constitution first 22nd July
Indigenisation and land reform cannot be left in the hands of government alone 8th July
Political leaders do not own their parties or countries 1st July
Circumstances are clearly warning the MDC 24th June
Do not cook a young goat in its mother’s milk 17th June
MDC must forget the GPA and work for next elections 10th June
Fresh elections are the only solution for Zimbabwe 3rd June
Zimbabwe’s Führer causes yet another furor! 27th May
The MDC has become part of the Zimbabwean problem 20th May
Without truth, reconciliation and national healing Zimbabwe is doomed 13th May
Mugabe playing soccer in the graveyards of Matabeleland 6th May
The MDC invited mosquitoes to cure malaria 29th April
The MDC must start afresh now without Mugabe and ZANU-PF 22nd April
Zimbabwe can’t be desperate for a hangman 15th April
Mutambara owes nobody an apology 8th April
Most of our MPs do not deserve to be in parliament 1st April
Zimbabweans must take to the streets to express themselves 25 March 2010
Does anyone really care what the people of Zimbabwe want? 18 March 2010
We are about to pay again for MDC’s wrong priorities 11 March 2010
Zimbabwe is deteriorating into chaos again 4 March 2010
The MDC must quit GNU and just start afresh 25 Feb 2010
Are ‘MDC advisors’ deliberately withholding advice from Tsvangirai? 18 Feb 2010
The MDC is now just as much to blame as ZANU-PF 11Feb 2010
It is not yet in Zimbabwe’s interest to remove sanctions against ZANU-PF 4th Feb 2010
Is the MDC really in government? 28 Jan, 2010
Looking for messiah among men who condemned themselves 21 Jan, 2010
Sanctions and development aid contradict each other 14 Jan, 2010
Zimbabwean political parties must be more people oriented 7 Jan, 2010
Please, MDC, chinja maitiro in 2010! 24 Dec 2009
Electing party leadership has national implications Dec 17, 2009
Zimbabwe does not need any more of these talks 10 Dec 2009
Both the MDC and ZANU-PF must leave external radio broadcasts into Zimbabwe alone 3 Dec 2009
Zimbabwean leaders must stay home and solve problems 27 November, 2009
MDC suffering from bad case of indecision November 12, 2009
UN, SADC must make Mugabe comply with agreed imperatives 5 November, 2009
Another chance for MDC to flex their muscle 29 October, 2009
MDC must be strong and move forward with or without Mugabe 22 October, 2009
MDC’s continued presence in government not good for them or the people 15 Oct, 2009
Another government of national unity looms October 8, 2009
MDC must scrutinise documents before signing! October 1, 2009
Zimbabwe’s problems are sheltering Mugabe September 24, 2009
Is Jonathan Moyo of any use to any political party today? September 17, 2009
SADC has no justification to exist 10th September
Zuma must be firmer with Mugabe 3rd September
Real war veterans need to return to the people 25th August 2009
Mutambara party followers must rejoin the original group 19th August 2009
Zimbabweans know their real national heroes 12th August 2009
Unity agreement a problem for Zimbabwe, South Africa and SADC - Thursday 06 August 2009
Zimbabweans need closure before national healing - July 30th, 2009
They are looking 30 years ahead instead of worrying about today - 23 July, 2009
Leadership is now stumbling block to Zimbabwe’s revival - 16 July, 2009
Government must not repay debts acquired by Mugabe and ZANU-PF 9 July, 2009
MDC’s flip-flopping dangerous and should now be cause for concern 2 July, 2009
Mr Prime Minister, Zimbabweans need to be handled with care! - 25 June, 2009
MDC has no business campaigning for Mugabe's re-acceptance - 18 June, 2009
Tsvangirai’s PR department doing him more harm than good - 11 June, 2009
Tsvangirai tour calls for political tightrope walking - 4 June, 2009
MDC ministers want Bantustans created in Zimbabwe - May 28, 2009
Does the MDC really expect something from SADC and the AU? - 21 May 2009
MDC must now end its ‘Mr Nice Guy’ approach to Mugabe - 14 May 2009
Are we not pushing Tsvangirai too much, too far? - 07 May 2009
Is the MDC any longer pursuing issues on behalf of the people? - 30 April 2009
Kofi Annan and Thabo Mbeki’s prescriptions are diseases in themselves - 23 April 2009
Government of national what? - 16 April 2009
Forget about the people, it is time for the MDC to eat! - 9 April 2009
Victoria Falls, here comes your Prime Minister with extra baggage! - 2 April, 2009
Sanctions must remain in place for now - 26 March 2009
Zimbabwe’s Service Chiefs, like war veterans, might become irrelevant - 19 March 2009
Accident or not, MDC must let the dust settle - 12 March 2009
The MDC continues conceding too much too often to ZANU-PF - 5 March 2009
Are Zimbabweans safe with this new government? - 26 February 2009
Mugabe needs to be closely monitored - 19 February 2009
I will not celebrate joining hands with Mugabe - 12 February 2009
There is little chance of the MDC taming Robert Rugabe - 04 February 2009
Tsvangirai and his MDC must not listen to SADC - 29 January 2009
The MDC and its supporters must be a little more user friendly - 22 January 2009
Wouldn’t a government in exile be a better alternative? - 15 January 2009
My hopes and expectations in the MDC are waning - 8 January, 2009
Tsvangirai should be home with the people - 18 December 2008
Mugabe should not give Tsvangirai a passport - 11 December 2008
Can wrong negotiators come up with right decisions for Zimbabwe? - 27 November 2008
Who does SADC represent? - 20 November 2008
SADC and Africa’s jealousy of Zimbabwe boils over - 12th November 2008
World should put Zimbabweans first, not Robert Mugabe - 06th November 2008
Talks falter as Mutambara exposes lack of depth to the media - 30th October 2008
Tsvangirai holds the keys to any settlement 23rd October 2008
Zimbabweans must shun Mugabe’s broom-boys - 8th October 2008
MDC must agitate for a new dialogue that includes civil society - 25 September 2008
Zimbabweans should have been consulted about the agreement - 18 September 2008
Save Zimbabwe, abandon talks with Mugabe and ZANU-PF - 11th September 2008
Why are the bad guys always smiling in Zimbabwe? - 4th September 2008
What will we do with mugabe and his cronies? - 21st August 2008
We must monitor our elected representatives - 14th August 2008